Destiny 2 Cross Save Released. Find Out How it Works?

Finally, the wait is over as much awaited feature of Cross Save is live for Destiny 2.

So, from now onwards, you are not bound to keep your Guardian on a Single Platform. With Destiny 2 cross save, you can move your Guardian, stats & your progress from Playstation 4 to PC or any other platform you want.

Isn’t it Great?

Well, I myself was eagerly waiting for the developers to add the feature in Destiny 2 online multiplayer Video Game.

Although at the time of it’s release, there were some bugs but now everything is working smoothly. Now, when it comes to do this post, here I will explain the functioning,

How Destiny 2 Cross Save Works?

Now, comes the most important question of all…..How Cross Save works in Destiny 2?

I know most of you might be facing some problem in connecting Cross Save with their Destiny 2 accounts. So, if you want to get rid of all the problems & move your guardians to a new platform then follow these set of instructions:

How to use Cross Save in Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4, XBOX One & PC?

Firstly, open & log in with you Bungie Account. Now, link your Bungie account with the platform on which you want toplay Destiny 2.

Depending on the platform, you will need PSN account, XBOX Live account, Blizzard Account, & Steam.

Now, specify which account you want to play on other platforms. Make sure to choose the guardian that you want to move & relevent details related to a character.

Confirm the players & progerss that you want to move with the linked accounts. Log in your account & see all the character & progress appear in Destiny 2.

How Much Destiny 2 cross save Will Cost Me?

After spending too much money on purchasing Destiny 2, if you can’t afford to spend more money then here is a Good News for you….

Destiny 2 cross save is absolutely Free!!!

As the light free version of Destiny 2 releases you’ll be to able to transfer your Titan from 1 platform to another without spending an extra dime.

Frequently Asked Questions | Destiny 2 Cross Save

Q- On which platforms Destiny 2 cross save is supported ?

A- All the platforms such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam, Blizzard are supported to try Cross Save with Destiny 2. In fact, the upcoming Stadia Version is also supported.

Q- Will I be able to play Destiny 2 with my friends from other platforms?

A- Sorry, but now. Cross save only allows you to move your character from 1 player to another. You can’t use it to play Destiny 2 with your friend on other platform.

Q- Can I disable Cross Save?

A- Really?? Do you really want to disable the cross save feature? If yes, then, you can do so by splitting your save files between all the systems. You can re-enable the disabled account after 90 days wait.

Q- Moving the characters will have any bad impact on my Clan?

A- No, not at all. Your Destiny Clan in your account will become your offical clan across all the other platforms.

Q- I’m getting Error Code “500” while setting up Cross Save. What Should I do?

A- Right now, developers are trying their best to fix authentication issues. However, if you still face any other issue than you can report the issue at Forums.


Final Words

That’s all for now. Now, that the feature of moving the characters from one platform to another platform is live, I can move some of my in-game characters such as Cayde-6, Commander Zavala & many more.

However, if you’re facing any problem in moving any of your Titan to another platform than do let me know in the comments section given below. I will provide the solution to all of your questions. Till then I’m off to playing Destiny 2 on my PS4 console.

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