How Does Gaming Addiction Develop and Its Treatment Options?

People often enjoy their hobby, and they should, but can they go too far with this? Do they realise at what point a hobby turn into addiction? Experts are trying to answer these questions by taking video games as an example. Involvement in video games is one of the most sought-after leisure activities people enjoy worldwide. But anything beyond a limit can be dangerous. While most individuals who play video games do it in moderation, others spend all their time in front of the screen, making their hobby an addiction. Studies estimated 44.54 million video game players in the UK in 2021. And because it is a behavioural addiction, numerous debates occurred over the growing body of research in the addiction field. Finally, in 2018, World Health Organisation (WHO) officially recognised gaming addiction as a mental health disorder. If you would like to enquire about attending a rehab programme for gaming addiction, Please Visit :

Since the emergence of video games, they have been in high demand, and the entire industry has grown exponentially. Inspired by this, multiple technology companies worldwide are investing massive amounts of money in the growth of various games, platforms, devices, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. They believe the newest technology, like the metaverse, will quickly dominate the gaming industry. It is because playing video games today is much easier than in previous times. Gaming is not contained to traditional gaming consoles anymore, but players now have the option to access them on their television screens, computer screens, or on their mobile phones 24/7.

Also, it is essential to acknowledge that video games are not all bad. They are not violent, sexist, or isolating and can offer players a healthy way to relax, socialise, develop character, improve creativity, enhance cognitive skills, and add to emotional competence. But, video games can be highly problematic and destructive if played excessively. And therefore, multiple rehabs for gaming addiction are available in the UK that provides addiction counselling or related therapies to help people overcome.

This article will explain what video game addiction is, how it is developed, its signs, and treatment options.

What Is Gaming Addiction?


Also known as internet gaming disorder or pathological gaming, gaming addiction is a compulsive need to involve in the use of video games or gaming-related activities despite the negative consequences. Individuals with gaming addiction are characterised by an obsession and compulsion to play video games where they don’t even care about their relationships, personal hygiene, sleep, mental and physical health issues, educational problems, and day-to-day responsibilities at work.

Also, using video games isn’t the only concern, but gaming viewership too. For example, many gaming addicts watch others playing video games for hours on social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok Live, and others.

Signs of Gaming Addiction

Signs and symptoms of gaming addiction may include:

  • Withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety or sadness, especially when games are taken away.
  • Giving up previously enjoyed activities or social relationships due to gaming.
  • Poor performance at school, work or household responsibilities
  • Need to spend more and more time playing video games
  • Being unable to reduce playing time and having unsuccessful attempts to quit gaming
  • Using video games to relieve negative moods, such as guilt or hopelessness
  • Decline in personal hygiene or personal grooming due to excessive games use
  • Lying to family members about the time spent playing video games
  • Difficulty relaxing or sleeping due to video games
  • Gaming to escape real-life problems

How Does Gaming Addiction Develop?


The development of gaming addiction depends on several factors. It is a multi-faceted condition that is much more than excessively playing computer games. For example, one of the most common causes of gaming addiction involves depression, anxiety, ADHD, or other underlying mental health conditions. People suffering from these conditions may use computer games to cope with their symptoms. However, it is only a temporary relief and can quickly develop into an addiction.

In addition, social isolation, the need for escapism, and boredom are other causes of gaming addiction. Because playing games diverge people from reality and allows them to interact socially with other people in the game, it may lead to dependence.

Treatment for Gaming Addiction


Though many treatment options are available for gaming addiction, psychotherapy is one of the prime ones that rehab for gaming addiction use. It involves various techniques that help people identify and change their negative or troubling emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. A few specific psychotherapy techniques that may benefit people with gaming addiction are as follows:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): A more structured and goal-oriented form of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy closely examines your thoughts and emotions and encourages you to change the negative with the positive ones. Also, CBT helps people learn to adopt healthier thinking patterns and habits.
  • Group Therapy: It is a type of psychotherapy where different people struggling with similar problems meet and share their experiences under the supervision of a professional medical provider. It offers valuable motivation and moral support for people, especially when they have lost contact with their friends due to addiction.
  • Family or Marriage Counselling: This type of addiction counselling can help the families of affected people understand more about the disorder and create a stable home environment.

However, if you are suffering from any other underlying mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety, your therapist may recommend medications to treat the symptoms of your condition.

Is Gaming Addiction Curable?


While no proven ‘cure’ for gaming addiction exists in the world yet, the good news is that it is treatable. Using the proper form of addiction treatment and medications provided at rehabs for gaming addiction help people break the cycle of addiction and lead happier, healthier life.

If you also suffer from gaming addiction or want to help someone with the same, contact your nearest rehab today. The suitable rehab will combine everything from addiction counselling therapies to medication to help you fully recover.

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