Top 7 Best Winter Holiday Games to Play with Your Friends in 2024

Winter holidays are the perfect time for relaxing, celebrations, and, most importantly, bonding with your family and friends. The cold season is well-known for partying and having fun. Whether you celebrate your winter holidays at your home, by visiting your family village or going on a road trip, the one thing that is constant in your exploring and celebrations are your friends.

“Things are never quiet and boring when you got crazy friends.”

We are always planning out something to do with our friends. Be it lunch treats, movie-nights, hi-teas, outdoor picnics, shopping sprees, or even gifts to appreciate them on their success (don’t expect one if you fall in the BFF category). How is that possible that we don’t plan something to have fun with them during the year-awaited winter holidays.

Are you currently deciding what activities and games you should play on the coming friends night-in this weekend? We got your back!

Here are some of the best winter holiday games you can play with your friends.

1. Snow-Globe

Just as the winters feel incomplete without snowflakes, our list of the best winter holiday games also seems to lack without including a Snow-Globe Game. Create your friend’s wonderland with a snow globe creating game. It’s easy than you can ever imagine.

Not only you and your friends can use your artistic skills (if you don’t have them imaginative expertise, you can still make it) to make beautiful (or ugly; we call them creative) snow globes, but you are making new memories at the same time.

Pro-tip: You can exchange your creation with any of your friend’s globe to keep the fun going.

2. White Elephant Gift Exchange


We can’t get over this perfect game to play in the winter holidays with your friends to keep up the spirit of giving gifts, yes, the white elephant gift exchange. You get to share a variety of fun and cool gifts with your friends. Fun fact? They can exchange their gift with anyone they want to.

Pro-tip: This game aims to entertain the participants, and you need not get an actual valuable present. Click here to get inspiration for the gifts.

3. Christmas Carols

Christmas carols don’t necessarily need to be sung only on Christmas eve. The goal is to enjoy and have fun, which you can do whenever and wherever you want. There are two ways to enjoy the winter Christmas Carols with your friends.

Firstly, you can dress up in your celebration costumes and sing carols by showing up at all of your friend’s houses. Secondly, you can plan a surprise carol game to play with your friends over a movie night or lunch treat.

Pro-tip: Include the embarrassing and special moments you had with your friend in the lyrics for Christmas Carols to make the game more entertaining.

4. Cooking Face-Off


“Oh my gosh. Look, it’s food. But I don’t like eating.” – Said No One Ever.

Cooking with friends can be a fun-eating-fest or a complete nightmare. If your kitchen displays the visuals of a Halloween party after you finished cooking, then yes, it’s indeed a nightmare.

You can divide into groups and choose a specific ingredient like cheese, meat, fish, chocolate, eggs, etc., and make something delicious (uh, we believe) out of it.

Pro-tip: Use some of the secret ingredients (we leave that to your imagination) to create new dishes and let your friends guess what ingredients you used.

5. Treasure Hunt

Who says you need to go out for a scavenger hunt with your friends. You can play the game pretty much the same at your home. If you think about it, you can use plenty of unique places in your house to hide your cards and treasures.
Got an outdoor lawn? Perfect! Utilize the plants to hide those suspicious clue cards. What other areas can you think of to hide clues at your home? Doormats, under the bed, inside the pillow cover, in your vegetable bag, closet, and so much more.

Pro-tip: Remember to include the dishes you make and the cookies you bake as treasures. You can also add a fun card as “loading treasure, try again.”

6. Talent Show


Enhance your joy of the night with a talent show set-up. You can use the sheets and blankets to make your entrance like a cliché award show. The first idea for your talent show can be a celebrity ramp walk. Put on the ditto get-up of the personality you want to match and show your walking skills as a London fashion week candidate.

Show your weird talents, or we say the “10-seconds talent”, prepare a mimic show to copy the characters, actors, or even your friends and ask them to guess who it was.

Pro-tip: You can prepare a funny skit or recreate a dance choreography to get a good laugh.

7. Spin the Bottle

If you’ve made it to this point, you must be thinking, how can we miss the iconic spin the bottle game? We did not! We saved the best for the last ?. Skip the truth and dare and make it only a ‘play if you dare” game.

You can choose to make paper folds with written dares or let the person on the other end of the bottle decide the victim’s fate (you never know what’s the dare).

Pro-tip: Remember to include ‘spray your hair with blue dye,’ ‘do the ice-bucket challenge,’ ‘eat caviar,’ ‘scream I’m diamond you know I glow up to a stranger,’ and other fun dares to do.

Bonus Ideas

  1. Play “13 Questions” to know how well your friends understand you.
  2. It’s your time to shine. Choose your partners and let them give you a glow up. (with the kitchen ingredients, of course)
  3. Trick your friends with “Never have I ever” and spill some tea.
  4. Boost the energy with ‘Rapid Fire’ rounds.
  5. Put up the suspense with a ‘would you rather’ game.
  6. Take weird selfies and select ‘king or queen of the night’ (Make them post to their social media accounts)

Winter holidays are pretty much dull if you are alone at home watching Netflix, munching on snacks, and thinking of every wrong decision of your life. Freshen up your mood with these games and plan a fun and enjoyable time to spend with your friends.

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