Copa América 2019 : Complete Schedule, Streaming & Betting Odds

For the first time in 30 years, South America’ biggest football tournament heads to Brazil as defending champions Chile are looking to make a hat-trick of three consecutive tournament victory. Are you a Die-hard Football Fan? If yes, well, then, in that case, it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you live. The only thing that matters the most is to watch the live stream of the match & watch their favourites score a goal.

So, to make sure that you don’t miss out any action, I will provide all the details regarding the telecast of Copa América 2019 in several countries. However, before proceeding, let me show you the entire schedule of the Copa América 2019.

Copa América 2019 Schedule

Group Stage

Friday, June 14; Copa America TV schedule

Brazil vs Bolivia, 8:30 pm

Saturday, June 15; Copa America TV schedule

Venezuela vs Peru, 3 pm

Argentina vs Colombia, 6 pm

Sunday, June 16; Copa America TV schedule

Paraguay vs Qatar, 3 pm

Uruguay vs Ecuador, 6 pm

Monday, June 17; Copa America TV schedule

Japan vs. Chile, 7 pm

Tuesday, June 18; Copa America TV schedule

Bolivia vs Peru, 5:30 pm

Brazil vs Venezuela, 8:30 pm

Wednesday, June 19; Copa America TV schedule

Colombia vs Qatar, 5:30 pm

Argentina vs Paraguay, 8:30 pm

Thursday, June 20; Copa America TV schedule

Uruguay vs Japan, 7 pm

Friday, June 21; Copa America TV schedule

Ecuador vs Chile, 7 pm

Saturday, June 22; Copa America TV schedule

Bolivia vs Venezuela, 3 pm

Peru vs Brazil, 3 pm

Sunday, June 23; Copa America TV schedule

Qatar vs Argentina, 3 pm

Colombia vs Paraguay, 3 pm

Monday, June 24; Copa America TV schedule

Chile vs Uruguay, 7 pm

Ecuador vs Japan, 7 pm


Thursday, June 27; Copa America TV schedule

Quarterfinal, 8:30 pm

Friday, June 28; Copa America TV schedule

Quarterfinal, 3 pm

Quarterfinal, 7 pm

Saturday, June 29; Copa America TV schedule

Quarterfinal, 3 pm


Tuesday, July 2; Copa America TV schedule

Semifinal, 8:30pm

Wednesday, July 3; Copa America TV schedule

Semifinal, 8:30pm

Third place final

Saturday, July 6; Copa America TV schedule

Third place final, 3 pm


Sunday, July 7; Copa America TV schedule

Final, 4 pm

How to Watch Copa América 2019 Live Stream in the USA

Although ESPN has the English Language Rights to telecast the 2019 Copa America. However, you will not be able to watch the stream on your TV as ESPN has decided to telecast all 26 Matches via its online streaming platform known as ESPN+. The monthly subscription will cost you around $4.99 & you can access the stream from several of your devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, XBOX, PS4 & Apple TV. Besides, you can cancel your ESPN+ subscription at any point in time.

How to Watch Copa América 2019 Live Stream in the UK

For those of you, who don’t know, Premier Sports have acquired the right to telecast by beating other UK broadcasters. So, if you live in the UK & want to watch the stream, then you can do so by purchasing monthly or yearly subscription at £9.99 & £99. Moreover, Premium Sports allows you to enjoy the stream on the go using your smartphone.

How to Watch Copa América 2019 Live Stream in Canada

Canadian citizens can stream the matches of Copa América 2019 2019 on TSN as they have acquired the English Language broadcasting rights of the tournament. However, the coverage will be split on both the TSN2 & TSN3. Soon, they will also allow you to stream the matches using the YSN Go App.

Are you feeling discouraged as I have not listed your Country? Don’t worry as now I will tell you how you can enjoy the Football action in any other country with the help of VPN.

How to stream the Copa América 2019 Using the VPN

Why you need it?

Well, the problem arises when you’re out of the country for some reason & unable to stream Domestic coverage online in any other country. So, to solve this problem, you must have a VPN connection. You have to use it change your IP as per the state of national coverage.

Which One to Buy?

There are several Free VPN’s & Premium VPN’s in the Market. But I recommend you buy the premium subscription of either Nord VPN or Express VPN. Thinking, I am biased? Well, you’re wrong! As they are available at meagre price & you can cancel your subscription while opting for a trial period.

Player to Watch Out for in Copa América 2019 

The biggest attraction of this year’s Copa America is none other than G.O.A.T footballer Leonel Messi. He will be leading a robust Argentinian Team including Manchester City’s best attacker Sergio Aguero, Paulo Dybala of Juventus, Angel Di Maria, & the rising star Giovani Lo Celso.

Who Will Win Copa América 2019? (Betting Odds via Sportsbet)

Copa América 2019
Copa América 2019

As per the betting website, Sportsbet, Brazil is favoured of winning the 2019 Copa America tournament whereas Argentina & Uruguay will give a fierce competition.

  • Brazil $1.91
  • Argentina- $4.50
  • Uruguay- $7.50
  • Colombia- $8.50
  • defending champs Chile- $13
  • Paraguay- $23
  • Peru- $23
  • Venezuela- $36
  • Japan- $41
  • Ecuador- $46
  • Bolivia- $67
  • Qatar- $91

That’s it for now. I hope that I was of some help to you in live streaming the matches of your favourite team in Copa América 2019. Besides, do let us know which team you’re supporting in Copa América 2019 via the comments Section given below.

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