Grace and Frankie Season 6 Release Date, Confirmed Cast and Possible Spoilers

It was in 2015,

When the world’s biggest streaming giant Netflix introduced us to one of the finest comedy series,

Grace & Frankie…

Although, the show’s nearing its end with season 7. That’s sad, right? What’s done is done, we can’t change that.

Now, as far as the current scenario is concerned, we’re in 2024, & the 6th season of the show is all set to premiere.  What do I think about this season? Do you wanna know?

Well, then, find out in the below-mentioned blog post:

What the Grace & Frankie TV Show is all about?

I know you already know what this show is all about….

What about the 1st timers, who’re yet to stream it on Netflix?

How could they miss out on this gem of a tv show?

So, for them, here’s a brief introduction to the show. Meanwhile, others can jump straight away to the next section…

Now, talking about the premise, it follows the life of Grace & Frankie.

Grace is a retired cosmetics mogul, who’s married to Robert whereas Frankie, is a hippie art teacher & is married to Sol.

Robert & Sol, the two husbands are successful divorce lawyers in San Diego.

They were living a peaceful life until the moment came when their life turned upside down.

Can you guess it?

Don’t try too hard…. it’s quite easier to guess.

Both the husbands, Robert & Sol have pronounced their love for each other as a result they’ve left their respective partners.

That’s complicated, right? Furthermore, this is not it.

The main problem starts when, both the women, Grace & Frankie, who do not like each other, are forced to live together.

Sounds interesting…

This is what the entire series is all about as you get to know how both the women learn to unite & cope with difficulties in the time of distress.

Grace and Frankie Season 6 Release Date

Last year, Netflix released Grace and Frankie season 5 on January 18, 2019.

Now, one year later in 2024, season 6 is releasing 3 days prior on January 15. Just like the previous seasons, all 13 episodes will release worldwide on the same date.

As the future of this tv series is concerned, it’s renewed for the 7th season. The makers have confirmed that the 7th season will be the final one.

Additionally, unlike any other previous seasons, the final season will have 16 episodes.

I know its a bit sad moments for all the fans who’ve followed this show from the past 5 seasons.

But there isn’t anything we can do.

Grace and Frankie Season 6 Final Trailer

Here’s the final trailer of Grace and Frankie Season 6. Watch it from below & do let me know your view on this in the comment section given below.

Grace and Frankie Season 5 Recap

Before proceeding to the spoiler’s section, refresh your memories with what happened at the end of season 5.

In the final episode of season 5, we saw Grace & Frankie recalling their life in the past 3 years. As a fan of the tv show, it would be difficult for us to imagine how the life of Grace and Frankie would turn out to be without each other.

Now, coming to season 6, what can we expect from it? (You can leave your guesses in the comment section given below).

Well, if you ask me, I believe big changes are likely to take place in the life of Grace and Frankie.

What changes? Grace and Frankie might part ways & find themselves in new living arrangements.

These points are likely to turn true especially after the way season 5 ended with the marriage between Grace and Nick.

Frequently Asked Questions | Grace, and Frankie

Q – How many episodes there will be in the Grace and Frankie season 6 & season 7?

A – Well, season 6 will have 13 episodes whereas the final season will air 16 episodes on January 2024.

Q – Who’s returning in the Grace & Frankie Season 6?

A – Makers of the tv show have confirmed that these actors will be returning for season 5. See the complete list from below:

  • Martin Sheen as Robert
  • Sam Waterston as Sol
  • Brooklyn Decker as Mallory
  • Michael Charles Roman as Adam
  • Peter Gallagher as Nick
  • Ethan Embry as Coyote
  • June Diane Raphael as Brianna
  • Peter Cambor as Barry
  • Baron Vaughn as Nwabudike Bergstein

Final Words

If you’ve followed this Netflix show completely than you might be aware of the fact that it’s created by Marta Kauffman.

Do you know who she is?

Well, she’s the creator of one of the classic comedy tv show Friends. Now, that, this show has left Netflix, you can expect, Netflix would never lose yet another tv fan-favorite show.

Additionally, it’s a Netflix original show. So, this series won’t have any rights clash, similar to the way they faced with the Better Call Saul tv series.

Coming back to the Grace & Frankie season 6, you can expect it to have some twist & turns similar to the previous seasons.

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