Betting on Cycling – Strategies & Bets

If races like Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a España ring a bell for you, chances are you’re a cycling fan! Although the bikes do not offer high speeds like Formula 1 or horse racing, they do have a large fan base and enthusiastic followers. For those who are thinking of betting on a bike race, they have come to the right place already! More betting and casino platforms you will find on

On this page, we will give you all the information you need to know about the types of bike racing bets.

Types of Cycling Racing Bets


If you are new to betting on bike racing, you may not be familiar with the different types of bets available. In the next part we will highlight the most popular cycling bets that you can find on all sports betting sites without GamStop.

We always advise you to try unfamiliar bonus money or limited stakes, this way, you can test the waters without unnecessarily big losses.

  • Race Winner

If you have a hunch about which cyclist will win a stage or the entire race, you can bet on them to win the race or stage.

  • Top 3

If your competitors’ levels are close, you may not be entirely sure who will win the stage or race. However, if you still think that the contestant has a good chance of getting one of the top three, you can place this type of bet.

  • Top 10

Similar to the previous bet, you can choose a contestant to win one of the top ten places. Here, if your chosen player gets any of the top ten positions, you win your bet.

  • Head-to-head

As a cycling fan you can place many different types of betting at the bookmakers. You can of course fully focus on the winner of the race. But sometimes it is much more interesting to go for a less standard bet. For example, take a look at the head-to-head. The goal is to predict from two riders who will cross the finish line first. The rest of the pack is irrelevant.

A head-to-head bet is most interesting if you choose riders who have many similarities. Bet on two sprinters who always have a chance if the race ends in a bunch sprint or bet your money on two leaders who are at the top of the standings. In terms of odds, these head-to-head bets provide great odds.

Tips to Win Your Cycling Bets

You can be lucky enough to win without getting into the race or the riders. However, that is not the best strategy if you want to continue to make a profit in the long term. Successful gamblers therefore always stick to one golden rule: it starts with good preparation. There are a number of things that can help you prepare for a cycling bet. For example, look at:

  • The Course & the Specialisation of the Riders


Every cyclist has his own qualities. That also means that not every trail is suitable for someone. For example, a sprinter often quickly falls through the pack when a mountain stage is on the program. Climbers don’t stand a chance when it comes to a bunch sprint. This way, only a small group of real winners remains.

  • Who’s in Shape?

Cycling races are tough. Riders quickly have to cover about 200 kilometres on a winding, mountainous or windy course. So they have to be fit to win. Fitness plays a major role, especially in multi-day rounds. A rider who is simply exhausted after two weeks of racing will not play a major role in the final classification. Fitness can mean the difference between winning and losing.

  • Who Has the Most Guts?

Cycling sometimes takes a lot of guts. This is especially true when there is rain in the air and the roads become slippery. Who then dares to race at full speed over the cobbled sections of Paris-Roubaix? And who doesn’t brake when there’s a steep descent in rainy weather? A rider with guts can really come a long way in bad weather conditions.

  • What Are the Interests of the Teams?


Team interests always come first. Logical too, because the teams want to keep their sponsors happy. If the Tour de France has not yet yielded a victory in the first week, it is therefore important that the team shows itself more from the front. Attacking is the motto. A team that has to win can be very dangerous.

  • Go for the Highest Odds

An analysis of the course and the riders provides a lot of clarity. But as a gambler you are not only interested in the possible winners. You also want to make as much profit as possible. If you bet on a dangerous outsider, the odds immediately skyrocket. He may not be a top favourite, but a lot can happen in a cycling race. It is therefore not a crazy idea that that one outsider can sometimes take the profit. Live betting on cycling also sometimes results in extra high odds. Make sure you follow the game closely. This is the only way to find out which riders are eager to win.

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