How Technology Helps Keep You Safe in a Car

Technology has been saving lives for a long time. From the invention of seat belts to airbags, technology has helped save many lives during car accidents. But even with these advances, there are still many people injured or killed in crashes every year. Nowadays, cars have more safety features than ever before- some even come equipped with cameras that help you see what’s ahead on the road and will alert you when you’re approaching curves too quickly. If your family needs to be safe while driving, we recommend that you take advantage of all the new technology available by purchasing a more recent model car!

When you’re in a car, technology can help you stay safer. For example, lane-departure warning systems can warn you if you’re drifting without turning your turn signal. Some systems can even take control of your car when a pedestrian or other vehicle is nearby. It’s an important feature to consider in order to keep yourself and other drivers safe. You can learn more about how these technologies work and which ones might be a good fit for your needs.

These systems can prevent accidents from happening by alerting you to objects that may be in your blind spot. These systems can also help you steer the car away from a potential collision. They can also monitor your speed and movements and alert you if they detect an obstacle. You can even take your own driving lessons by enrolling in a Stop and Go Driving School to learn more about how to stay safe behind the wheel.

Fortunately, there are many safety systems available that can help you stay safe. Newer cars have a variety of features that can make driving easier and more enjoyable. Some of these technologies are luxurious, but others can help you stay safe while driving. Automakers are working to make our cars safer and more comfortable with more features. The best part about all of these advancements is that they allow consumers to turn off these features as well.

Here are some technologies that will help keep you safe while driving:

• Airbags


Automakers started adding airbags in the 1970s, and now roughly 60 percent of new cars (about 35 million) have them. While these bags may inflate at speeds as low as 4 mph, they can also explode when traveling faster than 100 mph.

• Night vision

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, roughly 500 fatal crashes each year are caused by drunk drivers. But some newer cars now come equipped with night-vision technology that can give the driver a full view of what is on the road ahead at all times and will alert if they detect motion or another vehicle.

• Blind-spot monitoring


This technology alerts you when a vehicle enters your blind spot and can help spot vehicles even if they are not visible in the mirrors. Also, some cars now come with cameras that allow for greater visibility and reduce blind spots on both sides of the vehicle.

• Lane departure warning systems

Around 35 percent of fatal crashes occur because of distracted driving. Still, some new cars now come equipped with sensors that will monitor the road and your speed to alert you if you are dangerously close to another vehicle or veering out of your lane.

• Braking systems


Technology has also made the braking systems in cars even better than they used to be. Now some cars (especially those that have been tested giving top safety ratings) can stop at shorter distances than before and keep you from slamming into a tree or stopping too quickly if a child suddenly runs in front of the car.

• Smartphone integration

Some of the most advanced driver safety technology isn’t necessarily attached to your car. For instance, you can download apps for your smartphone that block cell phone use while driving. Other apps track your vehicle’s diagnostics and alert you if it starts to malfunction. You can even set up your vehicle to use the features without leaving your seat. If you’re distracted, your safety can suffer. This means that you’ll need to slow down or turn off the car’s lights.

Having a smartphone in your car is a smart idea. It can be extremely helpful if you’re driving for a long time. It can also be useful if you have to stop and talk to someone. Using a cellphone can also distract you from driving. However, if you’re distracted while driving, you may not be aware of the dangers. For example, you may have a phone in your hand, but you might not be listening to it while driving.

• Biological Monitoring

Some of the latest safety technologies are based on how your car works. The most advanced systems will prevent a collision, but they will not prevent you from moving out of your lane. Some will warn you when you’re drifting out of a lane. Some of these will also subtly nudge you back into your lane. This technology is one of the most advanced on the market, but it does cost more than $1,000.

• Heads Up Display


A heads-up display helps keep you focused on the road. It displays critical information onto the windshield, which eliminates the need for the driver to look down. The display may also be helpful when you’re driving on highways. Some of these systems will automatically stop if the driver is drinking and will then need to drink. Moreover, some of these devices will make the driver aware of upcoming traffic signs and let him know when he needs to use the turn signal.

Cars are constantly getting better and more advanced in driver safety, but they still don’t come close to the level of technology used by airplanes. You could say that all of this new technology has helped bring about the end of the road being one of the most dangerous places to be.

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