5 Popular Slots Games Online in 2024

The online casino offers many different games. There are slots, table games, live dealer games, video poker, as well as a multitude of games that cannot go into any category. In the next few lines, we will write about the most massive, and perhaps that is why it is the most popular category – slots. Slots certainly offer the largest variety of games, and in addition, they have fantastic options, such as bonuses, excellent jackpots, and free spins. Not that many games at online casinos are more popular than slots. Every online casino has an extensive selection of slot games to keep things interesting for its players. However, we are only concerned with the very best, and those who gamers love the most.

All the best online casino slots share a similar formula, whether they are real-money slots or free slots. The most popular games always have defined themes, a plethora of in-game bonuses, and a pay line structure, which provides players with multiple ways to win. For more details about this, check the complete analysis on dreamz.com.

Here is a definitive list of the slots that you simply must play if you love a few spins and cherish the thrill that only slot games can provide.

1. Family Guy

Source: mvideoslots.com

The hands-down winner on the slots scene at the moment is the Family Guy-themed slot developed by IGT. Everyone who was a fan of or loved the TV series will really adore and enjoy playing this game. Remember the theme tunes and the voices of your favorite characters? Well, another great thing about this slot is that you will hear all that while playing, reliving all those funny and entertaining moments once more. The graphics are also what makes this game stand out, as well as the characters that are portrayed beautifully. There are many opportunities to succeed in this game, which features a 3×5 reel, with plenty of avenues to win, including three bonus rounds and the chance to win 100.000 USD. There are also plenty of features, and it will take some time to unlock them all.

2. King Kong Fury

Source: slotarazzi.com

A close second is this brilliant slot game developed by NetGen that is currently doing the rounds at all the major casino sites. Mix it with the king of the apes as he does battle with the massive reptiles on Skull Island, and you will understand why it is so popular – because it provides great fun, with great potential bonuses and more. The game itself features a 5×4 reel, with a high percentage for winning, which is at 96.7 (RTP). With its plenty of features like Kong’s Call Feature and The Lightning Reel Feature, along with the 100 free spins at the start, the King Kong Fury will keep you occupied for hours. The minimum bet is 0.25 dollars, and the maximum potential win is five hundred times the stake.

3. Starburst

Source: quickieboost.com

The first two games are only ahead of this modern classic by a cat’s whisker. Starburst has an intergalactic space travel theme that pulls out all the stops as far as a light show is concerned. The game features five reels and as many as ten pay-lines on which you can bet. Starburst was developed by slots giant NetEnt and lays claim to a wide variety of in-game bonus features.

The perfect combination of modern and retro with great graphics provides that special feeling of arcade games from the 80s and 90s. Free spins, multipliers, and symbols keep the game interesting, with a variety of opportunities for winning some real money as well. Also, the wild symbol can appear in columns 2, 3, and 4, and when it shows, it multiplies in the form of three stars, stopping and giving you a re-spin. Whether or not you win something during a Starburst free spin, the wild column goes off. In case another stacked wild symbol appears on another column during the free spin, you win additional free spins, up to 3 maximum.

4. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

There is always some skepticism when some game is based on a TV show or movie. But with this slot game and the exceptional work of Bally developers, there is no need for that. Ron Burgundy is a name that will instantly bring a smile to your face if you have ever seen the Anchorman movies, and this Burgundy-themed slot machine will have a similar effect as you play along to the seventies soundtrack. The game features five reels and as many as 25 pay-lines on which you can bet, with even more opportunities to win when you get free spins. Several special bonus rounds allow you to win at the Big Bonus.

5. Jumanji

NetEnt developed some pretty great slot games and also this one absolute gem of a slot game based on the 1995 film. It features five reels with 36 paylines on which you can bet. The user interface is cleverly based on the infamous board game from which the movie takes its name, and what makes this slot stand out, along with an exceptional and astonishing graphics, is the multiple ways and opportunities to win. There are ten features like Mystery, Wild, and four different Free Spin features, which makes the whole experience extraordinary. All of this grants a unique feeling, and with the RTP at 96.33 percent, Jumanji should be, if it is not already, on your gaming list.

When there are so many slot games available for you to play, choosing the right one can be difficult. Many of them offer high gaming experience, but with the low RTP, and also there are those with an excellent RTP, but the graphics and the whole slot journey is not that amusing. That is why we did the research for you and picked these five games that are currently not only the most popular, but they also offer a high win percentage and provide great fun along the way.

Now, with knowing all this, all that remains is for you to hunt them down and start winning. Who knows? You may just strike the jackpot.

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