8 Best FPS Gaming Mouse 2024 – Reviews

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Much like any other peripheral tool in gaming, a good mouse is essential for a player to be good at this hobby. There are a lot of models you can choose from, depending on what you are looking for in a mouse, and while some people enjoy the search, others just want to spend less time doing it.

When choosing a mouse for FPS (First Person Shooter) games, you probably want one with high DPI, great tracking options, good precision, and small weight. Here is a list of models that will satisfy every FPS gamer – from amateur to pro.

Top Picks for 2024

1. Razer DeathAdder V2

Razer DeathAdder V2 gaming mouse

When the first Razer DeathAdder mouse came out, its popularity was uncanny, but with Razer DeathAdder v2 this brand became even more popular. This model comes with one of the best optical sensors and optical switches that makes it both reliable and accurate. 20 000 DPI and IPS that goes up 650 make this model very precise, as it automatically calibrates across mouse mats. Eight programmable buttons allow you to customize your settings as needed, It has two buttons placed on the side, but do not worry about pressing it accidentally – its ergonomic design makes it suitable for any hand size. RGB lighting supports 16.8 million colors, so you can set lighting to your preferences. This model weighs only 82 grams, so you can easily control your movements.  With its flawless tracking, Razer DeathAdder V2 mouse is truly a great choice for most games.

2. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

Although a wireless mouse might not be anyone’s first choice when it comes to FPS gaming, this model exceeds all expectations. Working with professional Esport gamers, Logitech made a renowned model that is ultra-lightweight (it’s only 80g), with flawless performance. This model’s ergonomic design ensures durability and comfort with full control, AND it’s suitable for any hand size.

Logitech’s HERO 25k sensor is known as their best sensor yet because it gives you up to 25 600 DPI making it amazing in tracking movement even at the sub-micron level with no latency. It is a significant upgrade from the previous HERO 16K sensor (that was also amazing, to be fair).  As an addition to this great feature, this model has three dots that show you your current DPI level thanks to RGB lighting, as well as the shining logo. The lighting can be controlled with Logitech’s G software.

The G Pro Wireless mouse has no acceleration, allowing you to move your mouse as fast as you want without any problems and it provides you a 1ms response rate that makes this mouse one of the best out there. This mouse comes with two additional side buttons on the right that you can remove if you want to, being that they are fully modular.

The battery on this model will last you up to 48h hours. If that is not enough, it takes only 1 hour to charge but you can use it while it’s charging. If you want to go even further, get yourself a PowerPlay mouse pad that charges the mouse all along while using it, so you don’t have to worry about low battery ever again.

While the price of this mouse might be a little too much for you, all the other features indicate that this model will give you everything you paid for and more.

3. Razer Viper Ultimate

Razer Viper Ultimate Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Whether used wired or wireless, Razer Viper Ultimate has great performances. With its extremely low latency, Razer Hyperspeed tech breaks down all prejudge about using wireless mice for FPS gaming. This is a high-end model that gives you smooth performance since it has an amazing report rate – with Razer optical switches that register the button press with the speed of light.

The Focus + sensor gives you a sensitivity of 20K DPI and 650 IPS making the Viper insanely fast and accurate.  It also works very well at lower DPI and IPS settings. This sensor comes with smart tracking, so you can just use it on any given surface without the need to calibrate it first.

If you don’t need the RGB lighting that comes with this model, the battery can last up to an impressive 70 hours of constant use. Charging it is no problem at all – just plug it in for 10 minutes, and you will be able to use the mouse for another 5 hours. It can also be used while charging if you don’t mind the cable. When you are resting from playing games, just put your mouse on a charging dock and enjoy the pretty lights, since it comes with nice LED lighting.

Ambidextrous design makes Razer Viper Ultimate suitable for both right-handed and left-handed players. Although it is a very light design, when it comes to durability, you won’t be disappointed.

4. Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

If you are a fan of ultra-light mice, Glorious Model O is a good choice for you. With its honeycomb design, this model weighs only 67 grams and is suitable for medium or large hands.  A person with small hands can choose a smaller model similar to this one – Glorious Model O- that is even lighter, weighing only 58g. However, the unique honeycomb design does make this mouse prone to collecting filth and it is not as durable as you might want it to be.

