11 Best FPS Games to Play 2024

So, you’ve decided to play FPS games. The first thing you need to decide is do you want some kind of console, or are you more of a PC gamer?

The video game market offers plenty of options, whether you decide to get a Sony Playstation, Xbox One, or you just want to install some new games on your PC. Let’s focus on PC gaming. Most gamers prefer this form of gaming since it is more available. If you have a good FPS mouse and keyboard (along with a good PC setup, of course) you are set to go. Of course, a lot of games are available to play not just on PC but on other platforms and consoles. While some games require a certain budget, there is an abundance of titles that are free for streaming.

2024 is a promising year when it comes to releasing new games since 2024 has been quite turbulent with the whole “coronavirus” fuss. In this list, you will find some of the titles that are announced for this year, as well as others you can play without waiting.

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Who hasn’t head of Counter-Strike? This game has been around for years, first as the Counter Strike, later as Counter-Strike: Source, and now as Counter Strike – Global Offensive. CS: GO is an older FPS game, which shows in some aspects like the visual design but its popularity is something no one can argue.

This iconic FPS title HAS improved with the Panorama UI and good sound design; although some may argue that the game can be boring due to some older maps and repetitive gameplay. Still, this title is massively popular with its huge multiplayer player base and it is always among the top titles streaming on platforms like Twitch.

Playing Counter Strike in Bomb Scenario gives you a chance either to defend the bomb site or exploit it. It consists of 15 rounds maximum where you win if you are better than the opponent in a majority of rounds. The objective is determined according to your role – you spawn as a Terrorist or as a Counter-Terrorist. Terrorist’s goal is to plant bombs on marked sites, and of course, Counter-Terrorists need to prevent that from happening. The more enemies you eliminate, the easier it gets to achieve your goal.

Hostage mode goal for Terrorist is to defend hostages while Counter-Terrorist is trying to rescue them.

CS: GO also has a battle Royale Mode called Danger Zone. In this mode, when you choose a spot to spawn, your goal is to eliminate all other enemy players, find weapons and avoid taking damage, all in one map.

In this FPS game, you can play different maps, depending on the game mode. The most familiar map is probably DUST II since it has been in every Counter Strike game so far.

Best of all, Counter Strike – Global Offensive is free as Steam.  All you need is a minimum of 15 GB of storage space on your HDD. The title is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux, but also on consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Another well-known title is Call of Duty – Modern Warfare. This game shifted from World War II campaigns to space adventures and even battle royale actions. That made the game lose its popularity, but it has been restored with the Modern Warfare version that has excellent single-player and multiplayer modes filled with great shooting action any FPS fan will enjoy.

What makes this game interesting is the campaign that has one goal: defend Urzikstan from Russians. This goal unites freedom fighters, American CIA forces, and the British SAS. Three characters are available. Kyle Garrick – SAS Sergeant, rebel leader Farah Karim and CIA agent Alex that unite in the same goal represented through realistic war scenarios.

For CoD Modern Warfare you’ll need quite a setup on your PC, like a good processor and graphics, to get the most out of the image quality and performances.

3. Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 will be released in 2024 by Ubisoft. This title can be played od PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XS, Xbox One, streamed on PC, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

If you decide to play Far Cry 6, you will find yourself on the island of Yara, ruled by Anton Castillo; also known as “El Presidente”. This dictator is raising his son that will become his heir, teaching him his cruel ways of ruling.  Your goal is to bring “El Presidente” down while playing a guerilla warrior named Dani Rojas. In this Far Cry sequel, you will have many friends fighting along your side, while riding a tank through the streets of Esperanza, or exploring the jungles and beaches of Yara.

4. Halo Infinite

Publishing in 2024, Xbox Game studios bring you Halo Infinite, the third sequel of the franchise “Reclaimer saga”. Once again, you will have to save humanity, fighting The Banished and Covenant aliens across the span of a Halo ring. You will be playing Master Chief, humanity’s only hope equipped with a brand new grappling hook and an Assault Rifle that will help you defeat even the toughest of enemies.

This title is also supported on PC with 4k resolution at 60 fps.

5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

This is a game that you will be able to play on your PC and Xbox.

Placed in Chernobyl scenery, this title takes you through Zone, an area that is heavily affected by radiation. You will play the character named Skif, fighting hostile creatures like mutants in a wide-open world you’ll get to explore. The story has multiple endings possibilities, all depending on your choices.

This is all we know about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 since it is yet to be released in 2024.

6. Battlefield V

This PC game takes you on a World War II adventure. This first-person shooter has amazing visuals and sounds, as it takes you through War Stories – a single-player mode, and multiplayer modes like Grand Operations.

