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In 2019, Google affirmed that “Google Nest” marking would in the end advance toward first-party keen speakers. That progress could as of now be in pace with Google Store uncovering a “Home” rebrand just because of today.

Google Nest

Under “Associated Home Accessories” on the Google Store’s “Exceptional Offers” page, the old adjustable bases for the Google Home are on special. The official item page alludes to them as “Base for Google Home,” yet the rebate posting rebrands it to “Home Base.”
That new name is additionally recorded in the terms and conditions: Google Nest Home Base Coral, Nest Home Base Metal/Carbon and Copper. We’ve connected with Google to affirm whether “Home” is the new name for Made by Google’s first-party speakers. Strangely, it’s not “Google Nest Home,” like other rebranded shrewd home items. Item pages for the Home, Home Mini, and Home Max are unaltered, with the Google Nest Help Center as yet alluding to them in a similar way as in the past.
Update: After we provided details regarding the new name, the Google Store has evacuated all references to “Home” this evening. It’s conceivable that this brand was not prepared to go live in a circumstance to some degree like the early Pixel 3a and Nest Hub Max uncover by the store.
These official extras were discharged in 2016 as an approach to “Make Google Home yours.” They attractively append, yet never indeed took off in fame. Limited by half to $10 for texture and $20 for metal, this arrangement goes on until August 1, 2019. The Google Store could be attempting to move stock in light of new items. If so, it is odd to rebrand an extra toward an incredible finish.

Increasingly about Google Nest

• swapped by Google Store for finding, purchasing items
• Rebranded ‘Google Nest Help Center’ includes support for cameras, indoor regulators, more
• Google’s Home Hub to Nest Hub rebranding exertion is a sticker on the container
• Earlier this year, Google renamed its brilliant showcase from the ‘Home Hub’ to the ‘Home Hub.’

It was the initial phase in rebranding its intelligent home devices under the Nest name, and there was the theory that the first Home speaker may be incorporated. Google has put the gossipy tidbits to rest and affirmed to us that the Google Home is adhering to its unique name — for the time being, in any case.

It wasn’t a freakish recommendation that the Google Home may be sold under the Google Nest flag, particularly after the more costly Home Hub was rebranded. Google itself appeared to affirm the change when the Google Store started to reference the speaker as the “Home.” We connected with the organization after that content was found, and a representative affirmed that the change was a misstep and is being fixed.
It’s as yet conceivable a follow-up to the Google Home could have the Google Nest marking. However, we haven’t seen proof that another model is being developed. On the off chance that another speaker is ever discharged, hopefully, it satisfies our list of things to get.

Final Words on Google Nest

Google acquired Nest in 2014 and initially ran it as a separate business under Google parent company Alphabet. The nest was then absorbed by Google early in 2018, and Nest had been folded in further and merged with Google’s smart home division by July of that year.

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