8 Best Gaming Keyboards for Small Hands 2024

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PC gaming is a very popular way of playing video games since it does not require any particular gaming console. All you need is a well-equipped PC. Much like any other hobby, PC gaming requires certain “tools” to make the gaming experience easier – like a good monitor, mouse, speakers, headphones, and of course, a keyboard.

As a gamer, you may find yourself struggling with a problem that is not a problem at all. If you have small hands, there is a sea of keyboards to choose from, because many companies manufacture smaller models for anyone’s needs.

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Top Picks for 2024

Here are the 8 best gaming keyboards for small hands that you can get in 2024.

1. Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2 TKL Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma v2 TKL Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard model is suitable for anyone with smaller hands, not enough desk space, or someone who likes smaller keyboards in general. The Razer brand manufactures signature mechanical switches. In this case, you get Razer Green switches that are tactile and clicky providing you 50 G of actuation force, making this keyboard high in accuracy for gaming or just plain typing. Razer Instant Trigger Technology makes this keyboard fast in responding every time you press a key.

The tenkeyless ergonomic design with magnetic wrist rest makes this keyboard comfortable to use during long periods of playing. It comes with a detachable USB cable making it easy to carry around, like for gaming tournaments. It is made to last – supporting up to 80 million clicks and it comes with a two-year warranty.

The Chroma RGB backlighting in this keyboard supports up to 16.8 million colors so it is safe to say it will fulfill your expectations when it comes to illumination.

Another feature that you might like in this model is that the macro buttons are fully programmable. This means you can remap all of your keys and keypress combinations to your preferences.

The price of this keyboard puts it in a middle price range, but if you are lucky, you can get it on sale and get an even better deal.

2. Redragon K522 KUMARA Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K522 KUMARA Mechanical Keyboard

The Redragon K552 keyboard is compact but not so small. This model is fully functional with 87 keys, all molded to ensure the user’s conformability with narrow spacing between them making this keyboard perfect for someone with smaller hands. In addition to this, 12 keys are multinational that allow you to create custom settings. A feature that will provide you with a durable rigid keyboard that you won’t have to replace for a long time is a metal plate placed between switches and PCB.

This particular model has Cherry Blues MX switches: you cannot replace the original switches, but if Cherry Blues MX switches suit you, there will be no problem.

RGB backlighting gives you options to adjust the color range in 5 different ways for all keys on this keyboard. Lighting modules along with the molded keycaps provide you with a very clear illumination.  Adjust the brightness to your liking or even turn it off completely if you want to.

Another thing that could get you to buy this model is the price. The Redragon K552 Kumara keyboard is very affordable and that makes it a good choice not just for gaming, but for everyday use as well.

3. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Do not let the size of this unit fool you. 14.2 x 6 x 1.4 – the dimensions of this keyboard could make this model perfect for you. By removing the numpad, Logitech made it perfect for transport so if you find yourself traveling to a lot of gaming tournaments you will have no trouble bringing this keyboard with you. And that is not all: this unit comes with a detachable braided micro-USB cable, also a great feature for travelers because it is easy to connect to any PC. This model’s compact design doesn’t take up much space on your desk (or in your bag) AND it comes with rubber feet and three-step angle adjustment making it stable and comfortable during those intense matches.

Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard is equipped with this brand’s famous Romer G switches that are very tactile and quiet. These switches give you a very quick response; press a key and you will see the response on your screen immediately, making these switches about 25 percent faster than standard mechanical switches.

Much like in other gaming keyboards, the backlighting can be customized to your personal preferences because it uses Logitech G LIGHTSYNC technology.

This keyboard is mainly designed for E-sport athletes that need precision and speed, but if you do not mind the sharp price, it’s great for amateur users as well.

4. RK61 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard

RK61 60% RGB Mechanical Keyboard

How do 18 backlight modes sound to you? If you decide to get this RK31 60% RGB Mechanical keyboard, that is exactly what you get in terms of lighting. If you prefer white casing to complete your computer setup, this keyboard will fit in great. If you don’t need arrows or a numpad, this model will give you your money’s worth. For a reasonable price, you will get a keyboard that uses wireless Bluetooth mode so you can connect up to three devices at the same time and it doesn’t matter if you are a MAC, Windows, or Android user since it is compatible with all of these operating systems.

However, this unit does not come with any micro keys or Cherry MX switches. You CAN get Red linear switches suitable for gaming, or if you prefer Blue or Brown that are more tactile – that’s an option too. All in all, a good keyboard in that price range.

5. Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This brand offers you a choice between a full-sized keyboard and a smaller 60% one, so if your concern is about the size, you don’t have to worry. This keyboard has a minimalistic design, made from durable material with a sandblasted aluminum faceplate with a detachable USB cable. It features a 16.8 million color RBG backlight, so it is easy to change the backlight mode.

