Another version of the show Grand Hotel ABC – Reviews

Most of the world has already seen television series Grand Hotel. There are various versions of this series also available. This marvelous Spanish show was telecasted from 2011 to 2013 and was broadcasted in the various countries like U.K, France, Iran, Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Venezuela as well as on Netflix. But Now in United State Grand Hotel ABC is coming with all new version of Grand Hotel. The show is producing by Eva Longoria and the show will be aired on ABC June 17. But various parts of the country like Miami people are addicted to the original version of Grand Hotel.

The show is based upon the murder mystery inside the family-owned hotel named as Grand Hotel. A young man will search from clues to figure out what has happened with her missing sister. In this version of the story is modified according to the real scenarios and viewers of the United States.

Storyline of Grand Hotel ABC                       

The source of the Grand Hotel ABC is the original version where matriarch’s completed her daughter to marry a wealthy man in hopes of their financial property. This 2019 version of Grand Hotel ABC Alicia which is playing by EL Salvadoran is not going through any kind of arrange marriages but planned something suspicious with the father Santiago Mendoza who is being played by Demian Bichir (Oscar Nominated). The team of father and daughter chooses very crucial ways, which later took the form of a big problem. There was a Latin Pop singer (Played by Cuban-American actor Jencarlos Canela), and a Pitbull surrogate make lots of cash with their concerts. There is also a playlist of the soundtracks which consist of the biggest hits of the Latin music from the last couple of years.

This amazing reinvention of Grand Hotel ABC with stylish outfits of the actors is all set to grab the hearts of people of America. The show is overall very amazing and also very interesting. People should watch this series for the new experience of Grand Hotel ABC. This modified story will have lots of glamour, thrill, and entertainment to excite the life of people of the United States.

Similarities with new and old versions of Grand Hotel ABC

The storyline may clash with the original versions at some point of scenes because in this also employees are treated as Subhuman servants.

Alicia’s Brother Javi (Played by Bryan Craige) disagreed from this Spanish counterpart, and this is the reason why he is still jobless. His physical disabilities cause enhances the emotional complexities in the show. The team of siblings A la Cinderella and the Mendoza has to live with their stepmother and stepsisters. Later in the show, Yoli rises as the most compelling character in the show, and she fails all the plans of the family as well as wishing to explore her sexuality.


So many Mexican viewers already seen the Spanish version of the Grand Hotel ABC and also they reported that they were not thrilled with the second version of the show. Now viewers can see the two versions of the show on Netflix, the first one is the Spanish version, which is the original version, and another is Egyptian version, which was created in 2016. Not from today, the third version of the Grand Hotel ABC will appear on Netflix.

I believe that people who watched the previous versions then they must give a chance to the new version of Grand Hotel ABC maybe you will find more thrill in this version.

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