Balancing Act: How To Finish Essays On Time While Juggling College And Work

It can be challenging when you are working and still going to the college. A lot of people are struggling with their grades when they need to work, even if it is a part-time job. Writing essays can be especially difficult because they require more time to analyze the topic, create a unique work, and check it in the end.

In that matter, having a good plan is essential. Also, if you simply cannot achieve it on time, you should check out some essay writing services at NoCramming. In this article, we will provide some tips that will help you boost your efficiency when you have both a job and college duties.

Follow the Strict Schedule


You won’t be able to achieve balance if you don’t have a clear plan. Keep in mind that the work can be struggling, but the same can be said for various college obligations, especially when it comes to essays. In that matter, the best approach is to create a good plan where you will determine the time when you can write.

That can be early in the morning or right after the shift. It is up to your preferences. However, the key is follow this plan strictly all the time. You can also split the time for writing into several intervals during the day.

Moreover, digital tools can help you as well. For example, a calendar with checkpoints where you can mark all your duties during the day after you finish them. That is a great solution that will help you stay on the right track.

Avoid Multitasking

The common mistake people are making is when they think that they could achieve dealing with different things at once. Even if you have a job in the office, the problem is that your break for writing an essay won’t be efficient enough.

It will be too overwhelming, and you will only feel exhausted. On the other side, splitting the time in the right way is way more efficient. You will be able to add some breaks as well, which is also essential. After all, writing a good essay won’t be possible if you are tired all the time.

Deal With Procrastination


Losing the focus is one of the main issues students are facing today. That is not a surprise considering the amount of distractions we have. For example, scrolling through the news feed on some social media can easily turn into hours. There is a lot of entertaining content that will lead you off from your track.

In that matter, it is crucial to limit your time on mobile phone and PC when you need to write an essay. You will be able to achieve that by creating a good strategy and sticking to it all the time. Moreover, it can be helpful if you add some free time into your schedule that you will spend while playing video games, checking your social media platforms, and chatting with friends.

Start on Time

You have to be aware of the fact that the whole process will be more difficult when you have a lot of other things to deal with, and that is especially related to your job. In that matter, the most important thing is to start on time with the writing.

A lot of students are making the same mistake where they think that the process of crafting an essay will be a simple task if they are familiar with the topic. However, that will still require proper analysis, and unique work where you will explain something from your perspective.

Furthermore, the whole process will become much easier when you start form the first day when you get the topic. That will leave enough time to check the essay, and deal with any changes if necessary. On the other side, you will be more relaxed as the deadline is getting closer since there won’t be need to rush.

Improve Your Efficiency


You should learn more about proper steps of writing a high-quality essay. You could struggle with it even if you have a lot of time. Therefore, always start with a good research of the topic. The next step is to create a proper outline, and then start by creating the work instance by instance.

Dividing the draft into different segments can be very helpful because you can always get back to some part and improve it while not affecting the whole work. Also, be sure to include notes that will help you complete the final draft in the end.

Use Writing Services, but Don’t Abuse Them

We already mentioned that using this option can be a great solution if you simply don’t have enough time to complete an essay on your own. However, you have to keep in mind that professors are using this model because it is very efficient for students to learn some subject. In that matter, if you are using a paid service all the time, it will become much more difficult at the end of the year to learn everything and get a passing grade.

On the other side, there is an advantage of using this service as well. If you don’t have enough experience in writing good essays, using the assistance will help you learn more about the right structure and other details, and you will be able to do the next one on your own.

Final Thoughts


As you can see, it is all about choosing the right approach. You have to keep in mind that dealing with all those duties can be very challenging. Therefore, planning your time in advance is the most important part. Also, there won’t be a lot of time for any other activities, which means that you must find a way to eliminate procrastination.

In the end, if you follow a strict schedule, there will be some spare time for social life and rest as well. Still, fitting the time for an essay should be your priority.

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