Here’s Why You Need a Static IP Address

IP is the abbreviation of Internet Protocol and identifies the address of a specific device on the network or on the Internet. As people have addresses to define where they live, some digital devices -that have the Internet or network connections- have IP addresses to introduce themselves. IP addresses pose an important role on the Internet.

Static IP vs Shared IP Addresses


Static IP address stands for the IP address which is dedicated to one person or one organization. A static IP address is unique and offers exclusive usage to occupants. To understand the static IP address more clearly, we should explain what shared IP is. Contrary to static IP addresses, shared IP addresses are used by many users. For example, when you use a VPN server and try to reach Disney Plus on the Internet, a VPN service connects you to a random country or city. Let’s say it connects you with Berlin. When other users try to access Disney Plus the VPN server also assigns them to Berlin servers and all the people that are trying to log in on Disney Plus share the same IP address.

You can think about what is wrong with this. Well, when so many people from different locations try to access a specific network with the same IP address, servers perceive that as a threat and start to block users from accessing. It slows down Internet connection and gums up user connection. But luckily, a static IP VPN from Nordlayer can prevent these types of bottlenecks and allow users to access wherever they want at ideal speeds.

Static IP Address in Organizations

On the other hand, when you use a static (dedicated) IP address, you or your organization will be the single user of this IP address. Although static IP does not change and enables you to use the same IP address all the time, it conceals your real IP address and protects you from possible threats that you might face. It is crucial, especially for organizations that are more likely to fall victim to a data breach. With the use of static IP, businesses can send and receive data information safely without compromising on speed.

Imagine that tons of users from all around the world are directed to the same server and try to do their work. If you can imagine this apocalyptic landscape you can also understand the severity of the situation. Contrary to this, a static IP provides a private and self-user experience.

Further Information on Static IP Address


To comprehend static IP more, we can mention advanced information. First of all, you don’t need to have multiple static IP addresses even if you are a corporation. The one dedicated IP address is adequate for all your team members even if they are located in multiple places. Some resources allege that Static IP is not trustable. We can honestly say that static IP addresses are reliable because they are devoted to specific traffic so your company data and identities can be protected from other ones. It lessens the access exposure to your private network.

Benefits of a Static IP Address

1. Better Remote Work Experience


It is undeniable that remote or hybrid work settled down in our lives and they do not seem to be going. Almost all remote work adopted companies try to improve their remote work conditions to increase their productivity and decrease security vulnerabilities. Among other problems, IP addresses take up a great space in remote work environments. The first reason for this is the need for secure access to company resources. Since VPNs and other security methods such as MFA (multi-factor authentication) or Zero Trust implementation have been used in corporations, they are not enough for the whole security and IP addresses also take part in this architecture.

A static IP provides a secure connection with the company resources even if a user works from home or travels. It is really simple to access your company network without raising the concern of your boss on data security. Thanks to the benefits static IP addresses offer, you no longer need to be at the office premises for a secure connection.

When your team accesses the data they need to do their business properly, you can focus more on business development. So we can understand that the static IP address affects not only cyber security, it has effects on your reputation, financials, and employee happiness.

2. A Comprehensive Control Over Access Permissions

The best way to provide security in an organization is to monitor and control access authorizations. Most of the security vulnerabilities are generated by the people that are in the network. Unauthorized or over-access is the main reason for security breaches. Organizations can prepare some strategies to prevent their networks from unpermitted users. Assigning a dedicated IP address to the users is one of the ways of this. When a unique IP address is dedicated to only organization users, you can be sure that other people with different IP addresses can not reach out to your private data and other assets.

This technique is also called IP allow listing. It means that you create an IP allowlist -this list contains only your static IP address- and block others that are using multiple and distinct IP addresses.

3. No Need for Multiple Verification


Almost all websites use verification methods to avoid unauthorized or dangerous access to their websites. Although it is fair for them to want these kinds of verifications, we know that it can be overwhelming for visitors sometimes. For instance, when visitors try to access websites by using shared IPs that are irregular, it raises suspicion about the website. In the end, websites consider the user as suspicious or dangerous and add the user’s IP to a blacklist. When a user’s IP is on the blacklist, the user needs to verify identification more than one time to log in to the site.

Maybe it is not a big deal for personal users, in a working environment but these kinds of activities slow down the work speed and affect people in a bad way. Employees can lose their motivation and concentration while struggling with all the verification steps.

A static IP address offers time savings. Since time is considered the most important asset in our lives, we can not deny the fact that saving your employees’ time can bring you both reputation and raise your cash flow.

Last Words

IP addresses are one of the components of the digital world and must be considered seriously. Although there are shared IP addresses that can be also known as trustworthy, static IP addresses are more recommended due to their specific benefits. Especially for organizations that have crowded teams and remote workers, IP address regulation in the company can be a revolution in many ways. Not only for the security of resources but also for the speed, reliability, reputation, and profit of your organization.

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