Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Game for Gold and Zafina

Everyone loves to play games. Regardless of age and time. Possibilities are that the devices were different back then like Nintendo classic edition, PC and back in the ’90s and ’20s, back then other than Super Mario, hitman and Tekken were the top on the list of every gamer.

Now the time is not the same but every time anyone thinks of the fighting game and not think of Tekken than the person missed the most amazing game. The current series of the game is Tekken 7 but besides that, the Tekken Tag Tournament was released back in 1999 and the second part of the same game with the named Tekken Tag Tournament 2 released on 2011.

Initially, the Tekken Tag Tournament was available for Xbox 360 and later on got in Xbox one also.

This is just the middle of the month and out of the blue, the Xbox decided to give free gold and free access to some of the pick for September month only.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Gold

The upper statement might have confused you about the free Tekken Tag Tournament 2 free on Xbox. Yes, you going to get it for free till the 30th of September and then you can play it forever without and cost.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 beat Earth Defense Force 2025 and make it to fans of this generation. It has been the most loved game and now the 8th series of the game is getting popularity

Biggest Tag Fighting Game

Yes, you read it correctly, this is one of the best and most played tag game for a decade. Even some of the characters are becoming more attached to the gamers those are Panda, Ogre, Violet, Forest Law, Armor King 2, and Tiger Jackson are the few.

If you enter the arcade mode, you will see 59 characters to choose and every character has a different fighting style. Just you need to do is the style you like the most get that without any second thought and fight with your friends and other players with your tag mate.

Bonus Gold

Not just Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is free for gold till 30th, also you will get some other freebies such as We Were Here (Xbox One) until 15th October and Hitman one full season will be available thin 30th then the scheme will end.

The Entry of a Zafina

In Tekken 7 ‘s Season Pass 3 announcement trailer, they are adding a character which is Zafina which appeared in some other chapters of Tekken such as Tekken 6 and The Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

She is not new to the Tekken, she is an ancient sect, a fighter that has some strong spiritual and physical abilities.  If you think that this will cost to download the character then you are thinking it wrong, if you have season pass 3, get it for free. If you want to purchase it form DLC separately then it will cost you 6 euros for PlayStation Store, on Xbox Live, and on Steam. 

Final Words

Once the offer is gone, you won’t be able to download it for free, just download once and it will be free for you forever, if after the 30th of September.

Make sure you have a gold subscription of Xbox, if not then you are not eligible. Are you a Tekken fan, share your experience and favorite character of the Tekken in the comment section below.

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