Love Island spoilers- What New Will Come This Week?

What would be the perfect birthday present for Love Island’s Anna?

Double dumping, according to the show’s producers.

Not only will we see the ‘British Kim Kardashian’ celebrate her 29th birthday (making her the second-oldest islander behind 29-year-old Marvin) in tonight’s instalment of the ITV2 reality show, but we’ll also see the celebrations cut short as two couples are ditched from the show.

Anton Danyluk and Belle Hassan go on a cheesy first date as things get serious

After Anton received a severe warning from Belle’s father, Tamer Hassan, this week about his daughter’s correct treatment, it seems that he is doing everything possible to impress the couple on their first date tonight. 

It’s been a long time for the couple, who had stayed last week during the explosive readjustment of Casa Amor, and it’s going to be cheesy. Like, literally. We are not being funny. 

There’s a DOUBLE dumping tonight – with a twist

Since Belle arrived at the villa, she has come closer to Anton, who has not yet found a girl with whom she has really been related and who will shave her ass. It seems he found that and more in Belle and was ready to jump after receiving the text: “Anton and Belle, it’s time for your first date, please get ready to leave the villa.

 #Milkit #saycheese.” We should have known what was in the store with the hashtags only.

Belle has a feeling what they’ll be getting up to on their date and is excited at the prospect of making their very own cheese.

love island

Tommy and Molly-Mae look set to become official

The two arrive at their appointment to discover that they are going to make curd from the goat variety, so she was right. 

With Anton blessed with the task of extracting milk from the goat, the two literally confront each other as they milk one of the lucky animals.

As the lovers’ mold that cheese, Anton very nearly ruins the mood as he compares their current situation to Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s iconic Ghost pottery scene, as he stands behind Belle and helps her make the cheese. Luckily Belle speaks for the nation when she says: ‘There is nothing sexy about this at all.’ She added: ‘This is doing no bits for me.’

Anton replied: ‘I really like the way things are going. I can’t see myself getting on with someone the way I get on with you.’ Is romance on the cards for Anton and Belle?

Final Words

The two then headed to a courtyard to, as they say, get to know one another better (read: make out), when Belle drops the bombshell her dad is an actor, who ‘in a lot of British gangster films’. She asked Anton whether he was a ‘little bit scared’ by the prospect of dating the daughter of the mighty Tamer Hassan before she wondered whether they’d work on the outside. Things are getting deep here. Who knew cheese making would lead to such seriousness?


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