This model comes with standard buttons, accompanied by two buttons on each side, all programmable to your liking using the Glorious Model O software that can also be used to customize impressive RGB lighting incorporated in this model. It also has one button to change your DPI settings. Speaking of DPI, Glorious Model O will give you great performances thanks to the optical sensor that can go up to 12 000 dots per inches making it consistent at any given speed.

Ultra-flexible braided cable allows you to move the mouse without being bothered by dragging. An additional feature that comes in handy is the glide-free mouse feet that ensure extra stability.

5. SteelSeries Rival 3

SteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse

Probably the most affordable gaming mouse out there is the SteelSeries Rival 3. If you have a claw grip, this mouse is suitable for you no matter what size is your hand. Its ergonomic design makes this model comfortable even for long gaming sessions. Thanks to the ambidextrous design, both left-handed and right-handed players will enjoy using it.

Although it comes with a somewhat lower CPI compared to other mice (the number is 8500), players will likely be satisfied with this particular model since it has a low CPI error margin, AND 8500 DPI is enough for most users.

The design carries an additional button programmable with Windows and MacOS compatible software that can also be used to set RGB lighting in 3 independently controlled RGB zones.

The downside to this model is that the side button will wear out in time, so it might be hard to press them, but considering the price/quality ratio, this mouse is worth checking out.

6. HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro

Another budget-friendly gaming mouse is HyperX Pulsefire FPS Pro.  Though a bit heavier than some of the models out there, this 95 g mouse is still suitable enough for FPS gaming. This mouse is built for first-person shooters, with high precision in mind, but is also flexible, accurate, and fast enough for that price. With its braided cable and pleasant texture, it provides a solid feel and a nice grip.

The 16 000 DPI sensor provides you with great accuracy and excellent gaming performances with no acceleration, along with a 1000 Hz polling rate. If you don’t mind rugged side panels, you will like easily reachable side buttons and subtle RGB lighting that you can pair up with your gaming setup.

7. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro

This is another wireless mouse worth your attention. It is fast, responsive, and accurate.

A fair warning: you might like this mouse better if you have a palm grip rather than a claw grip user. A feature that may come in handy is a removable right panel that allows you a smooth and textured grip. This model delivers incredible performance with amazing speed and no latency while using 18 000D DPI and up to 2000 Hz polling rate.

Dark Core has a gaming design with its 8 fully programmable buttons; forward and back buttons, DPI up and down buttons, and a profile switch button are just a part of that rich setup. RGB lighting has 9 zones that you can customize using the iCUE software, choosing from a variety of vivid colors and effects.

Another great feature is its connectivity – the mouse has three modes: Slipstream, Bluetooth, and USB wired. The battery has 36 hours duration, and if you put it in power-saving mode, it can work up to 50 hours at a time.

8. Logitech G903

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse

Though a bit pricy, Logitech G903 does offer a great deal for that amount of money. Built to last, it is suitable for any kind of grip but it might not be so comfortable for smaller hands, as some buttons can be hard to reach.

The G903 comes with a Pixart PWM3366 sensor allowing it to have perfect tracking with no acceleration, jitter, or angle snapping, with up to 12 000 dots per inch.

If you a fan of additional buttons – this model has them all: 2 primary buttons, 4 side buttons, 2 DPI buttons, and 3 scroll click.  Logitech’s Omron switches feature 50-million clicks on the primary buttons.

Logitech gaming software allows you to tune up the lighting but you can also control the DPI settings, remap your buttons, and save your gaming profiles.

As for the battery life, it comes down to 24 hours, but you can prolong it if you don’t use the RGB lighting. Like with many other wireless models, you can use the mouse while charging.

What to Look for When You Are Looking

FPS mouse how to choose


First thing’s first – the size. Choosing the size of your mouse can be crucial since everyone has different hands. You want a mouse that is not too big or too small for your hand because the wrong one can interfere in your game in a bad way. Luckily, you can easily determine what size suits your best. Put your hand on a piece of paper and draw around it, and then measure it, OR simply go to the store and try different sizes to see what fits.

