5 Tips to Consider When Choosing an Estate Planning Lawyer

When grieving a loved one, the last thing you want is to face court battles or have to contend with their will instead of taking your time to heal. But, if you find yourself in such a situation, you want to hire an estate planning lawyer to help with your case.

In this guide, we discuss some of the perks of hiring an estate planning lawyer. And how to choose the best attorney that suits your needs.

The perks of hiring an estate planning lawyer

1. Reduce estate tax

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One crucial element to look out for in any estate planning process is the taxes you might incur should you receive a financial sum or asset. A reliable law firm will work their best to review your options, provide solutions and reduce taxes to make everything suitable for your current financial position.

2. They provide you with objectivity.

Estate planning or estate disputes can be emotional. And, it can be challenging to determine the ideal plan due to complicated family dynamics. However, estate planning lawyers will help with your current needs. They will give you the best and unbiased answers for your situation, which will help you or your loved ones down the road.

3. They help you avoid costly and lengthy probate processes

Going through a probate process can be expensive. And can take up so much of your time and energy. A professional estate planning lawyer will help you avoid probate and be there for you if your estate gets compromised in any way.

4. They will update your legal documents when necessary

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Life happens, and things may not go as planned. That could include divorce, aging of named trustees, marriage, change in family dynamics, and so on.
Whenever faced with a transition in life, it is crucial to have your estate plan updated so that it continues to meet your wishes and those of your family. A professional will ensure that all your legal documents are in place, updated, and reflect your newest desires and wishes.

Hiring a professional estate planning lawyer will help you avoid costly mistakes.

Choosing the best estate planning lawyer

Finding the ideal estate disputes lawyers such as those from SpectrumFamilyLaw can seem like an overwhelming task. You may even get tempted to settle for just anyone you come across so that you can save on time and money. However, to get the best for your case, you need to do thorough research. And hire the services of a professional.
Some of the tips to consider when choosing an estate planning or estate disputes lawyer for your needs include:

1. Make a list of your specific goals

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Estate planning or estate dispute lawyers vary according to the services they offer. And estate litigation cases are different. Some of the areas that a law firm can specialize in include: inheritance under the WSA, contesting a trust, Patients Property Act, challenging or defending a will, incapacity, and incapability, claims for the misconduct of executors and trustees of the estate, elder abuse, guardianship matter ad committee of estate and so on.

Before you begin your search, you need to understand what you need. Ensure to make a list of your end goal so that you can settle for the best professional for your case. That way, you get to save on time and money in the long haul.

2. Experience

Another crucial factor to look out for when choosing an estate planning lawyer is their experience. You want to assess how long they have been practicing and how much they know about the industry. A good rule of thumb is to find a professional with more than five years of experience.

Such a professional is well-versed in matters to do with estate planning or estate disputes. And will help you prepare the relevant documents for your case, including trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and so on.

Having an experienced estate planning lawyer who is knowledgeable in all areas of estate planning is crucial. It means that they will help you navigate complex issues and helping you get the results you’re anticipating.

3. Costs

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Depending on your estate lawyer’s reputation, work style, experience or expertise, lawyer fees vary widely. Before settling for a professional to help with your estate planning or estate disputes case, you need to ask about their fees and any other costs that may arise during your working relationship.

Getting surprised with an exorbitant bill for unpleasant results is something you want to avoid at all costs! When choosing your preferred estate planning lawyer, ensure to ask the average of the fees you need to pay. And ensure that it makes sense so that you don’t have to break the bank for their services.

Remember, expensive does not always guarantee the best results and vice versa.

4. Search locally

With this internet age, you may get tempted to settle for any estate planning lawyer you stumble upon, their location withstanding. And while sometimes this may give you good results, this is a risk you don’t want to take when it comes to estate law.

You want to do your search locally so that you can settle for a professional who’s licensed and is well versed with state laws in your area of residence. Since laws surrounding estate planning vary from state to state, you need to choose someone who is conversant and will address your situation in the best way. That will help you avoid all the hassles and headaches that come with settling for professionals unfamiliar with your locality laws.

5. Ask family and friends.

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When choosing an estate planning lawyer, referrals can be worth your consideration. A professional with stellar reviews will give you peace of mind throughout your case. You want to ask trusted family members and relatives of estate planning lawyers they have heard of and have worked with before and given them the best results.

You may feel better that you’re working with someone who guarantees the best results and has people vouching for their services.


Estate planning can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With the tips discussed above and enough research, finding the best estate planning lawyer should not be that challenging.

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