In Battlefield V’s War Stories you will experience a WWII environment, in three campaigns with different locations and scenarios, such as Norway Mountains, colorful French forests, and North African desert. All of these sights look amazing all will give you an extraordinary experience.  Even if you choose the easiest difficulty mode, you will still have a run for your money. You will have to fight German forces, free your family or destroy enemy airfields by planting bombs, cover your allies or disable alarm towers in wide-open maps. The only downside to War Stories is that the missions are not that long and can be completed in just a couple of hours.

If you choose to play in multiplayer mode, you will not be disappointed. Select between different classes like Recon, Support, Assault, and Medic and find yourself in different roles all essential to the battle. The more time you spend in each role, the more upgrades you’ll unlock. Battlefield V has many modes available, like Frontlines, Team Deathmatch, Airborne, and Conquest, each with its perks.

If you choose to play Battlefield V, you will need a midrange PC that includes specifications like 12GB RAM, about 50 GB storage space, etc.

7. Borderlands 2

This game is a mixture of FPS and RPG that incorporates fun and humor into each session. Searching for an alien treasure vault, the main character called Vault Hunter encounters raiders, mutants, and robots, all in an almost non-colonized planet of Pandora while collecting different kinds of guns (that all have specific attributes).

While the game starts slowly, later on, it becomes tense as you fight mini-bosses and bosses, like Viking pirate raiders that throw flame at you. You can choose from different characters like Axton, Maya, Salvadore, or Zero – each of them has 3 different skill sets, for example, the ability to be bulletproof. Each character has customizable head and body skins.

Collecting guns in Borderlands 2 can be quite amusing. You can collect millions of different weapons, and each of these guns has its perks that can be very helpful in defeating enemies and make the game fun.

Borderlands 2 is a great upgrade from the first Borderland game, with some enhancements that contribute to a better gaming experience than the first game, while keeping up with the original story.

8. Doom Eternal

This game is a sequel to the famous Doom 2016 title with more demons, better design, and rocking music.

The main character called Doom Slayer has to destroy demons that have conquered Earth, and he gets to do it in brutal and violent ways. If you enjoy monstrous killing, this is a game for you. As you go along with the game, your character becomes more advanced and you get better weapons. Each weapon is designed to destroy a specific enemy. For example, the shotgun will annihilate zombies, but it will not work that well on other creatures. As a result, you will have to switch weapons as you encounter different enemies. Because all the action takes place on Earth, you will be able to enjoy various sceneries, like parking lots, office buildings, crashed airplanes, and subway stations, all the while finding surprising upgrades all over the map.

If you enjoy online action, switch to Battlemode. You’ll find yourself in the role of a Doom Slayer with one goal: to kill demons, or in one of the demonic roles that have the sole purpose of destroying the Doom Slayer.

You can enjoy playing this game on a PC, with detailed landscapes and realistic kills. Chances are, if you liked Doom 2016, this title will also satisfy your needs in terms of violent killing and bloody scenery.

9. Overwatch 2

While its release date is yet to be announced, Overwatch 2 sure tickles the curiosity of the gaming community. The first Overwatch game has us stepping in the shoes of a team of heroes working together, making it interesting for new FPS fans as well as experienced gamers.

Overwatch 2 is basically an update to the first version of the game, with new heroes and different game modes. Unfortunately, the launch date for this title is yet to be revealed, but the good news is that anyone who already has the original Overwatch game will be given this new version.

10. Ready or Not

Another title that the gaming community is eager to see is Ready or Not by VOID Interactive. In this First-person shooter, the player has the role of a swat unit member. The main goal here is to find your way through a hostile crisis in very realistic scenarios. To resolve different situations, you will be forced to use items like tactical ladders, ballistic shields and many more.

The game was said to be released in 2024, but due to the corona-virus pandemic, the launch was delayed and is expected this year.

11. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil is a multimedia horror franchise, owned by Capcom. Since it became highly popular around the globe, Capcom released a number of titles with many sequels and remakes. The latest title is Resident Evil Village, with a release date yet to be announced.

Its predecessor, Resident Evil 7 restored Capcom to its old glory by switching from third-person to first-person and making this game widely popular. Resident Evil Village continues this newly-found tradition. After being betrayed by Chris Redfield, our protagonist must explore a mysterious village in Europe. He will find himself fighting supernatural creatures and unusual village dwellers while solving mysterious puzzles well know to players that enjoyed previous Resident Evil titles.

This Resident Evil sequel seems to be promising another interesting horror story that made Capcom famous, to begin with.


As you can see (and probably already know if you are familiar with the gaming world at all) there is a variety of game styles you can choose from. This year is promising a lot of new First-Person titles since the last year was so disappointing when it comes to releasing new games. The good thing is there already are about gazillion games available to play while waiting for new ones, right?

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