The Ultimate Checklist: How to Settle Into a New Apartment

It’s a lot of work to move from an apartment but it’s even greater work to settle into a new one. In fact, it is a process that requires enough preparation and dedication to successfully pull through it. Here are some tips to help you settle into your new apartment.

Clean before you unpack


You see that rush and anxiety to just settle in, you’ll need to hold off on that. Before you begin unpacking your belongings and checking which should be where, start by cleaning your apartment. Maybe not the whole place, of course, that will take some time, but major areas like the floor, closets, wardrobes, and cabinets. Check the shelves also, there’s usually a lot of dirt hidden around there. Get rid of the dust on furniture and appliances, these are things you will need shortly after you move in. Ensure that appliances like the refrigerator, the oven, and the air conditioner are working perfectly.

Check the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen, and give them a thorough cleaning. If you cannot handle the stress, then you should hire a professional cleaner to do the job for you. After cleaning, you can then begin to unpack your belongings, placing each item where you want them to be. You won’t figure out the perfect place for everything now, trust me, but with time everything will be in the right position.

Check the mail

If your apartment has a personal or community mailbox then you need to check it. First, to know where it is located and second, to see if there is anything there left for the previous occupant of the apartment. This way, you can easily send it to them. If your apartment is an area where mails are left outside the building, you may want to consider having a private mail. It is not completely safe to keep your mail outside where it is accessible by anyone, but with personal mailboxes, your mail is secured in a post office.

Set up the utilities

This is one other thing that you need to check. Although some apartments come with these utilities already installed, some don’t. Things like electricity, the water system, cables and internet connections, trash disposal, security, and a whole lot more. If your apartment does not have these utilities or has one or more missing, contact the utility service provider for your apartment and schedule dates for installation. You want to do this as soon as possible because it can be quite difficult to cope without these utilities.

Make purchases


There will mostly be things you have to buy or maybe replace or repair in your new apartment. First, you need some disinfectant wipes and spray, if you don’t have that, since you’ll need to start cleaning as soon as you move in. Also, get some soaps, vacuum bags, and any clean material that you may need.

If you’re moving into your first apartment, you may need to purchase furniture. So, take measurements of the rooms where you want to place the furniture or hire an expert to help with that. It is good to have an extra set of bedspreads and towels on hand, so in case you are unable to do the laundry soon or locate a nearby commercial laundry, you don’t have to reuse the items multiple times. Since you don’t know what to expect with most facilities in the house, it is advisable to get a plunger. It will come in handy if you have bathroom and kitchen plumbing problems.

Change your locks and have an extra set of keys

The new apartment was occupied by someone else, possibly a stranger, which means they might still have access to the house if the same lock is being used. To be on the safe side, you should consider changing the locks of your new apartment. And when you have changed the locks remember to have an extra set of keys for the apartment. You can keep one of those with someone you trust; your partner or a trusted family member, just in case you misplace your keys or forget them at work.

Get to meet your new neighbors


This is one very important thing you need to do. Your neighbors are people you will live in close quarters with and are likely to run into from time to time. So it is nice to meet them and tell them you just moved in. Your neighbors are the best people to tell you what it is like to live in the area and where you can find what. Not only will this help you during the time of your stay in the area, but it can also help to create a sense of community; so don’t be surprised when you get invited for dinner. Also, explore the neighborhood when you can. You can just drive around or better still, take a walk. While at it, take the time to locate important places in the area like schools, grocery stores, libraries, hospitals, and anything worth taking note of.

Get a toolbox

Anything can go wrong in the apartment and you need to be able to do something before professional help comes. Tools like hammers, wrenches, nails, and screwdrivers come in handy when you’re trying to hang a picture on the wall or fix little furniture problems in the apartment. You may not be a handyman but having a toolbox with a few useful tools in it can save you a lot of trouble. Also, get a first-aid box in case of accidents or injury that may happen while you settle in

Settle the kids and the pets

Moving may be a bit difficult, especially for kids and pets, so you have to make the effort to help them settle in. Allow them to get familiar with the environment and while you are arranging the apartment ask for their opinions about colors or where they want a particular picture to be positioned. This will help them feel at home in their new place.

Avoid unnecessary repairs


Let’s face it, it is very likely that the new apartment is not in the best condition. So you may find that some items are damaged or faulty. To avoid making unnecessary repairs that may eventually not solve the problem, it is best to replace faulty or damaged items. This way you save yourself a lot of stress in the future.

Settling into a new apartment can be quite tasking. This is because you want to be comfortable in your new house and to a large extent feel at home. Therefore, you need to make enough preparation for the move. Although Bob Shearn Removals ( can help transport your belongings to the new apartment, a bulk of the job rests on you to successfully make the new house a home.

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