The Evolution of Slots Games During Time

Slot games are the oldest and famous casino games across the globe. In many countries, it is legal to participate in these activities to earn huge rewards. Nowadays, due to the advancement of technology, it has become a popular online game, in which people engage while sitting at their homes.

There is a great history of slot gambling activities and it has been advancing and growing at a rapid speed. In the future, it will grow more and will get legal in many more countries. In the following write-up, we will cover the entire evolution of slot games and how it gets advanced with time.

If you are a determined poker player, then it is a must to know detailed information about this activity and how it has added profits to people’s life. If you want to know more, then click here for more information about slot machines and its fantastic history.

Who Invented Slot Machines?

It is a late 19th-century game. If we talk about different concepts and symbols, then it was quite similar to other poker games. The significant difference is the way you operate it. For instance, the drums can hold only 50 cards, and you can play it by pulling a lever instead of pressing a button. The machine will automatically spin all the cards and give you one card randomly.

On the other hand, poker is played in various bars without any cash prizes. In slots, you will be able to get cash rewards that motivate you to play more. Its name was given when gamblers drop coins in the poker machines. The first machine was introduced around 1887 by Charles Fey in California. In the beginning, a symbol of liberty bell and horseshoe was used to recognize the slot games.

Slot Machine Evolution

1. First Fruit Machine


In 1895, the first slot machine came into existence, but in 1902, the use of this game equipment got banned. Then in 1907, the first Fruit machine or the Operator Bell was introduced, in which various fruits were used as symbols. At that time, cash prizes did not exist, and then, the winnings were in the form of candies, chewing gums, etc.

Whatever you get, the flavor was the winning combination. It became so common that you can even enjoy these games in salons, bars, shops, etc. The game became so much popular that people love to spin the reel by pulling the lever to get the desired fruit rewards. It was widely popular, and there is no risk of money in it. Everyone was allowed to participate in such an activity.

2. Electromagnetic Slot Machine


In 1964, the electromagnetic slot machine or Money Honey was introduced by Bally. It was electrical, and there is no requirement of pulling the lever to operate the game. The fruit symbols change to the crown, star, clover, gem, and the triple 7.

A new feature was introduced, also known as Bottomless hopper. A player was able to win over 500 coins, which was not possible in any of the older versions of the game. At that time, this type of activity got famous because of advanced technology. The electrical component removed the lever and made it relatively easy for the players.

3. Video Slot Machines


Before 1978, new video slot machines were introduced to the gamblers and the poker industry by Fortune Coin in California. The players view videos displayed on a 19-inch screen. Many modifications were made to make it cheat-free. Nevada’s State Gaming Commission made some fair rules for the players so that no one can cheat anyone.

After adding the video feature, people are now loving this game more than usual. In this phase, bonus rounds and prizes were introduced. The casino industry started earning a lot with the help of these machines.

The players were actively participating in this game. It helps the industry in generating quite a good income. It is found that the overall cost required for the development of this entertaining activity was 5 billion pounds. But the game itself making so much money as compared to the development cost. In 1981, in many casinos, small slot machines were installed.

4. Online Slots


Due to the advancement of technology, the internet is used and is accessible to everyone. Therefore, online slots were introduced in the mid-90s. Now, there is no need to go to traditional casinos to play any game. It is possible to stay at your place and bet in whatever way you want. There is a massive scope of such gaming activity in the future.

If we talk about design and structure, then now, it is quite different and exciting. Many exciting features have been added. There are various themes, and symbols on which you can bet and win amazing prizes. There is no need to worry about returns because it offers exciting return offers. It leads to more investment that people make while playing the games.

Now, many games like Blackjack and Roulette are available on online platforms. Therefore, there are many opportunities to win jackpots and another betting prize. In the future, there is a massive scope of this activity. People across the globe are showing their interest in playing these games with significant enthusiasm and interest.

The Bottom Line

Slot games are continuously growing, and due to its high scope, the coming generation will check its new updates and features. The casino industry is growing and making money due to these slot machines. It is an excellent source of entertainment, and if you are a beginner, then also you can invest in various easy games.

There are many themes, graphics, effects, etc., that cannot stop you from participating in it. People across the globe are playing games while sitting at their places. The technology is advancing day by day and providing more opportunities to earn significant rewards. The introduction of the slot machines to the casino industry is a boon, and it will grow in the future at a rapid speed.

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