5 Tips for a Hassle-Free Holiday in Liverpool

Traveling is a long time sitting in trains, cars, planes, or buses, going through customs control and processing documents, running around the streets in search of housing, and long walks. It is worth thinking in advance about what you will do during the trip: active recreation, cultural activities, parties, or expensive restaurants.

No matter how experienced a traveler you are, don’t put everything off until the last day – prepare for the trip in advance. First, think about the contents of the suitcase. Collecting all the things in a hurry, most people take a lot of unnecessary things, and the most necessary things are simply not enough.

So choose insurance in advance, issue a visa, book accommodation, make an itinerary and learn the main information about the country. To avoid missing anything, it is better to make a checklist or use tips that will facilitate the planning of the trip.

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1. Planning a holiday in Liverpool

Before traveling to the UK, check out the places you would like to visit. Liverpool is a popular tourist destination. The city is also named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so there is plenty to see. If you want to visit a museum or take a ferry ride, check out several sites or listen to the recommendations of bloggers.

The most popular tourist attractions in Liverpool:

  • Museum of Liverpool. Located on the banks of the River Mersey, it is a non-standard building that fully reflects the trends of modern architectural art. The museum`s main exposition tells the city’s history in different times, and its role in national and world life. The museum holds several records and awards and is the largest national museum in Great Britain.
  • Walker Art Gallery. One of the best galleries in Europe. The art gallery is home to many surviving sculptures from the 13th century and a national collection of paintings.
  • Liverpool Cathedral. The cathedral has the largest bell in the world, and its tower offers a panoramic view of the entire city.

In addition to these attractions, there are many other exciting places that you must visit in Liverpool. Use websites to find travel itineraries and tips or find more popular tourist destinations on foot in Liverpool.

2. Transfer to Liverpool

The means of transportation is the next point in vacation planning. Make a route between the tourist spots and the hotel that will be most convenient for you. You can travel with car hire, by train, city buses or taxi.

Public transport in Great Britain has special cards that allow you to use transport much cheaper. Travel tickets allow you to save half of the fare.

The best choice of transport is to rent a car at Liverpool Airport with rental24.co.uk. You can choose any car convenient for you, according to your goals. Your trip will be easy and comfortable with a car.

Remember also that the price of a rented car depends on the size of the additional fee. So check out the list of taxes and fees to know.

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3. We pack a suitcase

Packing a suitcase before a trip seems like an easy task. However, this is a whole science that allows the tourist to avoid unexpected expenses and many other troubles during the trip.

There are a few simple rules for packing a suitcase correctly:

  • Make a list of things that must be taken on the trip. Without it, you can take a lot of unnecessary things.
  • Choose clothes that can be combined.
  • Consider the weather forecast for the time of travel.
  • Roll your clothes so they take up less space and don’t wrinkle.
  • It is better to pour cosmetics into miniature jars and take a separate bag for them.
  • Use vacuum bags to save more space.
  • Refrain from bringing new shoes with you.
  • Do not leave handbags and shoes empty, it is better to put jewelry, socks, or underwear there.

You should also take care of your health and travel first aid kit. Anything can happen on a trip, but buying medicine without a prescription is unlikely to work.

Take with you on the trip:

  • Antipyretic drugs.
  • Anti-inflammatory/sedative.
  • Anti-infective agents.
  • Medicines against the common cold.
  • Ear, throat, nose, eyes.
  • Gastrointestinal means.
  • Antiallergic (antihistamine) agents.
  • Painkillers.
  • Disinfectants (dressing materials, antiseptic).
  • Means for skin protection.
  • Anti-repellents (anti-insect agents).
  • Anti-nausea drugs.

4. Money and travel documents

The most necessary things in every trip are money and documents. It is best to keep them not in a suitcase, but in hand luggage, which will always be with you. So be sure to take with you:

  • Passport – domestic and foreign. Make sure your passport is valid, it’s good to have at least six months before it expires.
  • Tickets – if necessary, for a bus or plane.
  • Insurance is another important document with which you will be much more relaxed.
  • Bank cards – it is better to have several accounts in different banks. Be sure to check if the card has expired.
  • Cash. Do not forget to exchange currency at the exchange offices at the best rates, because it will be expensive at the airport.

If you are going to use car hire, take the relevant documents: an international driver’s license and a voucher. If you drive your car, take the inspection ticket, “green card” and technical passport.

5. Apartments in Liverpool

When planning a trip to Liverpool, you should think about accommodation. To do this, book a hotel room or rent a room in a hostel. You can find a lot of advice on choosing an apartment, and you can choose any room you like. Read the hotel reviews on the sites so that nothing surprises you. Take a car Liverpool to get from the airport to your hotel in comfort.

Remember that some apartments charge a 50% deposit for booking and also have their nuances:

  • Refundable subscription.
  • Non-refundable subscription.
  • Hotel reservations without subscriptions.
  • Hotel reservation with free cancellation.
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