Mahjong 247: How to Play and Win It?

Board games are one of the best ways to spend quality time with your friends and family. However, Mahjong is a Chinese game, so most of us don’t have an actual physical board and tiles to play it at home. However, playing the game need not always be physical. You can play Mahjong 247 if you don’t have the board.

Mahjong 247 is an online tile-matching game that’s been popular for a long time now. If you don’t know what it is and how to win it, we are here to help you out.

Mahjong 247: What is it?

Although the original Mahjong was developed in China, the variations of the game have reached all over the world. The variations still have the same objective of the game. The actual, real Mahjong is hard to master, as it’s a game of strategy and calculations.

The game also has a comprehensive set of rules. So what if you don’t want something as complicated, but rather something more comfortable to play?

That’s when Mahjong 247 is a game that’s been simplified to play online. It’s a single-player game. However, the variety of this game is excellent.

Mahjong 247 is an online tile-matching game, where you need to match similar tiles to eliminate them. Once you keep eliminating them, you earn a score. To beat the Mahjong, you have to finish off all the tiles.

How to Play The Game?

Mahjong 247 or Mahjong Solitaire is a game that’s based on tile-matching. You have to select a ‘free’ tile that’s on the edge of the puzzle and pick another similar tile from the board to cancel them out. Although there are countless apps and websites on the internet where you can play the game, the best platform to play is on 247 Mahjong or the version on Solitaired. Both have intuitive gameplay and graphics useful for moving and matching mahjong tiles.

There are two categories – Flower and Season, as shown in the above photo, you can eliminate a ‘flower’ tile with another ‘flower’ tile despite both tiles not looking similar. The same goes for a ‘season’ tile.

You can win the game if you eliminate all the tiles.

Where to Play The Game?

Although there are countless apps and websites on the internet where you can play the game, the best platform to play is 247 Mahjong. This site is best to play Mahjong 247, especially if you are on the computer.

You will enjoy the clean interface of the game, besides that there are many other versions of this game exist there. Not only that, but there are other games like solitaire and sudoku too.

Final Words

If you want to dig deeper into this game, you can begin with Mahjong 247, which is like a fundamental entrance to the more strategic version of the game, where multiple sets of rules exist.

If you get stuck on any move, you can either undo it or take the help of a Hint button, which shows you possible matches for elimination. With practice, one can become a master at Mahjong 247 within no time.

You can check out the official Mahjong Classic here –

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