Out of the Park Baseball 21 Release Date Announced. Find out What’s New

Every year since 1999, Out of the part baseball developments is releasing a text-based baseball simulation game with the title Out of the Park Baseball.

Till date, we’ve 20 editions of the game. Now, in 2024, the tally will reach 21 as MiLB.com & MLB players association has announced the release date of the upcoming version.

As usual, the Out of the Park Developments is following the same old tradition of releasing the game in the March Month. This year too, the game will be releasing worldwide on March 20, 2024. The release is exclusive to PC, MAC & Linux.

Now, coming back to the game, the 21st-anniversary edition features several new features & improvements in Career, historical and fictional plays.

But what is it that you get with Out of the Park Baseball 21? Well, then, let’s find out:

What You’re getting with Out of the Park Baseball 21

The number of features we’re getting with OOTP 21 is just incredible. From smart new guided experience to the all-new Ballpark Construction Kit. We get a complete package of 2024 rosters, rules & strategies.

  • Smart Guide – With the intelligent new guided system, you’ll get to experience the entire game in a completely customizable way. Be it the dog days of summer, Spring Training, or the off summer; it’s quite easy for you to decide what to do next.
  • 3D Ballpark Construction Kit – With 3D Ballpark Construction Kit in Out of the Park baseball 21, you get a chance of fulfilling your dream of building a ballpark. Use your visualization skills to make the park of your dream.
  • New 2024 MLB rules, tactics, and player strategies – At present, Baseball is going through noteworthy changes. Keeping track of all changes is a bit difficult. But don’t worry. Out of the Park, Baseball 21 has everything in place for you. It will include all the new 2024 MLB rules, tactics & strategies.
  • User Experience improvements – Out of the Park Baseball 21 will be introducing a fresh user interface to drive more community-based traffic. The new User Interface will allow you to completely customize page statistics of every player in the game at your fingertips.
  • Significant 3D in-game upgrades – Multiple camera angles let you follow the ball during the action, during the pitch & after the pitch. In addition to this, you get a fantastic experience with dozens of 3D animations.
  • Scouting & Drafting Reimagined – OOTP 21 provides a new & wholly customized Player scouting page, mock drafts, future draft classes.
  • New statistics –Track the success of your player by using new statistics like walk percentages, Strikeout percentages, strikeout minus walk percentages.
  • Improved League Expansion – Create your baseball universe with the help of newly promoted league expansion. OOTP Baseball 21 will give you the freedom to make more configuration changes, including long-desired improvement of Minor League team arrangements.
  • Prospects Game & Home Run Challenge For the 1st time ever in the All-Star Weekend, you get to experience and plat the Prospects Game and Home Run Challenge.
  • Upgraded technical design – With the latest upgrade in professional design, you can save much-needed space of your hard drive & simulation speed.

Out of the Park Baseball 21 Preorder Details

Out of the park 21st-anniversary edition is available for preorder. By purchasing the game via preorder, you get an exclusive 10% discount off on the MRP of $35.99.

Well, that’s not it. You’ll get to play this game before everyone else. Out of the Park developments will be releasing beta access on March 17 for all the customers who’ve bought the game through Pre-order.

And BTW, the 10% discount I told you earlier, will expire on March 27. So, hurry up and preorder the game from this link –


If you got successful in buying this game before March 27, you would receive a bonus Perfect Team mode Gold Pack. However, for this, you need to register for a Perfect Team mode account.

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