NFL Power Rankings: The Top Spots at Week 10

The National Football League (NFL) will always have thrilling and powerful moments, especially since it’s already Week 10 out of the 18. As each match and month pass, so do shifts in the ranking occur.

Although the league’s top spots barely move an inch, the top 5-7 teams constantly change. Nonetheless, who’s to say there’s no chance for other teams to make it to the power rankings? Without further ado, here are the top seven spots for Week 10:

1. Philadelphia Eagles


A record of 8-1 (4-1 on the road and 4-0 at home) is already impressive, but the Philadelphia Eagles had to hold the highest spot in Week 10 and the top spot in the NFC East.

This team continues pushing through each stressful game as if it were easy. The Eagles played their best in September, where they remained undefeated and went on with a 3-0 record. Although October was considered their worst month with their first loss, they still had an 80% winning percentage.

In their most current game against the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles might have paved the road with a 28-23 win. Although they fumbled thrice with the ball, Dak Prescott sliced through the Cowboys effectively, and even D’Andre Swift managed to recover the ball with only a minute left. Overall, the Philadelphia Eagles are at the top for a reason, taking into account their versatility and team play.

2. Baltimore Ravens

Although the Baltimore Ravens had suffered two losses, they remained a top contender in Week 10 of the NFL with a record of 7-2. This team is soaring high even if paired with NFC division leaders in over three weeks, earning themselves a combined score of 75-9.

During Week 9, the Ravens won against the Seattle Seahawks with 37-3. Likewise, there was no need for Lamar Jackson, the front-runner to win league MVP, to stand out in this match – as his team also brought their A-game.

The Ravens have a new offensive look and different plays with their Coordinator, Todd Monken. Not only this, but rookie running back Keaton Mitchell also amazes with a record of 138 yards in nine carries. With these numbers, this team will maintain their top standing in FanDuel NFL odds and power rankings.

3. Kansas City Chiefs


The reigning champions make it to the third spot with a 7-2 streak to boast. The Chiefs already have Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce on their roster, but they don’t require these two to display MVP performances to win matches. Each player’s flexibility stacks up to create a scary combination, allowing this team to keep their top spot in the overall rank and division.

Currently, the Chiefs set themselves high records in team statistics. Their total touchdowns are a 22 record, total points 208, and total points per game, a 23.1 streak. With this, there’s no denying why this team holds third in the Week 10 ranks.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

This week has been immaculate for the Jacksonville Jaguars, as they rise the ranking with a 6-2 streak and take fourth place. Moreover, this team started with a 1-2 start, pushing through five straight wins. Not to mention, the Jaguars also hold the first spot in the AFC South.

With this, the team is having a terrific season, and you can say that Doug Pederson has the coaching experience of his life. In their match against the Bills last October 9, Travis Etienne rushed through 136 yards and paired it with two touchdowns. Calvin Ridley also had seven catches in the game, proving the Jaguars are the powerhouse. The Jaguars beat the Bills back-to-back for 25-20, respectively.

5. Detroit Lions


With the latest win in their streak, the Detroit Lions move up the ladder board with a 6-2 record. Additionally, their wins are a feat in itself – considering that the Lions haven’t won in their division in over 30 years. With this season, you get to see the birth of a new lion, significantly as star players grow out from their young cub phases.

Last October 31, rookie running back Jahmyr Gibbs performed well against the Las Vegas Raiders. The highlight of the night happened in the third quarter of the game, where Gibbs broke loose for a 27-yard touchdown run.

With this, Gibbs sealed victory for the Lions, and he was even named the fourth rookie in Lions history who holds 150-plus rushing yards and rushing touchdowns in a game. Although this team had their fair share of losses, they can bounce back in typical Detroit Lions fashion.

6. Miami Dolphins

Although the Miami Dolphins haven’t conquered a quality team yet, they are still ranked sixth in the NFL Week 10 ranks. More importantly, the Dolphins play a good defense and rushing attack – even if star player De’Von Achane isn’t present.

Additionally, the Dolphins commanded most of their games in October. The team won against the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, and New England Patriots. Specifically, the team led the game against the New England Patriots.

Here, the Dolphins boast higher stats than the Patriots: with 73 total plays as opposed to 51, 390 total yards to 218, and even 30-yard completions to 19. All of these combined led to a win of 31 to 17, a great way to end their October 2024 games. Moreover, the Dolphins will have to continue their energy in the final stretch of the NFL if they want to secure their spot.

7. Cincinnati Bengals


Four straight wins mean the Cincinnati Bengals are making it into a higher spot in the power rankings. The Bengals hold a 5-3 record and place seventh in Week 10. In their most recent game, the team looked as predatory as ever over a win against the Bills.

There, they opened the game by scoring on two drives, and the defense also played the upper hand with two more turnovers. To finish it off, the Bengals played a victory formation, cementing themselves as a wildcard in the NFL.

Final Thoughts

With constantly changing ranks, there’s no denying that the NFL will excite any football fan. That’s why you should take note of the upcoming games and tune in to the live broadcasts, as the league and teams have plenty more to offer.

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