A New Fashion-Forward Idea For Men Is Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have withstood the test of time. There are many myths associated with them, but generally it is believed that pearls are a symbol of wisdom. Wisdom is achieved over time and with experience and this is what pearls signify. Many kings and queens of various eras and from various countries wore this gemstone with pride. Pearls are believed to bring good luck to the wearer and keep their family safe from harm. In many societies wearing pearls is believed to not just bring luck but it is also believed to attract wealth. In some countries it is a symbol of purity and loyalty. Because it represents purity and loyalty, the 30th wedding anniversary is known as a pearl anniversary. People celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary usually get pearls as gifts for this reason. Some people believe that wearing pearls will calm the person and keep him or her grounded. Over time pearls began to be associated with women and lesser and lesser men were seen wearing them. However, men have started wearing them now.

According to The Pearl Source, men wearing pearls is not an odd thing; it proves the growth of the jewelry industry. The jewelry industry is now coming up with genderless accessories. On Nov 2, 2024, Laguna Pearl, a famous jewel brand in Los Angeles, announced their new pearl line Laguna Fame that would be gender inclusive. The move was made due to requests from male Hollywood artists. Men wearing pearls is not a new thing, powerful and wealthy in history wore pearls as a symbol of power. Rich Indian Maharajahs have worn pearls for centuries, not single strand necklaces; they have rocked 5 strands and even 7 strands. Many monarchs have worn them because they are classy.

For many years, pearls have been considered the classiest accessory a woman would put on. From the old days when queens wore pearls to show formality, to when pearls belonged to grandmas, pearls have been associated with women. However, times have changed and male fashion icons are showing up at events wearing freshwater pearls. The likes of Harry Styles, A$AP Rocky, and Jonas Brothers have appeared in public wearing pearl necklaces. They have styled these gems with tees, hooded sweaters, or even suits, this shows that pearls are practical everyday wear.

Are Pearl Jewels the Next Big Thing for Men Jewels?

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Pearls are classic jewels that have beaten the age and style stereotype and are now beating the gender stereotype. Male actors, rappers, and musicians have taken up pearl jewelry proving that they can blend in with different men’s outfits. The Jonas brothers wore a simple necklace with their outfits during the Grammy performance. They wore the trend with a shiny brocade which looked very cool. Seems their choice is a minimalist pearl touch. Unless you looked closer, it would be difficult to note the pearl necklace.

Harry Styles has been a frequent wearer of pearls, often adding them to shirts or sweaters. Asap Rocky has rocked pearls in Instagram posts and public appearances. These two were early adapters of pearls. Harry Styles is a definite super die-hard of pearls since he has appeared in public severally in them. It was first noted during the 2019 Met Gala where he wore a single pearl drop earring.

Asap Rocky started wearing a pearl necklace in 2019 and since then has made a regular appearance in these necklaces. Once, he paired a suit with an oversize pearl necklace and a matching ring. Other celebrities layer them with chains. Certainly, these artists are wearing pearls to make a fashion statement.

Jaden Smith rocked a pink pearl necklace with his black outfit in Los Angeles. If you are bored of wearing white pearl jewelry you can always opt for these options, even a black string would look good with your suit.

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Nick and Joe Jonas performed wearing small pearl necklaces. The best part was they were not wearing a suit or normal colored clothes; they rocked a dress that had a lot of patterns. Even with the patterned clothing the pearls stood out.

Most of us if not every one of us would style a buttoned up shirt with a normal tie or a bow. But when it comes to Billy Porter you should expect the unexpected. He rocked his promotional event by wearing a pearl necklace above his buttoned up shirt, thereby breaking the long standing tradition of ties being the only accessory while wearing them.

Pharell Williams has always been a sort of trend setter and if not he makes sure that he is part of the latest trends. He was clicked wearing a hoodie and pearl strands and made it stand out.

Shawn Mendes is another celebrity who has recently worn pearls. He wore a three piece LV suit and a waist coat chain made of pearls. It was an instant hit and it seems that pearl waist coat chains are going to be a top gift for men in the coming years.

Pearl jewels are here to stay. Not only due to the number of male celebrities appearing in public in pearls, but also due to the many brands offering pearls. The celeb firepower of making what was thought to belong to grandmas into an all-age and all-gender piece is proving that pearls are not going anywhere.

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Final Thoughts

Men wearing pearls have also attracted haters who say that peals are outdated. However, this is not true. Pearls have been a part of women’s jewelry for decades now. Maybe you have seen your grandma wear it, then your mother, and now the young stars. Pearls are classic pieces that have gone over and beyond across all ages and now gender.

Men’s pearls have been on increase, especially for fashion-forward men. In the next few years, pearl necklaces will be a common piece among all men just as chains are common. According to fashion aggregators, pearls are one of the hottest men’s jewels trends for the year. Thanks to the celebrities who have embraced them, searches for men’s pearl has increased drastically.

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