5 Top Places To Sit At An NFL Game

Going to an NFL game is a beautiful and thrilling experience. From the road trip to the stadium atmosphere, before you get inside, find your seat. Everything is incredible unless, of course, you end up in the wrong sitting positions, and you can’t see much of the action. You were at the game, but you missed it. This is not something that you want to happen to you, especially if it’s your first game ever.

In that case, you want to find the best places to sit whenever you want to watch an NFL game. As much as you do not want to miss the action, you want to avoid getting hit by a flying ball. Whether you are visiting an online casino such as VegasAces or going to the home of the Rams, finding the perfect sitting position is crucial. After all you want to be close to the action, not in the physical sense, but to be able to see the game, sit back and relax, and enjoy what transpires in front of you.

So here are five top sitting positions you should check out for when you want to watch an NFL game live. All of them bring something to the table, and it’s up to you to see which is the best option for you. We would go with the last one, but more on that later.

1. Corner Sections Rows 40+

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To find affordable seats in the lower level at an NFL stadium is close to impossible. Your best bet is to go up in the rows of the endzone and corner sections. Between both options, corner seats offer a better view of the field. They usually come with a sustainable view of the entire field as you will not have to look from one side to another.

However, keep in mind that not all stadiums will have up to 40+ rows in the lower level. Therefore, this might mean going as high as possible.

2. Club Level First Row

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You will find a club-level second deck seating right above the lower level at most NFL stadiums. Undoubtedly, seating close to row 30 in the lower level is the right height. As a result, if you are above that when you are at the club level, you will get a great view of the pitch.

In addition to that, some perks come with having club seat tickets. In most cases, club-level ticket holders get early access into the stadium, allowing you to beat the traffic to enjoy an early array of games, especially when watching a late afternoon kickoff.

3. Between the 20s, Row Three

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For fans looking to get a single game ticket, it is impossible to find seating positions in any of the lower-level lines. As a result, you want to find the right spot in the upper level. In this case, you should aim for the following:

  • Equal views of both endzones: You should not put yourself away from both endzones since you are already going high. So, sit between the 20s to get comfortable and equal viewing of the two endzones.
  • Avoid railings: Railings can obstruct sightlines, especially when sitting in row one or rows close to the section tunnel. In this case, row 3 is probably the safest bet.
  • Lower rows: The closer you are to the field, the better, and except for railings, there is no such thing as being too close.

4. 50-yard Line Lower Level

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The 50-yard line lower-level positions are the best average seating positions. Although they are more expensive than regular seating areas, you will get the best view of the game. On these seats, you will be part of the action unless one of the teams is in the red zone. And in this position, you are behind a team’s bench.

If you’ve got more to spend, you should give it a shot and watch the game in full swing.

5. Skybox

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Skybox is by no means regular seats. No one can claim that this is like that. No, they’re not ordinary. In fact, the only way to get your hands on the tickets that sell these seats is to know someone with a bit of an influence at the stadium or even further, or to be someone in your own right. A few million by your name could do the trick. If you want o to rent it on your own it’s not going to be cheap. Every stadium has different prices but in essence, they’re keeping it close to $50,000. Maybe a rich aunt from Montana could gift you this one for your birthday? Maybe!

The price is justified. For one, you don’t tailgate. There’s no mixing with the crowd. No, you’ll be taken to your seats by an elevator from the stadium’s private garage. Once you’re there it’s not like you have to pay for anything else. There will be drinks and food and it’s all part of the package. What else could a man ask for? Instead of regular seats or chairs, you’ll be seated in chairs that are more than comfortable. In front of you, the crowd will be reduced. There will be a wall of glass separating you and the regular spectators. We don’t want to offend anyone but you’ll be special if you rent a skybox. The best part is that you’ll still enjoy the game even if it is too hot or too cold, it’s rainy, snowy, or anything else. If we had the money to afford this, we would, without a doubt. Anyone who can afford it should see at least one NFL game from the skybox. They’re called like that for a reason – they put you closer to Gods.

Bottom Line

Finding the correct sitting position will help boost your experience, and you won’t miss the best parts of the game. If you have money to splurge, it is easy to find a good position to sit in. However, as a regular spectator, you can always go for the other positions mentioned in this guide. Whatever place you choose it won’t be wrong. Seeing an NFL game is a privilege. Each team only has seventeen games a year. Only half of those are played at home. So, to see your favorite team is a privilege regardless of the seating. So, you know yourself, and you should go for the ones that best suit your personality and your budget. People are different. You’d have millionaires seeking seats near the field. They want to hear the shoulder pads clashing. Others want to see the whole field and the entire stadium. This is all fine. As we said, there are eighty thousand people on average at the NFL stadiums and you can’t expect all of them to have similar preferences. No! That wouldn’t be right. they all share just one wish, to have their team beat the opponent. At the end that should matter the most and not the seating. Not, that seating doesn’t matter. After all, that was what we wrote about.

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