10 Reasons to Choose a WYSIWYG Editor for Your Next Project

Developers are often faced with the challenge of finding the best tool to use when developing their next project. While many factors go into choosing the right software and technology, one of the most important questions to ask yourself is whether or not you should choose an editor that uses WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) features or one that doesn’t. Here are 10 reasons to choose WYSIWYG editor by CKEditor.

1) They Are Easy to Learn

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Instead of using complicated code, most WYSIWYG editors use an intuitive graphical interface that allows users to drag and drop text, images, tables and other elements into place. The learning curve is much shorter than you might think and by using one of these editors you can save valuable time on your next project. You Can See What You’re Doing: While traditional HTML editors use code that makes it difficult for users to see what they are creating as they make it, WYSIWYG editors display their work in real-time so everything stays clear. This makes them more effective and helps take some of the guesswork out of designing something.

2) They Provide Full Control Over The Code You Write

When you use an online editor, you’re relying on tools that are provided by other people. And these tools aren’t always up-to-date or built with all your needs in mind. With an offline, or desktop, editor, you have complete control over what you’re writing and how it will be presented when it goes live. This also makes debugging problems simpler as everything is right there in front of you. It might take some time to get used to using your own tool if it’s something new and unfamiliar; however, once you get used to working with your own code and using a fully customizable interface, it can be an incredibly freeing experience that allows for more creativity and faster work speeds.

3) They Save Time and Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Most of us have heard it time and again: Writing clean code is time-consuming. Saving keystrokes here and there doesn’t seem like much, but add them up over a long project—whether that’s several weeks or several months—and you can save yourself hours of time. That may not seem like much, but 10 hours of free time can be used to make your project look better or add new features. This alone will help you work smarter instead of harder, saving you an enormous amount of stress.

4) They are Reliable

Text-based coding tools can be unreliable, which could mean some websites fail to function properly or contain layout and formatting errors. WYSIWYG editors are much more stable, which means your website’s appearance is consistent and reliable across multiple browsers. These features create an overall better experience for website visitors, helping you earn repeat traffic and improve SEO. Since so many people use WYSIWYGs these days, it’s easy to think of them as disposable—but that’s not necessarily true. They are Reliable: Text-based coding tools can be unreliable, which could mean some websites fail to function properly or contain layout and formatting errors.

5) They Improve Collaboration and Consistency

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We all know collaboration is an essential part of any business. A WYSIWYG editor makes it easy to work with others, even when they’re not in-house. With an intuitive interface and text formatting tools, you can collaborate on projects faster and more efficiently than ever before. In fact, Evernote found that its users who used its WYSIWYG editors were 60% more likely to note higher levels of productivity across teams. Simplify your workflow—from ideation to completion—with a company that brings together development, design, and brand elements into one platform.

6) They Solve Common Technical Issues with Code Editors

While issues can arise regardless of what editor you use, WYSIWYG editors are better equipped to handle common issues. Not only do they have built-in spell checkers, but also they are typically easier on your computer’s memory. They typically come with fewer options than code editors as well and thus less ability to cause problems. Their limited nature can make them harder to use or lead you into coding by accident but will also allow you to focus on writing without having unnecessary distractions in your face. Because there is so little room for error in a WYSIWYG editor, it usually won’t take long before you catch yourself making mistakes that would normally give you trouble when using a code editor.

7) They Improve Security and Efficiency

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When you have all of your content available in one easy-to-read location, it makes information retrieval and collaboration that much simpler. When you’re sharing documents among teams, keeping things streamlined will save you time—and when time is money, that’s certainly an advantage. Also, because users don’t have to download separate software or plugins in order to view certain files on websites with a WYSIWYG editor, these applications also contribute positively toward security efforts: It’s harder for viruses and other malicious software to make their way into your system.

8) They Allow you to Follow Best Practices

When you don’t have an editor that limits your designs and creativity, you are likely to create something beautiful. The options are endless and you can play around with different fonts, designs, and images. You can even add videos, which is helpful if you want visitors to watch how things work instead of just reading about it. With a WYSIWYG editor, there aren’t any limits when it comes to what you can do with your website because everything is possible! As a result, more people will love your site and choose it over similar ones that they don’t think are as good or look as appealing.

9) They Automate Tasks with Pre-Built Functionality

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Many content management systems will allow you to implement features like share buttons, Google Analytics tracking, and social media buttons with just a few clicks. Whether or not you choose to use these features is up to you, but having them available gives you additional options down the road when it comes time to promote your work online. Why click through five different programs if you don’t have to? This can save time in both setup and long-term maintenance as well. Automatic functionality also cuts down on formatting issues that can crop up in plain text files: The ability of computer programs (and now WYSIWYG editors) is much greater than that of humans, so eliminating manual tasks like creating tables or fixing spelling mistakes makes content creation easier and faster overall.

10) They Offer Unlimited Possibilities

It’s no wonder that WYSIWYG editors have become so popular. These types of applications can offer your team or business exactly what you need to get things done efficiently and effectively. Some types of content management systems include only one type of editor, but these are much less versatile and don’t give you as many options when it comes to designing content for your website or social media pages. With a simple interface and tools, it’s easy for anyone on your team or in your organization to produce professional-looking content even if they don’t have much experience with editing software.

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