Everything You Must Know About Attack on Titan Season 4

Some animes that are going to be regarded as ‘Classic’ in the future, irrespective of their genre. Attack on Titan is one of those anime shows that have earned the badge since its inception in 2013.

An instant hit post-release this anime is based on the novel of the same name. If you are a fan of action, dark fantasy, or the classic theme of apocalypse, this anime won’t disappoint you. It has action, it has gore, and it challenges your morality to the core.

The storyline is so captivating that it won’t be justice to the audience and the series itself if the producers don’t release Attack on Titan season 4. Until now, the studio has released three seasons. Fans have high expectations from season four.

If you are an avid fan of the show, you’re reading the right article. We know you are eagerly expecting season 4 to be released, that’s why we have collected all the essential information in one place.

We will tell you everything about the show.

Attack on Titan Season 4: When and Where

When: Our sources have informed us that Attack on Titan season 4 was expected to go on air somewhere around Fall of 2024, but with the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, it’s hard to tell if that’d be possible at all.

However, we can assume that the studio will release season four before this year ends.

Where: Now, you must be wondering where to watch the show or the upcoming season 4. Well, there are two ways to stream the anime online – Paid and Free.

If you are capable of paying for a premium subscription fee, then head straight towards platforms like Hulu, Crunchyroll or Funimation. You can access all the content with the membership.

However, paying money for a show is too much for you, then you don’t have to worry about it as there are websites like AnimeHeaven where you can watch it in HD – for free!

Attack on Titan Season 4: The Plot

Our fans are speculating what the plot of season 4 will be. But it’s tough to say what exactly awaits in it. The manga is still in publication, but it could be the final arc.

If we expect the show producers to be loyal to the original storyline, we should be expecting a whole new bunch of characters as well as a showdown as this is the peak of the show, the ultimate climax.

When the third season of the show was released in 2018, it was launched in two parts. Both parts had 12 episodes. Makers announced that season four would follow the same path.

Now, the fans should know that this fourth season is going to be the finale of the show. We don’t know what will be waiting for us in it, how it will end. All of us are expecting the makers to do justice to the show else the almost-decade long run will go to the dustbin.

The makers have ensured that the manga and anime audience both will enjoy the season and its ending as well.

Final Words

The news of the show’s finale might sadden some viewers, but all good things must come to and end. The only question remains, whether the makers would be able to deliver a finale that this deserves?

As of now, there’s no official announcement from the makers regarding the release, but we can wait until then.

We will keep you in touch regarding the Attack on Titan season 4. As soon as we get the hold of something official, we will let our readers know.

Now, if you know any Attack on Titan fans, let them know about the season finale by sharing this article with them. You can drop us a mail or comment on what your thoughts are regarding the show. Keep following us to know all the exciting things that are happening in the anime universe.

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