Top 7 Anime Sites to Watch Your Favorite Anime

Best way to spend our time during the holiday is to watch some quality anime at home on your computer. However, not all of us get to watch anime on television as our family members have to watch the latest news, soap operas and sports. So what can you do to get a taste of the latest anime without having to switch on the TV? – Anime sites.

There was a time when you had to wait for the anime shows to air on the television to watch them. However, times changed now. Most of the anime shows are available on anime sites. You can watch any show you want on anime sites with just a computer and an internet connection.

It would not be exaggerating to say there are anime sites that have hosted large libraries of all the anime that have ever been produced. You can download anime in high-quality and stream at the same time. Not all anime sites allow you to download the content, but it can be streamed to watch.

Now, you must be wondering what kind of anime to watch and how to watch it. Well, we have already sorted these two problems for you. We have enlisted the top 7 anime sites where you can watch anime of your liking.

Many of these sites provide options for downloading, so you don’t always need to stream them.

List of Top 7 Anime Sites for Streaming and Downloading

Chia Anime

When someone asks for top-quality anime sites, I (without thinking) suggest Chia Anime. This site is a heaven for anime fans, and you get the latest episodes of all the anime shows, and anime films too.

The most significant feature of this site is that you can watch and download anime – in high resolution. If you don’t have time to watch any episode, download it for later.

However, we recommend you installing an ad-blocker and a pop-up blocker to enjoy this site at its fullest.


Those who’ve been anime lovers for years know what 9Anime is. You get to watch anime in HD, no pop-ups, and the library is updated regularly. You get the latest episodes of almost all the anime. However, it allows only the streaming of content so no downloading.


Crunchyroll is an anime site that runs on premium subscription – so no free streaming, you have to subscribe first to watch shows. Since it’s a legal streaming site, you won’t have to worry about ads and annoying pop-ups. Besides, you get the latest episodes immediately.


Anime Heaven is a place to visit if you want all the latest content in HD. Yes, Anime Heaven offers you HD, dubbed content all for free.


Hulu is another site where you can legally watch countless anime shows and films at a premium subscription fee. It is not available in all parts of the world, so you may have to check if it’s accessible in your region, and if it isn’t, you can use a VPN to watch shows here.


KissAnime is one of those old websites which have a loyal fan base. KissAnime also has a vast number of dubbed and original shows. Not only that, but if you register to the site, you get to download the episodes in high resolution.

Anime is a site that has a clean, elegant interface. You can get exclusive anime shows that are not available anywhere else. One more thing is that you get both dubbed and original Japanese versions of all the shows here.

The site contains four distinctive sections – Updates, Latest Mangas, New Animes, and Ongoing Animes. In the Updates, you get the latest episodes of trending anime shows.

In Latest Manga, you can read the various popular manga with the latest chapters. In New Animes, they featured the newly launched shows. And finally, you see the anime that are trending in the Ongoing section.

Final Words

The anime sites we have suggested have diversified content that included all the genres. If you are an anime fan, you can watch dubbed versions on some sites, subtitles are available for all the shows on every site.

Some sites offer you the feature to download the episodes in high resolution. However, we recommend some extra tips for you. If you are not availing for a premium streaming platform, make sure to install security tools like ad-blocker and pop-blockers.

You don’t want to invite malicious content and annoying pop-ups to ruin the fun. If any site is blocked in your region, you can check if mirrors and proxy alternatives. The best option is to install a VPN and access the anime sites.

We assure you that you won’t run out of entertainment if you visit any of the above sites.

Meta Description – Anime lovers always look for sites that allow you to stream and download high-resolution content for free. Here are the top 7 anime sites to stream your favorite anime show’s episodes – for free.

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