Vaevictis All-Female Esports Team Kicked out of LCL. Find out Why?

2020 season of League of Legends Continental League is all set to begin. On Feb 22, we’ll get to witness the 2 finalists of last year in the opening match.

Before the competition could start, we’ve got a piece of shocking news.

The tournament has not even started yet & much-touted All-female team Vaevictis Esports has been eliminated.

Why they were eliminated right before the competition? What’s the reason?

What’s League of Legends Continental League?

Every year League of Legends organizes esports tournaments & LCL is one of them. The competitive level of LCL is what shows the clear difference between professional players & other random players who’re trying to climb the ranks.

As compared to regular league of legend games, here, matches the death rate is quite lower, with fast mechanism, & higher CS.

Why Vaevictis Esports were eliminated?

A player who is at the competitive stage of League of Legends can’t afford to lose every game by a bigger margin. So, if you’re an average player than this tournament is not made for you.

Well, this is what happened with the All-Girls team Vaevictus. Because of series of consecutive losses, they were kicked out from Russia’s league of legends continental league 2024.

Vaevictus lost each and every match played they played during the spring and summer splits of 2019 & the loss margin was not minor.

It was quite huge.

Over the summer of 2019, they had an average death tally of 27. Well, that’s 10 more than the team that came 2nd in the list.

All the teams opposite of Vaevictus were killing them off quickly. Because of this, they had the shortest game duration throughout the tournament.

Vaevictus In-game stats of 2019

Now, coming to the stats, the only best thing Vaevictus had done was getting average deaths drops to 26.5. Throughout 2019, Vaevictus maintained an average of 6.9 kills per game and a kill/death ratio of 0.3.

Thanks to, I was able to check out all the stats of Vaevictus. For further stats, you can check out the official site of

Kicked out because of Sexism?

Since the news of Vaevictus got kicked out from the LCL tournament came, all hell broke loose.

Everyone on social media sites, forums, subreddits, are discussing how Vaevictus were kicked out because of Sexism.

As I told you in the beginning, Vaevictus was touted as the 1st ever All Girls team. And because of this, Sexism is quite possible.

But in this case, it wasn’t. So, yeah, its true, Vaevictus got kicked out from the tournament only because of their poor performance in summer & spring of 2019.

And for your information, this is not happening for the 1st time. A similar thing has happened in the past.

If you look back in the league of legends history, you’ll find out how ill-famed Sirens were formed & disbanded in the same year of 2013.

The siren esports team in League of Legends came to limelight by creating a strange promotional video. Although, all the promotions didn’t help them in any way as they too were kicked out from the tournament. This also isn’t the first time an all-female team has crashed out of a league after a string of horrid performances.

And soon after this poor display of gameplay, they officially disbanded their team in 2013. However, back in the time, it was rumored that the team got disbanded because of the toxic behavior of team leader “Jenny” towards her teammates.

What’s Next for Vaevictus

Although Vaevictus is out from the 2024 League of Legends continental league, they can qualify for the next year’s LCL. For this, they will get a chance in the upcoming Open Cup.

So, if you’re a fan of Vaevictus, don’t hold your breath for too long. A good performance in the upcoming Open Cap can give them the ticket for next year.

will have the chance in the Open Cup to return to the LCL next year, but you probably shouldn’t hold your breath. For now, they’ve been replaced by Team CRowCrowd.

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