The State of the Art in Gaming and the Metaverse

When Facebook first shared with the world that it would be making a big push for the “metaverse” as it rebranded into Meta, you might have thought that only social media was going to be affected by the transition to the “meta-world.”

What you might not know is that the metaverse is poised to be a showcase of the state of the art in gaming and the metaverse concept as we know it!

This is because the combination and integration of gaming and the metaverse is a key aspect of the future of the virtual universe that the metaverse is trying to create.

In this article, we will be talking about the various innovations that the metaverse will bring in gaming, as it is geared to becoming the state of the art in the gaming industry’s very, very near future.

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With that, it’s time to talk about metaverse gaming!

But first, what is the Metaverse, anyway?


Basically, the Metaverse is a virtual reality that basically houses different 3D worlds and creates a digital “universe” where people from all over the world can interact with one another.

The metaverse makes a heavy emphasis on using virtual and augmented reality technologies (such as VR headsets, and motion controllers) in building this world. It also heavily, heavily integrates the world of cryptocurrencies into its digital world.

All this is aimed at trying to create the most immersive digital world or universe possible!

Okay, so how can it serve as the state of the art in gaming?

The great thing about the metaverse and metaverse gaming is the fact that there is no one specific way that it will innovate gaming. There are so many ways that the metaverse can spur new and fun ways to play games that we probably won’t be able to talk about all of them here.

But we won’t leave you hanging. Here are a few reasons why the metaverse represents the state of the art in gaming!

NFTs and Gaming, together at last


Perhaps the most obvious reason why the metaverse is the next state of the art in gaming is due to the fact that the Metaverse will introduce the full integration of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs in the gaming world.

As previously mentioned, the Metaverse will be banking on cryptocurrencies as its foundation and thus, NFTs will undoubtedly become a big part of what will make up the future of online gaming.

For the uninformed, NFTs are unique and distinct digital assets that represent the specific ownership of that item. This ownership cannot be replicated or reproduced. NFTs can be almost anything: a piece of art, an image, a song, or even a video game character (wink, wink). This means that such NFTs can be traded, sold, bought, or exchanged in the marketplace.

This means that more and more in-game items will be made into NFTs, allowing gamers to exchange, buy, or sell more in-game assets compared to years past! This opens up so many more opportunities, not only for play, but for social interaction amongst gamers in general!

The emphasis and prioritization in taking VR and AR to the next level

In addition to the introduction of NFTs in video games, the metaverse will also likely catapult the VR and AR implementation of video games. As we mentioned earlier, VR and AR are big parts of the Metaverse and its plan to make a virtual world. With that, we can expect that the current VR gaming headsets will receive massive benefits from the development of the Metaverse since it will now become a more widely-used product and not just a niche gaming mechanic for enthusiasts.

Expect more game companies that will invest not only in making high-end VR headsets but also VR and AR accessories that are more accessible, and affordable but still of top quality!

Opening up the online gaming marketplace


Last, but certainly not least, the Metaverse will play a huge role in diversifying and bringing a new dimension to the gaming marketplace. The Metaverse, through cryptocurrencies, will bring the marketplace and real-world exchange of money to its digital world.

Not only that but NFTs in games will bring more items into circulation within the online gaming marketplace. This will undoubtedly create a new economy of gamers that will exchange in-game valuables, NFTs, and other things that could be bought and sold on the meta-marketplace.

And with that, we have now finished talking about some of the main reasons why the metaverse is poised to become the new state of the art in the game industry.

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