10 Hobbies You Can Take with You When Travelling

Taking up and maintaining hobbies can be difficult if you are travelling. You may not want to lug heavy equipment around with you and it can be expensive to take on an airplane. Fortunately, there are several hobbies that are easy to continue while you are travelling. Here are the top 10.

1. Photography

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This is a fantastic hobby to take up if you are travelling because you can record all the sights you see and you have mementos of your experiences to look at afterwards. You do not necessarily need any big, cumbersome equipment as you can take great photos on your phone or using a small camera that will fit into your hand luggage.

2. Reading

Reading is a great way to spend time while travelling. Take a kindle or tablet with you as this will save you having to carry a lot of books around and will save on luggage space. Reading a book is a nice way to spend some time if you are waiting for a flight or sitting on the beach. You could even get the chance to read all those books you always wanted to but never found the time for.

3. Writing

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Writing is a fantastic way to spend some time while you are travelling. All you need is a notepad and pen or possibly a writing app for your phone or tablet. You can write about anything. Keep a journal about your adventures so you have it to look back on when you get home, or you could even write some fiction or short stories to help you pass the time. It is said that J.K Rowling got a lot of her inspiration for Harry Potter while travelling on a train, so who knows where your writing could lead you!

4. Playing Casino Games

You don’t have to have arrived at your destination to visit a casino, as there are some fantastic online casinos available like TopMobileCasino where you can play the slots or casino games such as blackjack or roulette while you are travelling, and this will help you to pass the time. Who knows, you may even win big.

5. Sketching

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All you need is a sketch pad and pencil, and you can create your own drawings of the places you visit. You could also take a watercolour palette, which wouldn’t take up too much more room in your suitcase. Spend a couple of hours on the beach or at a tourist attraction and sketch to your heart’s content. This will give you a totally different perspective on the places you are visiting, and you will see much more of them too.

6. Running

Running is a fantastic way to keep fit while you are on the move and all you need is a pair of trainers and a bottle to drink out of. These are things you are likely to pack anyway so they won’t take up any extra space in your luggage. You can track your runs using your mobile phone and record them as part of your travel log. You will get to see a lot of places you would not be able to see in the car too.

7. Hiking

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If running is a bit too energetic for you then how about hiking instead? You will still need a pair of trainers and enough water to keep you hydrated. In addition to this, take a backpack and enough food to last you the day. This is a wonderful way to see a new place at your own leisure and wandering off the main tourist routes will help you to get a better feel of your location than you would otherwise. For many people, that is a lot of the fun of travelling.

8. Geocaching

Geocaching involves using your smartphone to look for clues that have been left all over the world and then using these clues to solve a puzzle. It is an idea that has been catching on globally in recent years and it is a great game to play if you love exploring. This hobby means that you will see a lot of sights you may not have seen otherwise, and it is a fantastic way to really explore your destination.

9. Collecting

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You can collect anything while you are travelling and, when you come back, you will have some great souvenirs of your trip. Postcards are a popular collectable as they contain professional pictures of your destination, and you can get many of these from the same location. Sun-drenched beaches and tourist spots make fantastic postcard pictures, but you could always go for the more jokey variety if you want to collect something a little different. These won’t take up much space in your luggage.

Knick knacks such as statues or figurines of local tourist attractions or places of interest are hugely popular too. However, you do need to make sure that these are made from an unbreakable material, so they are easy to carry in your luggage. Alternatively, make sure you wrap them up well using your clothes to make sure they don’t get damaged on your route home. Bear in mind that the size of these Knick knacks will be directly proportional to how much space they take up in your suitcase and how much they make it weigh.

10. Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping while they are travelling? Stick to the local markets and souks for an authentic taste of the locality you are in. Experiencing the local wares is all part of the travelling experience. Whether you are buying Venetian Glass, Scottish shortbread, or Australian boomerangs, there is something to shop for that will give you a lasting memento of your trip. Don’t forget to sample the local delicacies while you are shopping as these can be amazing. You may even find a new favourite food while you are there.

Hopefully, you now have some great ideas for hobbies you can enjoy while you are travelling and many of these will make great keepsakes when you get home. Bon voyage.

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