Project Free TV: Top 5 Action TV Shows to Watch During Quarantine

The outbreak of COVID-19 has created havoc all over the world; thousands of people have succumbed to death. To avoid the further spread of the virus, we have been guided to remain inside our homes. We can do various activities to entertain ourselves and spend time wisely.

Watching movies and tv shows is one of the best ways to spend your time if you are forced to stay inside home for 24 hours. However, what shows to watch and where to watch are the questions that irritate us, and to help you solve those questions we are here.

Now we all know that paying for a subscription fee of Netflix is something that not all of us can do, especially when the global pandemic has made it impossible to work. That’s why we have a perfect platform where you can watch almost any TV show without paying a dime.

Project Free TV is the place to visit if you can’t pay for premium streaming platforms. Project Free TV is a streaming site that allows you to watch any TV show or movie without a membership fee.

The quality of content is high, and you get to select from an extensive library of shows, which is good news for everyone expecting for the new episodes of their favorite shows. We will tell you a list of best action tv shows of all time that can be watched on Project Free TV.

Project Free TV: List of Top 5 Action TV Shows

1. Breaking Bad – The Classic Show of All

breaking bad

If you have watched it, sorry, but it’s never wrong to re-watch some of the best shows in history. And if you haven’t watched the show, well, now is the time to do it.

It’s a story of a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a drug kingpin to save his family’s fortune as he’s diagnosed with cancer. That’s enough for you to know, rest needs to be watched.

2. Peaky Blinders

If you aren’t into any modern crime drama, why not go back in time? Peaky Blinders is a British action series that’s set in early 20th century England.

Actor Cillian Murphy and Paul Anderson are in the lead roles as brothers running a criminal organization in Birmingham.

The best thing is that the show manages to portray WW-I England, high grade, action sequences, and character depth without ruining the fun. If period dramas are what you crave, go and watch Peaky Blinders.

3. Altered Carbon

The third pick for our list is Altered Carbon. If you are looking for a top-tier sci-fi action show, Altered Carbon can be an enthralling watch. The show revolves around a murder case, whereas the world is set in a distant future.

The central idea of the show is that if we transfer our consciousness from one body to another, we can technically be immortal.

It has all the unique sci-fi show needs – breathtaking action scenes, exciting plot, and well-developed characters. A must watch for fans of sci-fi shows.

4. The Witcher

If you want neither sci-fi nor period drama, how about a medieval fantasy action show? Especially if it stars Superman. Well, you read that right Henry Cavill is the lead guy in the fantasy action shows The Witcher.
Despite being a fresh release, the show has managed to garner the attention of the audience. The show is originally based on a novel and a video game series.
It revolves around a hunter who’s been assigned to carry out executions of mythical creatures. If mythical monsters, sword fights is your thing, without further ado start watching The Witcher.

5. The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom is our final choice for the list. This series is based on some historical events that took place hundreds of years ago in Europe, precisely when Vikings were still around.

It has all an excellent historical show that must offer – brilliant storyline, violent but realistic action sequences, subtle romance, and deep characters. The Last Kingdom revolves around an adventurous journey of a man who is a victim of invasion from Danish forces.

If you want something historic but realistic, go for The Last Kingdom. The show is getting its fourth season soon, so you better catch up with it before spoilers ruin the fun.

Final Words

The Project Free TV is a site where you can watch almost all shows for free, need to sign-up and create an account on the platform. Although the site is safe for streaming, we recommend our users install essential tools like Pop-up blocker and Ad-blocker, to be on the safer side.

If you want to watch these action TV shows using a streaming service like Disney Plus, you can follow Fixthephoto to find out how to use VPN services or apps to watch these popular shows on your TV legally and in the highest resolution.

Disney Plus also offers thousands of TV episodes and movies to stream like Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and Christmas movies we all like and re-watch every year. Don’t miss its breakout hit The Mandalorian.

Most of these streaming sites pester viewers with malicious pop-ups and ads. You don’t want to ruin the experience with malware and viruses infiltrating the system, do you?

Now that we’ve told you about Project Free TV, you can enjoy the quarantine at home. If you like the recommendations, share this article with your friends. If you have any suggestions for the lesser-known movies, you can drop the names in the comments.

Stay safe and take care.

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