Investing in Crypto 2024: The Key to Weathering Market Volatility

For more than a decade now, investing in cryptocurrency has been one of the best things one can do, as their value, at least of the most popular coins, has risen significantly. Now, we all know that high volatility is something that best describes the crypto market, but there are certain things you can do to use that volatility to your advantage.

Having a Plan Is a Must

Being active in any type of trade or making valuable investments always require planning, researching, and spending some time testing the market, and the crypto market is not an exception. Unfortunately, many people think they can make big profits in a short amount of time, and because of that, they start investing and trading without any plan.

Is Long-Term Planning Possible?

Cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile, and because of that, making a long-term plan can be pretty challenging, but it is necessary if you want to avoid losing a lot of money. Namely, by learning the basics and following some simple rules, you will be able to gain some profit, and what is even more important, you will be able to react when you start losing.

Experience Plus Strategy


Only those who don’t have any clue about this market can say that there is no way to predict what will happen next, as even though volatility is high, there are certain actions you can take to predict whether the value will drop or rise. Of course, experience is also of vast importance because those who have been actively participating and trading for some time now are well aware of what certain market developments mean, which helps them make better decisions.

Another thing one should focus on is developing a trading strategy, as even though no one can predict how the price will change in the near future, it is possible to develop different strategies depending on whether it rises or falls and react timely. More experienced traders are aware that there are periods when the price drops drastically, but since they are pretty short, the best possible solution is to avoid them and stick to the long-term plan.

Find the Best Strategy

As we have already mentioned, the crypto market is highly volatile, and it is impossible to predict when the price will rise or fall, even if we read all the possible articles and studies dedicated to this field. This price change can be great because we can earn a huge amount of money in a few seconds, but also extremely bad, as we can lose everything once it starts falling, as it is not easy to stay calm and wait. Now, it’s important to know that most mistakes people make are due to inexperience or because of some uncalled fear, which is why patience and listening to your gut is the key.

Selling everything because of a panic attack is never a good solution, as we usually do it for a lower price and lose money instead of making a profit. Instead of that, it is better to wait, as the value will surely rise after some time, even if that happens after a few months or years, but being patient will pay off eventually. Just take a look at recent events, and even though the value of BTC has been dropping for quite some time, its value is, once again, on the rise, with many experts predicting that this trend will not stop soon.

Go with Popular Cryptos


New cryptocurrencies are appearing almost every day, thanks to the improvement of this market and many existing and new users who want to make some profit in this way, but not all of them are considered safe. There are literally thousands of coins in which one can invest, and even though that diversity in the offer can be pretty profitable, picking the right coin can be challenging, especially if one doesn’t want to check all the details about some crypto, or worse, just follow the latest trend.

That is why checking who created the coin, whether it’s sustainable in the near future or not, the blockchain tech behind it, and even what famous people interested in this field have to say is simply a must if you want to make the best possible decision.

Namely, a huge percentage of new cryptos do not make a big success in this market because of the high number of them, and it can be pretty challenging to predict whether some of them will make a change once it appears or it will vanish pretty soon. That is the reason why investing in new cryptos is pretty risky, and you can never know whether you will make a profit or lose all the money. Because of that, it is always better to invest in some popular cryptos which have been existing for some time, as they are considered much safer than new ones.

Spread Your Investment

This is something that everyone who has ever participated in any market would strongly suggest, and the reason is pretty simple. Namely, by spreading your investment portfolio, you are increasing the chances of gaining huge profits in the future, as even though a certain percentage of those investments would turn out to be a bad choice, the key is to guess and invest most in those that will surely last for decades. Of course, this is a long game, meaning that expecting huge profits right away is not something to expect, even though there were many examples when people got rich overnight.

Overall, the best way to avoid dealing with high volatility is by spreading your investments and investing in popular coins like BTC. Bitcoin is surely the most popular one, and if you want to start investing in trading it, you will need to find a reliable platform. It is more difficult than it sounds because there are many of them on the market, and bitcoin’s popularity makes it perfect for the fraudsters who create fake ones, so you can easily lose all your money and much more in a few seconds. Finding a trustworthy one requires detailed research, which is pretty time-consuming, so if you do not want to spend hours researching, visit

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