Probably the best feature this unit has to offer is replaceable switches. While it comes with Gateron Brown switches that are equivalent to Cherry MX Brown, you can easily change them for some other type like Kalih or some other type of Cherry switches you might like better. All you need to do is pop the switch you want to replace, and put a new one you like better. This can come in handy if you get bored with your keyboard – just swap the switches and it’s like getting a brand new one.

As a result, you get a fully-customizable mechanical keyboard for an affordable price that can be set to an expert level.

6. Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Tenkeyless and tournament ready – probably the best adjectives to describe Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact mechanical keyboard. The compact design gives you more space to use your mouse. It also looks nice, since it has an anodized brushed aluminum frame that makes this keyboard durable as well.

Lighting control is easy with this keyboard because it is illuminated with RGB colors and effect, providing you with fully customizable backlighting setups. Full-system lighting synchronization is possible due to iCUE Corsair software so you can sync compatible peripherals.  The CUE support feature provides a great macro-control, just program your micro button the way it suits you best using textured FPS and MOBA keys.

Cherry MX Red switches do make this keyboard a bit pricier, but also give you fast actuation with no loud sound, and great precision while playing video games. This is due to gold contacts that ensure a great response. Minimal spring force ensures comfortable and smooth keypresses. Anti-ghosting is a big deal when it comes to gaming, and this unit gives you reliable keycaps with standard spacing between them. Another handy feature this model holds is a USB pass-through port that you can use for your wireless headset or mouse.

7. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

With 100% anti-ghosting, full n-key rollover functionalities, and ultra-minimalistic design with 87 keys, this keyboard is perfect for someone with small hands, as it gives you everything you might want in a keyboard as a pro gamer.

If you are a fan of Cherry MX switches, this is another feature you will like when it comes to this particular model. It uses authentic Cherry MX switches that provide you with a pleasurable and reliable gaming experience, ideal for FPS gaming.

HyperX red lighting gives you a personalized backlighting setup with six different lighting effects. It comes with a red color light; you can easily change the style by holding the FN button and pressing the arrow keys.

This model has a detachable cable making it easy to move around, and it has a steel and plastic combo construction, so if you need to carry it in your bag, you should have no problem.

8. SteelSeries 64720 Apex M750 Mechanical Keyboard

SteelSeries 64720 Apex M750 Mechanical Keyboard

How would you like to see chat notifications on your keyboard while playing games? This keyboard offers discord chat integration that notifies you every time you get a message on your chat and even more – it lights up to inform you about events like kills or low ammo. Cool, right? This model also uses all the PrsimSync multi-color dynamic lighting effects that you can use for all your SteelSeries Prism-enabled gears, but that is not all. You can also customize your backlighting and create real lighting shows.

Third-generation QX2 mechanical switches provide a great response and fast game-play, with a quiet sound, much like Cherry MX Red switches.

As for the design, this unit offers a very ergonomic feel, with an aluminum metal-alloy body making it sturdy and durable but also appealing to the eye with its black matte finish.

One thing about this keyboard you might not like is the price since comes from a higher price range.

Buyer’s Guide

buying guide keyboards


The keyboard is not just a typing tool for those keen on video games – it is a big part of the whole gaming experience. Everyday-office type keyboards can be a good choice for a common computer user (like your mom or your grandma’s neighbor’s aunt). These kinds of keyboards are mostly membrane types. They work by using an electrical current that runs through between two soft plastic membranes.

A better choice for anyone who spends more time on the computer would be a mechanical keyboard. These models use mechanical switches places underneath each key that provide you with a better feel, low response time, and much more reliability than the regular membrane keyboards – a feature very important to gamers.


High-end gaming keyboards are usually made with mechanical switches. This means that each key has its switch with a spring. This helps users get better feedback while using mechanical keyboards. A company named Cherry makes these switches, also known as “MX” mechanisms. They are identified by color, for example, MX Black, MX Red, MX brown, etc. The difference with these colors is in design, sound while typing, and specific feel.

Your choice can differ, depending on your needs as a gamer, as well as a regular computer user. If you need a keyboard with switches that respond to the slightest touch, Cherry MX Red switches might be the right choice for you. If you need high activation force and you don’t mind a bit stiff feel, Cherry MX Black switches are a way to go. To get something in the middle, MX Brown can be a good choice. With the same actuation force, you get with the MX Red switches and a tactile bump that MX Black provides, MX Brown gives you the option between everyday-tasks and a great gaming experience.


Keyboard Size Guide

Standard keyboards contain up to 105 keys. A full-size keyboard has a QWERTY alphanumerical section, number pad, dedicated function section, and four directional cursor keys. Not so convenient for a person with smaller hands or small desktop space, right? If you find yourself playing a game that requires using more keys and you struggle with reaching all of them, it is time for a smaller keyboard. Luckily, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

A lot of gaming keyboards look like all-purpose models. Maybe a few extra buttons and some background lighting sets them apart from regular office keyboards. Beware, they only seem regular to inexperienced eyes. A gamer would notice the difference since these keyboards DO have mechanical keys that give you that special feel while using them.

MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) keyboards use more desk space, and cost a lot of money, but are great for gamers who enjoy cooperative online games. With a bunch of micro keys, these models give you better control of your character.

The complete opposite of MMO keyboards is a so-called “tenkeyless” model. These keyboards require less desktop space, as they do not have the numpad and are suitable for games that require more usage of a gaming mouse. A smaller design makes them convenient for transport. Some models even have a wire that can be disconnected and come with a carrying case.

Watch the following video for more tips on choosing the right size keyboard for gaming:


When typing, if you press more than one key at the same time by mistake, you can usually correct your mistake easily but deleting letters you don’t need. Also, you don’t have much need to press more than one key simultaneously.

Gaming, on the other hand, requires pressing multiple keys at the same time a lot.  Feature called the “n-key rollover” gives you that option: n is the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously. The higher the n number, the more flexible your gaming keyboard is.

Another thing that is very important when playing video games is called “ghosting”. Low-quality keyboards tend to recognize pressing certain keys at the same time as a press on the adjacent key that you did not press at all. This can ruin your game, so you’ll want a keyboard that has good anti-ghosting features that use a special writing pattern and not let ghosting happen. Some keyboards have just specific keys secured from ghosting, while others secure every key.


keyboard ilumination

If you have a friend that is a true gamer, chances are you’ve seen him use a keyboard with an amazing backlight. Gaming keyboards come in three different types when it comes to illumination. You can choose a model with no backlight, a monochromatic lighting, or full RGB lights.

This feature has nothing to do with performances; it’s just a matter of your personal preference. It could, however, come in handy if you are not a great typist, or your room doesn’t have enough light.


When buying a keyboard, you want to get your money’s worth. You need a keyboard that will last. Sure, using a regular keyboard for work or internet surfing will do the trick, but PC gaming does require more durability (especially when you lose a game and you feel like breaking everything around you).  Unlike regular keyboards that are usually made of PVC plastic that is easy to break, gaming keyboards have metal or stronger plastic housing. This ensures the protection of the keyboard components like the switches. Plastics like ABS are made to endure repeated and more dynamic keystroke, AND are resistant to the natural oil that comes from your fingers.


As mentioned before, most gamers tend to use mechanical keyboards because they give them better performances. However, these types of keyboards tend to be more expensive than regular ones. Also, different manufacturers will give you different prices for some features like background lighting, size, mechanical switches… Technology develops fast, and new models come out almost daily, so another thing to consider is how old (or new) the desired keyboard model is when you are buying it. Newer models are, of course much more expensive than older ones. So, if your budget is under 100 dollars, try finding an older model – if you want to buy a mechanical keyboard. If your piggy bank holds anywhere from 100 to 150 dollars, choosing a better keyboard is a much easier task. You can find great keyboards in this price range, with features like mechanical switches, backlighting, and a wider range of keys, including some micro keys. However, if you wish to spend more than $150 on a keyboard, you will have no trouble finding the right one. In this price range, you can get a keyboard with great switches, a lot of micro keys, and full RGB backlighting.


faq keyboard

How do I choose a gaming keyboard?

Choose your keyboard depending on your taste. There are a lot of options out there, so a little research can go a long way. You can choose from different brands which all have many models to offer. Think about what suits you best in terms of size, type, price range, and what pleases your eye.

What makes a gaming keyboard good?

Quick response time, for sure. You will need your keyboard to “do” exactly what you want at the precise time.

How much should you spend?

There is no right answer to this question. It comes down to what you are looking for in a keyboard. As mentioned before, a cheaper keyboard might not be the best one, but if you are new to PC gaming, think about getting a keyboard that is not so expensive and as you go along in your gaming adventures, you will find out what kind of upgrades you need.

How important is a keyboard in gaming?

If you are committed to gaming, the answer to this question is VERY. When using a good mechanical keyboard, you can save yourself precious time while playing, you can move much faster and enjoy your game more.

Why are gaming keyboards so loud?

One word: switches. Because gaming keyboards use mechanical switches that give you much better performances than regular keyboards, you WILL have to get used to the sound of pressing every key.

Is a gaming keyboard worth it?

If you are an enthusiast, yes. A good gaming keyboard will give you great features and save you a lot of nerves. You might not need a pricy, newest model when you are playing video games occasionally, but if gaming is a part of your day-to-day routine, think about investing in a keyboard that will be your tool for a long time.


Perhaps you think that a keyboard just for gaming is a waste of money. If you do, you might not be a hard-core gamer or you just like to buy things that serve more than one purpose. A good mechanical keyboard can be a nice addition to any computer setup. A nice, compact keyboard goes a long way, and admit it – those colorful lights behind your keys do look cool.

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  • Money Back -- Velocifire offers a 30 days money back. We always serve you after the sale!
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