5 Games to Play During The Quarantine Time (World of Solitaire Included)

In the wake of the current Corona epidemic, we can help the authorities and everyone around us by following the quarantine guidelines. One essential thing to do is not going out during quarantine, unless necessary. While we know that it’s tough to stay at home doing nothing, we can make the time enjoyable by playing games like World of Solitaire at home.

Playing single-player, card, and board games online are one of the best ways to spend time during this quarantine period. You can learn to play other card games if you start with a simple game like World of Solitaire, more information you can find on mobilityware.com.

We have prepared a list of games that you can play at home on your mobile and PC. You can enjoy quality time with friends, family, or even random strangers with these games. Some of these games are available on Android, iOS, and PC. Check which one is compatible with the device you use.

Best Games to Play At Home Right Now

World of Solitaire

World of Solitare

Available on: Android, iOS, PC and, Online

The World of Solitaire is a classic game that’s been around for over two decades now. If you are a Microsoft user, you must have played it when you get fed up with high-end games like GTA or Counter-Strike. This game is a simple, single-player game that is available for Android users on Google Play Store.

The Apple Store has it too. You can get it by default in the system if you own a Windows computer. Apart from that, various sites have online versions of the World of Solitaire for those who want.

World of Solitaire Alternative

Ludo King

Available on: Android, iOS, and Online

Ludo King was launched a few years back, and it became an instant superhit. Even today, it is a favorite pastime of everyone. The best thing about this game is that you can play it online with your friends or strangers. And if you don’t want to, you can play the game with the application itself(program mimicking the opponent).

Ludo King is one of those few games that bring back the old-school nostalgia of board games. Ludo King has maintained the charm of the actual game and added features like chat, making a club, and inviting your Facebook friends to play.


World of Solitaire Alternative

Available on: Android and iOS

UNO!, a card game that’s known for its uniqueness. It’s not similar to our traditional cards. The virtual version of the game is similar to a physical game. With a 2 vs. 2 feature, you can team up with your partner and play against another team. There is an option of playing tournaments in the game.

Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool
Carrom Pool

Available on: Android and iOS

Carrom is another game that has an association with our childhood memories. However, not all of us today have an actual wooden carrom board at home. So what? Does that mean we shouldn’t enjoy playing carrom? Well, no – if you have Carrom Pool installed.

You can play this game with your friends online, just like you’d have played actual carrom.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool

Available on: Android and iOS

Are you missing the visits to shopping malls and snooker parlors? Well, if you have 8 Ball Pool installed on your phone, you wouldn’t be missing the snooker parlor visits. 8 Ball Pool is a digital snooker game that is available for both Android and iPhone users.

If you are up for change, 8 Ball Pool is the game you need to play.

Final Words

Now that we have shown you the most popular games for streamers, you can play on your own, or with your friends and family members. These games can entertain you, make you stay at home during this quarantine time.

Make sure that you follow the rules, stay at home playing games like World of Solitaire while supporting the administration to fight against COVID – 19.

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