Audio – Video Solutions For Your Business – All you Need to Know About in 2024

The rapidly changing needs of businesses across the United States has propelled demand for complete audiovisual solutions to new heights. No matter your field, odds are good that your business has been impacted by the radical changes to the workplace over the last year, as well as the steady rise of telecommuting. This is exactly why there’s no better time than now to look into completely redoing your entire audiovisual set up. Businesses that have only partially shifted to work-from-home setups because of on-site demands have seen the greatest need for changes in how communication between employees functions, with an employee’s personal workstation becoming paramount to keeping them connected to others that may not be in the office, and with the conference room gaining a newfound importance for connecting together teams, clients, or both.

The rise of telecommuting means that an up-to-date conference room is more necessary than ever. Company meetings have become more than just a single speakerphone setup sitting on a large table, they now feature multiple sources of audio and video meeting in a communal virtual room, and that means that modern conference rooms now feature wall mounted large screen monitors equipped with integrated or attached video cameras, as well as new tabletop audio systems with built in microphones.


Professionally managed and installed audiovisual solutions are also commonly talked up as being important to the growth of a business, and this is for a reason. Major reasons to look into updating your own audiovisual setup are numerous, and each of them have meaningful impacts on the way your business can perform. Some of the most common are:

  • You’re part of the process! Any company worth their salt offers tons of customization to fit audiovisual solutions to meet your needs and snap seamlessly into your business, how it operates, and what it prioritizes.
  • A competitive edge lies in recognizing the utility of AV solutions. The aforementioned improvements to communication between employees and the increases in collaborative abilities are just the tip of the iceberg. Audiovisual companies specialize in helping you identify what will stick out to clients and give you an edge when doing business or discussing business with prospects, clients, or investors. Fully custom, integrated AV solutions make a business stick out in the head of anyone that experiences it, and lends a tremendous amount of legitimacy to your business. Aiding the competitive edge is how you present yourself to your clients and prospects. If you’re running an old 480p web camera that’s poorly aimed, how your business looks to others suffers tremendously, and you end up looking out of date. Appearances are a major part of how well you can compete as a business – if you don’t look like you know what you’re doing or are keeping up with the times, people won’t stick around long enough to find out for sure.
  • Redoing your AV systems helps reduce errors and pain points. The advancement of technology means a lot of “good enough” or “you’ll just have to deal with it” points of friction from previous AV setups have disappeared, meaning the human error factor in running remote meetings, setting up presentations, or handling video feeds to conference rooms drop dramatically. When you’re no longer using cumbersome, difficult systems, you’re spending less time learning them, less time making mistakes, and more time doing business.
  • Because tech is always advancing, nothing can be truly future proof. Even the very best audiovisual setups in a business will age, and that means that they’ll eventually be thoroughly incompatible with modern devices or the expectations of prospects and employees. Instead of spending money attempting to use stopgap measures and “bandaids” to save an aging AV setup and keep it limping along for another few months, put that money into a new, professionally designed AV setup. Staying on the cutting edge (or close enough to it!) is vital to the competitive abilities of a business, and letting anything age for too long in a business will only make you less competitive on the market, with prospects, or with the employees you attract.
  • AV design has become an integral part of the way that a business feels to anyone that walks through the doors. No matter what you do, how well you do it is a concept that lives in the head of your prospects, clients and investors until you manage to prove it. Aging and unwieldy AV setups that break down, are difficult to get running or simply look dated will make proving your worth that much harder. Businesses place so much emphasis on looking slick, up-to-date or even futuristic to help assure everyone that they know exactly what you’re doing. This includes:
    • Digital Signage – Instead of static signs, digital signs can be changed instantly and provide unmistakable flair to any business.
    • Automated Shades + Lighting Systems – Meeting rooms that brighten up or darken automatically based on the time of day and the weather are visually interesting – especially when you compare it to a room that uses standard, manual blinds.
    • Video Walls – Run any kind of video through a video wall and completely change the way a hallway, lobby, or common area looks and feels.
  • Audiovisual installations have become part of the design of a business or building itself. From the lighting to the signage to the way you take and make video or conference calls, everything about how your business feels is integrated into the world of tech more than ever.

If your business finds itself in need of modernization to keep up with the changing times, or you have been looking to update your audio systems, install monitors or televisions and their mountain hardware, update your video conferencing systems, or update your security systems, the staff at Lunis Systems are able to provide all the services necessary to keep your business on the cutting edge, with the latest in audiovisual solutions. Lunis Systems is based in Miami, FL and is convenient to the entire south Florida area and provide professional audiovisual design, consultation and setup services.

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