Some of the Top TV Shows that All Sports Bettors Should Watch

Sports betting is all about keeping your eyes and ears open and absorbing everything that’s happening in the sport you normally place wagers on. And what better way to improve your betting knowledge than watching some interesting programs on the telly!

Regardless of whether you choose to bet with some of the best Vegas betting portals or somewhere off-line, there are some highly interesting sports betting TV shows that you must follow on a regular basis, to improve your winning chances. Let’s acquaint you with some of them below.

Online Sports Betting
Online Sports Betting

WagerTalk TV – YouTube

Hosted on YouTube, this program surrounds online sports betting knowledge and is hosted by Kelly Stewart, Ralph Michaels, and Marco D’Angelo, well-known experts in gambling and online sports betting. Their YouTube channel has 22,000 subscribers and is considered one of the most regular and reliable sports betting broadcasts online.

Both Michaels as well as D’Angelo co-host another national level WagerTalk show which is broadcasted on SB Nation Radio. The show covers all elements related to online sports betting, including how-to tips and explanations related to exotic and regular wagers. They also offer betting advice on various upcoming events, as well as updated news in the sports betting industry.

Popularly referred to as just Dr. Marco, D’Angelo is widely recognized and looked up to in the sports betting world. He has worked with Sirius/XM and ESPN in the past. He is also the host of a popular iTunes podcast known as ‘Betting 1st Look’. Michaels, on the other hand, has 15+ years’ experience at the Phil Steele Productions and North Coast sports.

Kelly Stewart used to be able a Bellagio Waitress till she hit the limelight by scoring a $100 3-team college football parlay that paid 85-1, in the year 2012. Thereafter, she emerged as one of the top-rated sports handicappers in the US.

Daily Wager – ESPN

Doug Kezirian hosts this ESPN sports betting program which airs from Monday to Friday at 6 PM EST. It’s a news and information program that focuses on money lines and point spreads.

In fact, Daily Wager is the first-ever sports betting show to have been produced by the ESPN and is a clear reflection of how the sports betting landscape is undergoing a change and expansion in the United States, thanks to the May 2018 Supreme Court verdict that paved way for legalization of online sports betting in the US.

In the show, host Kezirian is joined by various reporters and analysts on the set, who discuss odds offered on the upcoming games.

Lock it in – Fox Sports 1

Hosted by Rachel Bonnetta, this Fox Sports 1 show airs every Monday from 4:30 to 5:30 ET and is related to sports betting advice. This is the first-ever sports gambling-related TV show to get airtime on Fox Network. Its primary objective is to keep the avid sports fans updated about the sports betting industry.

Final Words

Experts talk about teams and players that should be bet on, apart from discussing the latest from the sports world which might impact the wagers on the concerned events. Some of the regulars on the show include Todd Fuhrman, Clay Travis, and Sal Lacono.

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