Maggie Rogers did “This” after Harassed at live Stage

The other day, 25-year-old singer maggie rogers was performing at Austin, Texas. During her stage performance, someone from the audience shouted and asked her to take off her top. This got her very hard. She was about to sing her hit song “Alaska”, the acoustic version of it.

Maggie Rogers came to the notice of the public after Pharrell Williams At the New York University Master Class in 2016. The track reportedly has over 14 million views on YouTube and in November 2018 she was the musical guest at “Saturday Night Live”

Where did this Happen?

Rogers performed in Austin, Texas, at The Moody Theater, it was a live performance on Saturday night. While she was giving a heartfelt speech about how the fans have allowed her to continue to pursue her passion in music, a man starting yelling to “take your top off.”

She Penned down This

After her performance, she explained her reaction to what happened at the performance she wrote a note on her Instagram wall revealing her feeling about what happened during the event.


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“take your top off”

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About the stage performance, she worte -”Every night before the ‘alaska’ acoustic encore, i speak about gratitude and growth and change. it’s the most vulnerable part of the set. just me and a guitar before I say goodnight”. The incident happened on Saturday night and she wrote it on sunday expressing her feeling about last night.

she was sentencing about her acoustic version of “Alaska” – the reason I get to do this very much because of all of you, because you saw my music, or heard it, or shared with a friend, brought a t-shirt, or came to a show and it is a ……. Thank you soo much” she said. As he was saying those words, suddenly a voice came from the crowd “ free the nips” and she got furious and said ”shut the f*** up” 

What she Tweeted?

“Last night, in the middle of this speech, a man yelled ‘Take your top off,’” she wrote.

“I am weepy and hungover and in search of breakfast tacos,” she tweeted. “Many many feelings. processing for now. thank you for everything”.  She posted the same picture of her hurt post that she posted on Instagram.

She got 106k followers on twitter and she got 616k followers on Instagram. This seems like she is getting a lot of fans to love day by day and spreading her influence on others. People are really liking her songs.

Last words

That was really inappropriate to say to any artist who is performing for you on the stage. People lose their cool very soon if they get offended. However, maggie rogers seem to get hurt by the comment from the audience but she is happy to see the supports of her and she thanked them for support when she was in a pain. I hope she gets over with it very soon. She is a rising singer and the support should be positive from her audience.

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