Ironman Mode: Tips and Tricks Every RS3 Beginner Should Know

First of all, if you have yet to learn what Ironman mode is, it is a type of game mode that some players choose to challenge themselves a bit more. It was added to RuneScape in 2014 and is accessible via play moods in the character creation screen. The gist of the mode is that it strongly encourages players to be entirely self-sufficient. The primary way that this mode does this is by locking the player out of most types of interactions, such as PvPs, trading, the Grand Exchange, and treasure hunter.

Once the character creation has been completed, this mode can only be turned off using in-game items. So, for example, the book of diplomacy sold by Mr. Ex will undo ironman mode, which is irreversible.

So, this mode is more complex than having the main account. While challenging yourself may be a lot of fun, playing in ironman mode can be highly frustrating. You can remedy your irritation by buying RS3 Gold from Chicks Gold. This will allow you to progress quickly through more troublesome parts. Other than that, here are some tips to help you along your ironman journey.

Starting Items


Starting items have the potential to help out a lot since you have such limited resources as an ironman, so you need to utilize them as much as you can.

One such item is the Dwarven Army Axe; you get this by talking to the mayor of Burthorpe. This is a very versatile item when you are starting, as it acts as a steel hatchet and a steel pickaxe. As well as a slight boost in experience when you are cooking, this might seem like little, but the amount of time you save will add up and help immensely in the long run.

Another item is The Ring of Kinship, acquired from the dungeoneering tutor in Daemonheim. The ring of kinship is an item used to create parties for exploring Daemonheim with the Dungeoneering skill. While most of the benefits of this item are dungeoneering based, a significant plus is that it gives you a very useful emergency bank teleport. Few items can work in combat and teleport you near a bank like the Ring of Kinship does.

The third item we recommend is the Wicked Hood; you can find this at a Rune Shop in Burthorpe, where you have to talk to an NPC. The wicked hood functions the same way as a talisman, granting access to the Runecrafting altars. You can claim this for free, and it will offer you unlimited teleports to the wizard’s tower. In addition, you will get free daily essence from crafting the runes and 200 free runes.

Magic, magic, magic!


Magic could be the most valuable skill in ironman mode as it allows you to unlock many abilities that are otherwise unavailable as an ironman. For example, it will enable you to unlock multiple teleports, saving you a lot of time traveling around the map and surging, allowing you to move faster. These combined drastically improve movement. Importantly, it also allows you the ability to unlock high-level alchemy. This is important as most of the high-tier money-making methods available to you as an ironman are highly alchemy-based.

Magic will also benefit you a lot while you are bossing. It is the easiest and most effective style for low and mid-level players. Especially when you unlock the Guthix Staff, the Gothic Staff combined with the vulnerability spell will deal with massive DPS. Making those boss fights that much easier.

Food Sources


Finding low-level, accessible food sources as an ironman can be tricky, so getting a good one early on can help.

One easy food store is the Gnome Food Store in the Grand tree. You will find the great tree northeast of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You will need to travel for a while to get there, but the cheap food available outweighs the time it takes to get there. There is a lot of pre-made food at the food store, which you can buy for relatively little Gold. These shops frequently restock so that you can go at any time.

The Catherby Baker Stall is another alternative if you run low on Gold. There are a lot of very cheap cakes here which will heal you up to 1k HP per inventory slot. Another benefit of this method is that it is perfect for the thieving experience, as you are stealing from the stall.

Most Ironman players try to stock up on survival by fishing for Lobsters. This is also efficient as you are leveling up cooking and thieving simultaneously. However, these two stalls will provide you with way more food and experience at a lower price.

Set a Plan

You should always have some goal in mind when playing RS3 and make a plan to achieve it as effectively as possible. Make sure to do this as soon as you start. Goals include getting items like the Gothic staff as quickly as possible or finding a good food source and grinding it. Regardless, you will progress much faster if you have a good plan.

Closing Off

Ironman is challenging to play, but the sense of achievement you get from maxing out your skills and achieving your goals is much greater. We hope these tips and tricks make your ironman journey more manageable. You can do many more things, so doing more research and reading on the wiki is very helpful. Most importantly, jump into the game and explore your play style and what works best for you. Happy gaming!

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