Fortnite Cheat Sheet For Season 9 Week 8

The Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 difficulties are here and, with them, more reward to open. You will need to peruse our Fortnite cheat sheet to discover what Free and Battle Pass difficulties are accessible to finish this week, particularly if any of them have you confused. As ever, we will detail what prizes are on offer once you scratch every erratic your rundown as well. Peruse our Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 difficulties guide for the majority of the data you will require.

fortnite cheat sheet

Fortnite cheat sheet| Apply shields

First up on the Free difficulties rundown is a simple undertaking. You basically need to apply 400 worth of shields. This one will be a genuine dozy to tick off in case you’re not excellent at Fortnite and continue getting hit by different players. Get five Battle Stars as your reward for finishing this one.

Fortnite cheat sheet| Visit various tickers

This one is somewhat dubious in the event that you don’t have a clue where the timekeeper’s area. Fortunately, we are here to give some help. You have to visit three distinct timekeepers on the guide to tick this test off and win yourself five Battle Stars.

To discover where they are based, we’ve given you their named areas. You can discover them at NEO TILTED, JUNK JUNCTION, and HAPPY HAMLET.

Fortnite cheat sheet| Eliminate rivals in Snobby Shores or Mega Mall

In contrast to the shields one, this will be a breeze in case you’re great at the game. Dispense with seven rivals at both of the above-named areas, and you will finish this undertaking. Get 10 Battle Stars for your inconveniences.

Fortnite cheat sheet| Deal harm with attack rifles

The primary Battle Pass challenge is a straightforward one. You should simply bargain 500 points of harm to adversaries utilizing any of the game’s strike rifles. This should be an aggregate test don’t as well, fuss in the event that you don’t finish it in a solitary match. When you have harmed others enough, you will get five Battle Stars.

Fortnite cheat sheet | Stage 1 land at Paradise Palms

As is standard with each week by week challenge occasion, there is an organized one that you should finish. This week expects you to visit an alternate named area to gain these five Battle Stars.

  • Stage 1 — Land at Paradise Palms
  • Stage 2 — Land at Neo Tilted
  • Stage 3 — Land at Mega Mall
  • Stage 4 — Land at Pleasant Park
  • Stage 5 — Land at Junk Junction

Fortnite cheat sheet | Eliminations outside of named areas

This is certifiably not an intense test, however, it can get you out in the event that you aren’t mindful of your environment. Fundamentally, you have to get five ends while you are not in a named area. That implies that, on the off chance that you murder somebody in Lazy Lagoon, Pleasant Park, and different spots with names, it won’t tally towards this test.

Just sit outside of a named territory, and pick individuals off as they approach. You will before long have your quintet of slaughters and 10 Battle Stars.

Fortnite cheat sheet | Use a fountain of liquid magma vent, air vent, and zipline in a solitary match

The fourth and last Battle Pass challenge may appear to be overwhelming, yet it isn’t that awful. You should utilize one every one of the above-named methods of navigating the guide, yet there’s a specific spot you can visit to get in any event two of them.

On the off chance that you head to the Pressure Plant some portion of the Fortnite map, there are a lot of well of lava vents and zip lines around. You can without much of a stretch mark this couple off this test in that area, and after that, you just need to get yourself an air vent to finish the set.

Last Words on Fortnite cheat sheet

Air vents are specked around the guide on Sky Platforms, yet the closest one is in reality close to Pressure Plant. You can pick that one to acquire yourself 10 Battle Stars for finishing this errand. In the event that you leave this zone, notwithstanding, in light of the fact that it’s too bustling you can make a beeline for Lazy Lagoon or Mega Mall to locate a less populated air vent.

You can finish any four of the over seven difficulties in any request you like. Doing as such will procure you 8,000 XP, which is a better than average take on the off chance that you ask us. Remember to say thanks to us on out. We hope Fortnite cheat sheet will help you to get the reward in this Epic game.

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