The next thing you need to look for is a solid grip. You need to know how you hold your mouse while playing. There are three common grip types: palm- where you place your entire hand on a mouse; claw-where only your fingers and the back of your hand is touching the mouse and fingertip in which case just your fingers are holding the mouse. If you have a palm grip, you need a bigger mouse, as opposed to the other two types of grip that require a smaller mouse.


Counts per inch (CPI) or usually called DPI (dots per inch) refers to mouse sensitivity. Adjusting this number will adjust the speed of the pointer on your screen. This means that the higher the CPI number is the less you have to move your mouse on the tracking surface to move the pointer on the screen.


IPS or Inches per second refers to the tracking speed a mouse sensor is rated to. For more accuracy, you should get a mouse with higher IPS.


When you move your mouse around, you can see your cursor jumping unpredictably on the screen. This is known as jitter – inaccuracy in a mouse sensor reading the surface it’s on. Needless to say, this could be fatal to your game match since it can make you miss a shot or something like that.


You can choose from two types of sensors: optical and laser.

Laser sensors can pretty much work on any surface and have a high lift-off distance than mice with optical sensors. They are more accurate but also more sensitive to dust and have some issues with high acceleration. While most brands seem to manufacture more mice with laser sensors, gamers often choose optical mice with a good mouse mat.


Acceleration is the speed of the cursor. What it means is that when you move your mouse slowly the cursor will move the same distance, BUT if you have quicker movements, the cursor will move much farther than it should. For FPS games, a mouse with acceleration is not recommended.

Prediction is a feature that allows you to draw a straight line. Why is this bad? Well, it doesn’t allow free movements while playing, since it will automatically straighten the line of your movement even if you don’t want it to.

Lift-off distance tells you how much you can lift your mouse off the desk or a pad before it loses track of your movement. Lower lift-off distance gives you better performance.

Check out the following video for some additional tips for buying a gaming mouse:


Before you buy a gaming mouse consider how you would like to connect it to your computer. Of course, you can get a wired or wireless mouse. The main concern here is reliability in terms of battery life and accuracy when it comes to wireless mice. Although newer models have a longer battery life, most gamers DO NOT want to risk running low in the middle of the game and find wired models more reliable. A good solution could be a combined mouse that comes with a detachable USB so you can use it the way it suits you best at any given moment.

If you like custom settings on your mouse think about getting one with onboard memory and additional buttons. This feature allows you to set your mouse the way you like in terms of DIP adjustment or game profiles and use these settings on any computer just by hooking it up. However if your mouse offers only a cloud saving option, you WILL have to download the software and log into your account every time you change computers.

Although it doesn’t affect your performance, if you want to pair your mouse with your mechanical gaming keyboard, get a model with RGB lighting. This feature allows you to set your color pattern and get a lighting combination you like.


Since gamers are no gentle creatures, a durable high-quality mouse is a must. This is in direct correlation to the price. As in any other products, the more money you have the better mouse you can get. A nice trick is to buy an older model that will give you the same performances as some of the new ones, but for less money. A budget anywhere from $50 to $100 will probably get you a mouse with good results.


FAQ FPS mouse

What specifications should I look for in an FPS mouse?

Think about sensors. You have two choices – laser or optical. A popular opinion is that an optical mouse is better for FPS gaming. Other than that, you should get acquainted with basic acceleration and DPI options and find out what works best for you.

How do I set my mouse for FPS?

Well, for starters, think about sensitivity settings. The lower the sensitivity on your mouse is, the more control you have. A good range for beginning could be anywhere from 400 to 800 DPI, and as you go along you will find out what is your personal preference.

Is 1000 DPI good for FPS?

When playing FPS games, a lower DPI setting could give you much better results than a higher one. It is considered that the best setting is from 400 to 1000 DPI, to avoid acceleration and have better control in terms of precision.

Are heavy mice bad for FPS?

It comes down to your taste. While some people believe that a heavier mouse lacks in speed since it’s harder to move, others think that this kind of mouse is more durable. The fact is that a heavy mouse is more accurate when used with a higher sensitivity setting, and is harder to accelerate.

Wireless mice for FPS?

With technology advancing rapidly, a common opinion that a wireless mouse is no good for FPS gaming (or any kind of gaming for that matter) no longer stands. While some players still think that a wired mouse is undeniably better, with new models that statement might not be true since there are several models you can choose from that will give you satisfying performances.


