Travel Tips for International NFL Fans

Usually, many fans are rather choosing to stay home and watch their favorite NFL seasons on their little television screens from the comfort of their home. However, we suggest you get out of your comfort zone this year and enjoy NFL seasons in a completely new way and experience the excitement of this even to the fullest.

We assume you know what we are talking about! Why do not you actually take a road trip and support your team in the front line? For true NFL fans, this would be the memory they will remember for the rest of their lives. Also, this is a special opportunity to share moments like this with your friends or your kids.

If you decide to go on the international trip to see the whole season in reality and have an opportunity to support your team, we prepared this article with some things you should keep in mind for the preparation before you go.

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Inform yourself about the NLF

Even before you headed to the NFL match, you should gather all the necessary information about what the Superbowl actually represents, so you can enjoy the season to the fullest. When it comes to the preparation for NFL season, the first thing you need to worry about is to get your ticket on time. The second thing that is very important to know when it comes to the NFL includes betting tips. If you are considering betting, you can visit and find more facts and predictions about the Super Bowl. Watching the game while waiting for the positive outcome you invested money on will make everything even more interesting.

Choose your seat wisely

When it comes to picking up seats for the game, we suggest you be careful. In other words, when you are buying tickets, do not forget to pick the right seats, so you do not miss the opportunity to look at the stadium clearly. In general, the best seats are the ones in front of the field or the ones on the sidelines. This is very important because you will really regret it if you have trouble following the game because you can not see all the details very well. Also, put into consideration your height when you are deciding whether you want to sit lower or higher in the stadium.

Let’s be honest, the worst scenario would be if you are not so high, and you sit behind a group of tall people. In that way, you will not watch the whole game and you will be very nervous the whole time. However, it is well known that better seats are more expensive. So, if you are short with your budget and still want to enjoy to the fullest in the game and grab the best seats, we prepared one trick for you. You should try out to purchase the ticket until December, and then you should shop for gift cards at different ticket retailers. That will help you save more money.

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Stay the entire game despite the result

Logically, every fan wants his team to win. However, the other scenario happens as well and your team can have the worst season this year. However, you should stay and support your team. The worst thing you can do, after traveling just to see the NLF even, is to go before the game is finished just because your team sucks. In general, you should support your team no matter what the result is.

What would players think if people start to leave the match just because they are temporarily bad? Support your favorite team because you never know what can happen until the end of the game. Miracles happen, mostly on the field because players react to the big support and positive energy their fans give them. For that reason, even if they are not doing well, your and other fans in the stadium should put an effort to carry over the energy to the players in order to win.

You should take lots of photos and compete with them

Capturing moments on the field will stay as evidence of the memorable experience you went through as an NFL fan,  but there is one more benefit from them. There is a special Super Bowl contest that requires all the fans to post their photo of themselves while they are posing as passionate NFL fans. Also, you need to put a special hashtag on Instagram or Twitter #CourtyardSuperBowlContest. It is always fun to participate, so even if you do not win, you will document a very significant and memorable moment. On the other hand, if you win, you can cash it and win different awards. That will potentially cover all the costs that you had to come to the USA.

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You can apply for special TSA PreCheck

This trick should know all NFL fans that are flying to America in order to support their team. More precisely, there is actually the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck that will allow you to reduce the difficulties that happen often at the airport during the trip. A membership that lasts for five years is very cheap. More precisely, it cost just $85 and it is very useful and helpful when you are traveling. It allows you to pass through security without the need to remove your shoes, belt, jacket, computer device, liquids, etc. Interestingly, PreCheck passengers wait less than five minutes to pass the security regulation. In short, you can see this is something very worth investing in because it will save you a lot of time at the airport and save you from stress.

Do not forget to dress for all weathers

The main thing that all NFL fans forget about before they prepare themselves for the trip is to check the weather. You are going in an open space, so you can not dress the same thing you would wear when you are at your home in the living room. This means you should not bring only regular team shorts. It is recommended to wear the same colors as your favorite team in order to support it. However, you need to think about the weather as well and dress according to the temperature. So, bring an umbrella or jacket so you would not leave the game because you feel cold.

Bonus tip!

Do not miss the attraction when you are going on the NFL season! Even if you are there just to support your team and to watch games, do not forget about the time you can have fun visiting different attractions and popular destinations, enjoy some beer, shopping and experience the entertainment that the city brings.

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