Lucifer Season 5 Release Date Confirmed? Find out Spoilers

Spoiler Alert!!!
Moreover, now that the shooting for season 5 has started several spoilers are doing the rounds. Some rumors suggested the death of Chloe Decker in the upcoming season. I know it’s disappointing but there is some good news too related to Lucifer Season 5. Continue reading to find out about them below:

What is Lucifer TV Show all About?

For all those of you who don’t know about this TV show then allow me to introduce you to the Lucifer TV Show. Well, Lucifer is a fantasy comedy-drama where the entire plot revolves around the Devil of Hell. A fallen Angel (Lucifer Morningstar) has fed up as the King of Hell.

So, he goes to earth, opens a bar & become a consultant with the Los Angles Police Department. Besides, if you have read the comics of the same character by Neil Gaiman then it is possible that you might already be familiar with Luci’s Power & abilities.

Well, he has superhuman strength and invulnerability. Moreover, he posses the power to find out the hidden desires of any human being except Chloe Decker (LAPD detective & Luci’s Love Interest).

Why Chloe Decker Might Die in the Season Finale?

It’s been some time, Netflix is teasing that popular lucifer character might end up in Hell. Since then several theories about Chloe’s death is circulating all over the web. I know you might have several doubts in your mind. So, let’s break out the rumors.

A Good Mortal

When I talk about the Lucifer TV Series than you will agree with me that Chloe is represented as good & pure soul in the show. So, how anyone in the world can believe, she will go to Hell. However, that’s not what a Reddit user thinks. A luci fan on Reddit shared a post stating, ” I think Chloe dies on earth in a cop shootout and goes to Hell for loving Luci, but her body gets possessed by Lilith and she meets Luci in Hell.”

“Luci notices Lilith is missing and together they go back to earth to reclaim Chloe’s body and bring Lilith back to Hell, and then either Chloe becomes the queen of Hell alongside Luci, or they make something up for why she can go back to earth (Maybe with Gods Help?)”

Chloe Gets Pregnant

As per several rumor going on reddit, similar to the comics, we might get to see more of Archangel Michael in Season 5. This outing might cause problems in both the brothers.

Now the main question is “why all of a sudden he’ll return to the Earth?”

Well, the reason can be Chloe’s pregnancy. After finding out that Chloe is pregnant with lucifer’s child, he might return to earth either to take back the child to Heaven or kill the unborn child.

Besides, if you have the comics than you might be familiar with the fact that both the brothers never got along. As a matter of fact, in the comics, Archangel Michael was the one who kicked Lucifer out of heaven. What do think about this? Do let me know in the comments section given below.

Is Lucifer Tv show getting a Happy Ending?

Yeah! It seems possible especially after the latest interview by the main lead of the show Tom Ellis. In his latest interview with the Entertainment Weekly, he has hinted a possible ‘happy ending’ of the show. He said, “I think my favorite stories have always been stories that the message at the end is hope, and so we’re pushing towards that on this.” What do you think about it? Do let me know your point of view on this.

Here’s a list of things that die-hard fans of the show want to see in the upcoming season of Lucifer TV Show:
  • Deckerstar ending up together in the end.
  • Deckerstar romance/make-out scene.
  • Dan finding out about Charlotte going to Heaven.
  • Chloe finds out about her true powers.
  •  The revelation of the mystery behind How Chloe makes Lucifer Vulnerable.
  • Maze getting Soul!
  • Why Chloe was created by God specially.
  • Lucifer & God Confrontation.
  • Most important of all- A Happy Ending.

Frequently Asked Questions | Lucifer Season 5

Q- When Lucifer Season 5 will release?

A- As of now, there’s confirmed release date of Season 5. However, you can presume the show to release next year anytime on Netflix.

Q- How many episodes there will be in Lucifer Season 5?

A- Similar to the marvelous Lucifer Season 4, Netflix will have 16 episodes. The makers of the show confirmed via the twitter handle that season 5 adds 6 more hours to the show.

Q- Will there be more seasons of Lucifer Tv show?

A- Sadly No! The Showrunners at Netflix has officially confirmed that Season 5 will be the last season of Fantasy Comedy Drama. So, we are solely left with 10 episodes.

Q- Who will be the familiar character in the Lucifer Season 5?

A- Well, for this, we have to wait for the show to release officially on Netflix. Besides, till then we can only speculate about the possible outcome of the finale.

Final Words

That’s all about the theories about the possible finale ending of the beloved show- Lucifer. Out of everything, I would never want the show to end on a sad note. As a die-hard fan of Lucifer, I hope the makers of the show will conclude the show with the way fans want to see. Although, there’s still some time left in the release of Lucifer Season 5.

Up to that time, we can expect some more fan theories about the show’s ending. If you want to read similar fan theories than stay tuned with the post as I will regularly update it with some more fan theories. Besides, till then if you have any questions then you can always ask me in the comment section given below.

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