Holiday Trends for 2024

There’s no better time than the cold winter months to start thinking about warm beaches, turquoise blue seas, and cocktails in the sun. We delve into some of the hottest holiday trends for 2024.

1. Sailing Holidays


A growing number of us aren’t settling for single destination holidays and are instead taking to the open seas to hop between numerous islands. A Yacht Charter from BorrowABoat is more affordable, straightforward, and feasible than you might think.

If you’re a seafaring novice, skippers and crews can be included in the package so all you need to worry about is packing your swimwear and being taken care of. Wind-powered sailboats are also an incredibly sustainable form of transport, using no fossil fuels and leaving behind a very low carbon footprint.

Some holiday destinations are perfectly suited to sailing trips hiding a myriad of secret locations not accessible by land or air:

  • The innumerable Greek islands offer ample opportunities for island hopping itineraries in the sheltered Mediterranean.
  • Follow in the footsteps of Darwin’s Beagle and discover the unique wildlife of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands.
  • Swap the beaches for the historic beauty of the Chesapeake Bay maritime corridor of Maryland and Virginia.
  • Drop anchor and wander the endless exposed sands of the Whitsunday Islands in Australia at low tide—and scuba dive in the neighboring great barrier reef.

2. Sustainable Travel

We’ve already briefly mentioned the long-overdue shift in focus towards a more sustainable way of living—from our diets to our fashion choices—and our holidays should not be exempt from scrutiny. 2024 was the year of the staycation and people will continue to look for destinations closer to home in 2024.

Sustainable tourism extends beyond the global environment and also encompasses making more informed decisions about the impact we have on local communities and economies. Five-star resorts might be replaced with huts, yurts, and tiny homes but that won’t mean you’ll forgo the luxury.

Delicious, locally sourced meals and natural wellness treatments will make you feel rested and revitalized by the end of your stay. So, swap the long-haul flights for the trains, cars, boats, and coaches, and discover (or rediscover) the beauty on your doorstep.

3. Punching Out


‘Bleisure’ was a buzzword of last year as many of us integrated our business life into our leisure time but this year, we’re going to try and keep the two separate. As the line between work and free time continues to blur, turning on our out-of-office replies will become increasingly important.

Destinations with good signal and strong wifi are less of a priority and instead, off-grid escapes are top of the agenda. Think lakeside resorts, cabins in the Catskills, and houseboats in picturesque marinas and you’ll get the idea. The perfect places for a digital detox.

4. Active Vacations

Traditionally holidays have been all about relaxing, putting your feet up, and getting stuck into a good book by the pool. But this year, activity-focused getaways are all the rage. You’ll be radiating a different kind of glow after a spirited adventure within nature. Active vacations can take many shapes in a multitude of backdrops:

5. Watersports schools


Test your balance at a windsurfing or kayaking resort. Or book your stay at a surf school and enjoy a jam-packed schedule of guided lessons, cooking and dining opportunities (you’ll work up an appetite in the sea) and other activities.

Ericeira on the coast of Portugal is a short drive from the famous waves of Nazaré and is home to world class breakers and equally renowned surf school packages and where surfs lovers are able to see their favorite surfers while they face the big “Nazaré Cannon”. It’s a great way to find a new passion, learn a new skill and make new friends.

6. Hiking trips

Trekking through the wilderness has the profound effect of making you feel grounded and closer to nature. The dubbed, ‘world’s longest footpath, the Appalachian trail, passes through some of the most remote but beautiful stretches the United States has to offer.

Or venture south for the contrasting scenery of the Andes. The hikes and climbs around Bariloche in Argentina are better suited to the more experienced but there are some well-marked trails that wind up into the mountains.

7. Yoga retreats


Find inner peace and stillness at a yoga retreat. While it might look to the uninitiated that you’re relaxing in a series of poses, the well-versed know how much strength and control practicing yoga takes.

The tropical paradise of Bali in Indonesia has a host of established yoga communities that maintain harmony between people and nature at their core. The best of which will take care of your meals with fresh local produce allowing you to explore the beauty of the island and focus on yourself and others around you.

8. Ski Resorts

Skiing never really goes out of fashion and each continent has its own host of popular resorts. These resorts show and offer a different variety of activities even within the Skiing possibilities. From different rides and mountains.

Banff Sunshine in Alberta, Canada relies solely on natural snow to keep its slopes powdery and fit for the season. There are three mountains and over 3,000 acres to carve your way through, so grab your pass today.

Wanderlust and the compulsion to travel is an itch that is never truly scratched. After being inspired by all of 2024’s hot holiday trends we certainly can’t wait to book ours.

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