Top Places to Visit in Australia if You are Under 21

If your age is near 20-ish and you wonder where to spend a fantastic vacation, Australia has a lot to offer. From the magnificent beaches of Lucky Bay to the unique natural habitat of The Great Barrier Reef, the country’s landmarks will leave you speechless with their diversity and abundance.

The Land Down Under, The Land of the Long Weekend, Oz – behind all these names stands only one place called Australia. It is widely famous for being the only country which occupies the whole continent and is the driest populated mainland on Earth. Though this continent is the smallest one of all 5, it is still the 6th biggest country in the world. To ensure a safe and comfortable trip, turn to car rental under 21 Australia with and travel without any inconveniences.


The Great Barrier Reef

This spectacular living organism stretches for about 2600 km along the Queensland coast, north of Australia, and is a dream of every diver. The object is among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Nowhere else can you observe such a large-scale variety in one place. The fabulous underwater world of coral islands attracts many tourists from all over the world. Regardless of your age or swimming abilities, there are plenty of ways to get a good sight of the Reef. If you are an avid diver or snorkeler, you can book a boat trip to see the remote parts of the coral system. If you prefer to get closer without getting wet, consider taking a helicopter tour. Isn’t it a perfect chance to get in touch with nature?


Warner Bros theme park

Warner Bros. Movie World is in the suburb of Oxenford, which belongs to the resort area of the Gold Coast. It is the most popular theme park in the country and sheer heaven for movie industry lovers. You can easily get there by car, so check out if car rental age allows you to get one. Car rental in Australia makes your experience fast and comfortable. Once you enter its premises, you are immersed in the atmosphere of your favorite Hollywood and cartoon characters like Shrek, Scooby Doo, Marilyn Monroe, Batman, Catwoman, Harry Potter and many more. Walking along the streets can help you observe scenes from various movies and even learn how certain special effects were created. In the Movie World, you are spoiled for choice in terms of attractions for both kids and adults. If you are brave enough, roller coasters Lethal Weapon and Superman Escape, with their steep rises and unexpected falls, are ready to make your stomach churn. Those who want to cool off can raft down a stormy river or try out a water slide.



Having visited so many breathtaking places, skipping the capital would be a crime. The city lies between Melbourne and Sydney. You may think it is a mere coincidence, but there is some history behind it. Two rival cities couldn’t agree on who would get the capital status and chose Canberra as a compromise. Designed by American architects, the city’s landscapes incorporate sprawling green areas and peculiar buildings. What primarily helps Canberra stand out is its modern architecture. Take the New Parliament House, for example. Or the National Portrait Gallery. Touring around, you will come across many impressive sights.



Sydney is a modern and cultural side of Australia. It has all kinds of entertainment and facilities for the pickiest traveler: numerous museums and art galleries, green park alleys and charming beaches, glamorous shopping centers and exquisite restaurants. Make sure to visit Sydney Opera House – one of the most recognisable buildings alongside Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Town Hall. After soaking up the sun in the afternoon, indulge in the evening city exploration. The best option for a young tourist is to rent a car while traveling around Australia. Check car rental in Australia to find out the available options. It is a perfect opportunity to take good pictures and dive into the romantic atmosphere of the vibrant megapolis. With car rental it will be easy for you to reach any desired location. Sydney has many places to visit as a tourist.



Tasmania is another must-visit place for young tourists traveling around Australia. Thanks to its remote location, the island managed to preserve untouched nature and the richness of flora and fauna. You may explore it if you rent a car while traveling. Approximately 44% of the territory is covered by rainforests, serving as a home for many rare species. What distinguishes this island from the rest, though, is its closeness to the Antarctic. That is why meeting penguins is a common phenomenon here, despite the relatively mild climate. If your trip doesn’t seem adventurous enough, Tasmania is a good spot off the beaten track.



Uluru is a red sandstone mountain range formed 680 million years ago. Rugged with deep furrows and caves with ancient rock paintings, Uluru is a sacred mountain of the indigenous people. There are many legends associated with it. Just looking at its breathtaking slopes is enough to get enchanted. Yet there is one more magical thing about it – it changes its color depending on the lighting. At certain times, the mountain can turn bright pink, while at noon, it is always bathed in a golden glow. Don’t forget to take a photo to capture the moment!


The list of iconic places to see in Australia can go on and on. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to visit all of them during a short vacation. With this guide, you can try to tick at least 6 of those off and don’t forget to check rental car options for drivers under 21. Enjoy your trip in Australia. Hopefully, our advices would be useful for your upcoming trip in a company of your friends. So don’t forget to rent a car to see as much as possible for amazing life memories.

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