New Amsterdam Season 2 Spoilers: Find Out Who WIll Die?

Did you liked watching New Amsterdam Season 1? Ahhh…. well, most of the fans of the show will reply with a YES.

Although, the show received bad reviews from the critics but fans loved the show especially the character of Max aka Tom Keen. Now, when I talk about the season 1 finale then let me ask you a question- What do you think about the suspense at the end of New Amsterdam season 1 finale?

Did you liked it? Well, I did.

Now, that NBC has released the New Amsterdam season 2 trailer & in the trailer, a major spoiler is revealed. So, in this post, I will discuss about the possible spoilers for the upcoming seaosn of New Amsterdam. So, let’s proceed:

When New Amsterdam Season 2 Will Release?

In Feb. 2019, when season 1 was airing, NBC confirmed that the medical drama series is renewed for the second season. Now, in case you’re wondering, the second season of the show will begin airing on Sept. 24, 2019.

Why NBC Renewed the Series Even After Bad Critic Reviews?

Well, this question might be in the mind of several New Amsterdam fans. The reason being, most of the time, NBC is notorious to cancels the show that seems to be doing well & has millions of worldwide fans.

In case of the New Amsterdam, the Show received mixed reviews from the critics. On rotten tomatto, the Tv show has merely 31% approval rating from 29 reviews. Top critics used words like Overcrowded, Overwrought & Overly Familiar for the New Amsterdam Season 1.

So, now, the million dollar question is why NBC renewed it even after getting the worst reviews a show can ever get?

Although, the show received bad reviews but still had Millions of Viewers for the show. In fact, the show has IMDB rating of 8.1.

Isn’t it amazing?

On an average, each episode of New Amsterdam Season 1 received 10 Million Viewers.  So, in a way, you can say fans loved the show & somehow they contributed for the renewal of the show.

New Amsterdam Season 2 Trailer

NBC released a 1 minute trailer & in this short trailer, the makers revealed a spoiler. In the trailer, we saw max & his baby were safe,  One character from the show will die in Ambulance accident that happened in the New Amsterdam season 1 finale.

Who could it be?

Caan you make any guess? No…

Well, then let’s discuss about the same in the next possible spoilers section.

New Amsterdam Season 2 Possible Spoilers

Who will die?

Helen Sharpe or Laura Bloom or Georgia?

That’s the question that most of you might be having in your mind after watching the New Amsterdam Season 1 finale.

Could it be Helen or Laura?

No, not at all. In fact, after reading several dicussions on reddit, I have come to a conclusion ……., both of them will survive. Georgia will be the one to die.

Although, it isn’t good to say but most of the fans want to see the pairing of Helen & Max. So, Georgia’s death is expected after the ambulance accident.

What do you think? Do, let us know via the comments section given below.

Frequently Asked Question | New Amsterdam Season 2

Q- How many episodes there will be in New Amsterdam Season 2?

A- Season 2 will have 22 episodes similar to the season 1.

Q- What is the air date of New Amsterdam Season 2?

A- Well, new amsterdam season 2, will start airing on 24th Sept. of 2019.

Q- Who will die in New Amsterdam Season 2?

A- To find all your answers, you can refer to possible spoiler section of the post.

Q- How can I watch New Amsterdam Season 2?

A- You can watch it on NBC channel. If you binge-watch the entire season than you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video once it releases worldwide.


All in all, I hope the show will continue to be as explosive as the season 1 was. In fact, after watching the 1st season, fans expactions are raised to a whole new level. The ending of New Amsterdam season 1 finale was the best example of how to keep everyone hooked for the next season. After watching the show, even I can’t stop myself from theinking who will die.

Which character will bid farewell to the show?

Do you know the answer? If yes, then do let us know via the comments section given below. Till them I’m off to watching New Amsterdam season 1 on loop.

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