Arizona Business Owners: Understanding Workers Comp Laws

Arizona law requires employers to possess worksite comp insurance for employees. Under the law, a “no-fault” system is applied, whereby fault for employee injury is dismissed, allowing employees to receive benefits for their workplace injury and protecting employers from lawsuits related to the injury. In addition to medical benefits, including temporary compensation, there may be additional benefits such as retraining and ongoing medical care.

By familiarizing yourself with the work insurance laws of Arizona, you can prepare for workplace accidents accordingly and avoid conflict between employees and employers. Whether you are an employee or employer, you must understand your rights so that you can protect yourself under the worksite insurance laws. Specific laws pertaining to Arizona may be viewed online under Arizona’s Administrative Code. The state constitution and relevant statutes are listed online for further understanding.

Should the workplace injury require permanent benefits, compensation, medical care, and retraining of job duties may be permitted. In cases of disability, the additional support is most relevant. Continue reading to learn more about the workers comp laws pertaining to Arizona business owners. See more at

Where To Get Coverage


Arizona business owners can get workers comp insurance by using services online. Many provide free quotes that give you an idea of your premium based on your type of work and additional factors related to your business. After obtaining coverage, the employer must notify employees and inform them they have the right to reject coverage. Rejection forms are to be supplied by the employer for employee use.

All businesses with at least five payroll employees in Arizona are entitled to the “no-fault” system and compensation. If work accidents occur, the insurance supplies medical coverage and lost wages payments for injured employees. These benefits apply to permanent disability and temporary care.

Temporary Work Injury Benefits In Arizona

Defining temporary benefits for Arizona workers comp insurance requires considering employee injuries that keep them out of work for over a week. In these cases, workers are granted compensation for wages lost during this time, referred to as “lost time” benefits. To claim these benefits, the employee’s primary care must officially certify that the employee is not in a condition to work.

Arizona law permits a maximum length benefit of $4,521.92 annually for monthly lost time. Lost time coverage equates to 66% of the employee’s monthly income, based on their earnings the month before the injury. Temporary benefits like these last for the length of time that the employee is being treated by their doctor. As soon as the doctor determines that the employee can work, the employee will get a letter stating that a doctor certified that they could work again. This letter is referred to as a “Notice of Claim Status.”

Permanent Work Injury Benefits In Arizona


Permanent benefits are when the employee’s doctor determines the condition is unlikely to improve. If the doctor determines this outcome, the doctor provides the worker with a percentage of disability. The number is given, and other factors, including education, history of work, and age, will be factored into the employees’ compensation rate.

Where To Get Workers Comp Insurance

You can receive workers comp insurance online and from private insurance companies or by working with an agent or broker licensed in the state.

Below are some common workplace injuries that are entitled to worker’s compensation insurance benefits:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Cuts and open wounds
  • Injury from falling or unsuspected object
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Third-degree burn injuries

Less common injuries are also covered, such as:

  • Food poisoning from a company catering
  • Wildlife encounters on the worksite
  • Injuries from team bonding events gone wrong

Arizona’s Specific Laws


In Arizona specifically, two divisions handle workers comp claims. The ICA (Industrial Commission Of Arizona) is broken down into the Claims Division and the Administrative Law Judge Division. The Claims Division is in charge of monitoring the insurance companies processing claims of injured workers and ensuring that workers obtain the benefits they are entitled to under the law. If there are hearing requests, the case moves to the ALJ Division, which processes disputes between employees, employers, and insurance carriers. Most disputes pertain to arguments surrounding compensation, the continuation of benefits, and earnings gained while recovering from injury.

Coverage Laws For Full And Part-Time Employees

In Arizona, workers comp is required for full-time and part-time workers. There are a few exceptions for workers that are not covered or do not need coverage, including independent contractors, temporary employees, and employees that do not work on the worksite (domestic employees). Arizona law also exempts sole proprietors and partners without employees from workers comp. These rules extend to corporate officers as well, but coverage is allowed if desired.

Premium Cost Considerations

The premiums of workers comp may vary depending on a set of factors. A significant factor influencing premiums in Arizona is workers comp class codes. The level of risk the worker has been exposed to influences the compensation coverage they can receive.

Arizona workers may also receive missed wages based on the money they made before the injury. The average amount of money earned per month determines the amount they are entitled to. Family members will receive death benefits, including funeral costs, should any worker die from a workplace injury.

Arizona Scheduled Physician Fees


There is also an Arizona-specific physician fee schedule. The purpose of this is to establish the fees doctors and other medical professionals charge for treating a worker’s injury. These fee specifications extend to other medical professionals as well as physical therapists. Recent legislation has been passed, updating the fees for prescription medication injured workers receive. For additional information on Arizona workers comp fees, head to the ICA website.

Familiarize Yourself With State Laws For the Best Outcomes

Worker’s compensation is a requirement in most states, and specific statutes and state-related laws are enforced in different states. As an Arizona business owner, you must familiarize yourself with workers comp laws to protect your company and your employees in the event of a work-related injury.


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