The Glades Season 5 – Review and Release Date 2024

The Glades last four seasons have won the hearts of so many lovers of crime drama. After continued success and gaining popularity there are speculations for a new season. Season 5 has a lot of expectations from fans and we hope it can keep up to it.

A Peek Into The Storyline


The story revolves around Jim Longworth who is a homicide detective for the Chicago Police Department. He is falsely accused of having slept with the wife of his captain. Therefore, he is shot in the buttocks under false allegations. However, he gets a large compensation for the mishap and he decides to lead his life in peace and comfort. He moves to Florida with the hope of enjoying a great life with ample compensation money.

However, things do not go his way because he soon realises the peace of the place is only superficial. There is no more story and it is a procedural drama. It involves mystery, crime, suspense, and thrill. However, the last season concluded as a cliffhanger and kept the viewers wanting for more. Jim Longworth, despite his cocky attitude and overconfidence, did win the hearts of the viewers because of his prowess as a detective. He is indeed smart and witty.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth, Kiele Sanchez as Callie Cargill, Jordan Wall as Daniel Green, Uriah Shelton as Jeff Cargill, Michelle Hurd, Carlos Gomez, Corbin Bernsen, Marilu Henner – are the chief characters in almost all the series. Jim is the dry humoured detective who left for Florida after being falsely accused.

Callie Cargil is a nurse who leads a complex life. She has her personal struggles and has to raise her son all alone. Her husband is in jail and she is left to save the daily issues of life. Carlos is a dedicated father and husband, he is a complete family man. Moreover, he is one of Jim’s associates and best buddies. He is a pathologist and is elemental in solving mysteries and proving his friend’s suspicions as accurate.

There may be some new character introductions. However, the new season will stick to the old characters. But there are rumours that not all characters will be renewed.

When Can We Expect The Release


The Glades is a part of the A & E Networks and fans are waiting for the new season 5. However, initially it was believed that they might not renew the series any more. It ended inconclusively keeping the audience wanting for more. Therefore, when the news was out that they might not remake it, it caused confusion. It is also rumoured that the very cast itself was heartbroken to know that the show might not be renewed.

What Happened to The Glades Season 5?

Warm up the Expectation

As a fan of the Glades, it’s sure that you have a great impression of the previous 4 seasons and are looking forward to the coming Season 5. With such a kind of expectation and fond, some fans use a trendy way to bring their passion about it into real life – upload their favorite artworks of the characters into online design system to make the customized pins, which can be pinned to the lapels, bags, hats and can also be collected or exchanged as gifts.

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Summing It Up

The A & E Networks are yet to give their final verdict on this matter. Everyone is waiting eagerly and if we are to believe the majority then fans want a new season soon. There are some trailers available but they are mostly made by fans so nothing accurate is out yet.

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