As one can assume after reading this article, there is no such thing as a perfect mouse. Not even if you are narrowing the search to the one for FPS gaming. It always comes down to what you like. Take your time and think about what is the best mouse for you before buying one – so you don’t have to think about it later on.

Here are some other interesting models that you should check out:

Cooler Master MM710 53G Gaming Mouse with Lightweight Honeycomb Shell, Ultralight Ultraweave Cable,...
  • Lightweight honeycomb shell: New perforated housing is engineered to be supremely durable and lightweight, meaning you can play longer without fatigue
  • ​Ultralight ultra-weave cable: Innovative ultra-weave cable significantly reduces weight and cable pull while swiping; Fight against your enemies,...
  • Superior mouse feet: PTFE material provides smooth control with a low friction, consistent glide.Mouse Lift Off Distance less than 2mm
  • Gaming grade optical sensor; Adjustable up to 16000 DPI for greater control, precision, and future proofing
  • Ergonomic, ambidextrous shape: Optimized for right handed gaming with 2 extra buttons for added convenience
Redragon M711-FPS Cobra FPS Optical Switch (LK) Gaming Mouse, Wired RGB Gamer Mouse w/ 50 Million...
  • Advanced New Sensor - Upgraded Pixart 3389 optical gaming sensor delivers exceptional tracking accuracy at any hand speed for pixel-precise targeting...
  • 5 DPI Options & Customized Function – 5 adjustable DPI levels (1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000) meet your multiple needs, either for daily work or...
  • 7 Programmable Buttons & RGB LED – 7 (7 out of 9) programmable buttons enable superior productivity and efficiency to meet all your gaming needs. 5...
  • Comfort & Precision At Your Hands – The M711-FPS RGB gaming mouse is an essential computer accessory for die-hard gamers with its aggressive design...
  • The Choice Of Die-hard Gamers – Whether you are targeting, aiming, slashing or attacking, a professional gaming mouse is your basic weapon! The...
Corsair M65 RGB Elite – Wired FPS and MOBA Gaming Mouse – Adjustable Weight and Balance –...
  • Premium Durable Anodized Aluminum Frame: Built to withstand a lifetime of gaming
  • CORSAIR’s Most Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor:Native 18,000 DPI, adjustable in 1 DPI resolution steps, gives you total sensitivity customization and...
  • Advanced Tunable Weight System: Adjust M65 RGB Elite’s center of gravity to suit your grip, or reduce its weight to just 97 grams
  • Eight Fully Programmable Buttons: Get the most from your games with the ability to remap or assign custom macros to every click
  • Ultra Durable Omron Switches: Rated for more than 50 million clicks
ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin Wired USB Optical Ergonomic FPS Gaming Mouse featuring Aura Sync RGB,...
  • Precision movement and aiming delivered by battle tested 12, 000 DPI optical, 50G acceleration, and 250 IPS sensors
  • Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks feature a push fit socket design for Easy swapping
  • Usb wired Optical gaming mouse designed to fit all grips with clickable scroll wheel, DPI switch, and quick release Micro USB
  • Asus Aura Sync RGB lighting in 3 different zones features a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize effects across all of...
  • Rog Armory software for easy customization of buttons, performance and lighting settings
Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse, 13 Programmable Buttons, 5 with Pressure Sensors, Analog Joystick Control...
  • LIKE A GAMING KEYBOARD AND MOUSE COMBO ALL IN ONE - Loaded with 13 buttons, 5 pressure sensitive deep click buttons, side buttons, gyroscopic gesture...
  • PLAY LIKE A PRO: the Z mouse gaming software is powerful, customizable yet intuitive & easy-to-use. Start winning immediately with game detection &...
  • PRESSURE SENSITIVE DEEP CLICK BUTTONS - add at least 5 extra buttons & new dimension to your game. Click for one action, deep click for a 2nd or use...
  • GAME LONGER IN COMFORT - Small, large, or XL hands the Z's ergonomic design fits like a glove. Play in comfort even during extended sessions. Further...
  • TRIED THE REST? TRY THE BEST - Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries, HyperX or Corsair - Swiftpoint Z will rival them all. 13 buttons, 5 pressure sensors, 12K...

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