What do you Need to Know when Dating an Eastern European Girl in 2024?

The first thing we need to define at the very beginning of this article is which countries are a part of Eastern Europe, and why are they different from the rest of the continent. It’s a description of the cultural characteristics, traditions, languages, religion, and common history od a few countries that are also referred to as Eastern Bloc. There is no political definition for this area because the countries are independent, but sometimes this term is used for statistical and demographic purposes.

Usually, people use this term about the countries located in Europe, that were part of the USSR. But, the United Nations have a wider description, that includes the countries of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece, that wasn’t a part of the Soviet Union, but still are similar with the tradition, religion, and cultural properties. In this article, we will use the first definition – the girls from the former USSR countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, but also Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Moldova. Another thing you need to know is that very often you can find these girls on specialized dating sites like sweety date, or the commercial platforms like Tinder or Hinge.

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You can easily fall in love with them, because they have exceptional beauty, and they were growing up in a traditional society, that taught them important values. But, what you really need to know before you fall in love with a girl from the Bloc?

Their culture and tradition are different

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Most of these countries are orthodox, and people there believe they need to baptize their babies before they turn one. They appreciate their relatives, visit each other very often, sometimes they pray to the saint they choose to protect them (and usually have an icon or two at their homes), have different beliefs, and really appreciate the tradition. Since they speak their mother tongue, they probably were studying English at school. So, she knows at least two languages, but also she has no problem understanding the similar ones, that are spoken in the neighboring countries.

You may need to ask her father if you want to marry her

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A lot of traditions still promote the patriarchate as the best choice when growing a family, meaning the father has the most important role, and he is the one who is making decisions, especially when it comes to their daughters. Many cultures still have formal respect for this part from the past, and the guys are asking the girl’s father if they can propose. After he approves, the guy can ask her to marry him, and they are all happy. But, sometimes, many fathers think they really need to make decisions for their daughters, and forbid them to date the guy they like, especially if they think he has the bad background, or comes from an “enemy” country. Lucky for us this happens pretty rarely in 2024, so there is no need of fear that the father will stop her from seeing you. But, if you decide to propose, you need to tell her family about your intentions. Don’t worry, it’s just a formal action.

Eastern girls are strong and charming

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They know how to appreciate small things, and buying her expensive gifts won’t make her more into you. Some of these countries were really poor in the USSR afterward, so they know the struggle, and they won’t spend much money on unnecessary things. They will also make you think twice before buying anything, and you can thank her charm and character if you end up saving more money at the end of the month. If you decide to buy her an expensive gift though, she will be very happy to receive it.

Her strength also comes from the way the society was treating her in hard times. It’s possible that she lost someone in some of the wars, because the Eastern Bloc has a very complicated history, with lots of wars, changes, and if she is born in the 80s, she probably remembers some of them.

She’s not afraid to tell what she really thinks about anything

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Eastern Bloc girls are not afraid to tell everything that comes to their mind. If they don’t like something, they wouldn’t mind telling you that. Most of them are brutally honest, and that may be weird at the beginning, but you will appreciate their honesty later in the relationship.

They can show you very beautiful places around

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Forget about the stereotypical beliefs about the architecture and nature in former USSR countries. The popular culture is representing them as dark and grey places, with huge concrete buildings, and very dirty and polluted environment. Of course, there are some villages and places that are really like that, but it’s very wrong to believe that the whole of Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus is dark and unsafe places. Every country has higher or lower crime rates, and the Bloc is not an exception. So, if you date a girl that comes from some of these countries, get ready to travel to beautiful places you didn’t even know they existed. This part of Europe is rich with woods and mountains, and the influence of the Soviet culture and architecture is still visible in some cities. Can you imagine seeing all those brutalist buildings you are liking on Instagram and Pinterest? Sounds great!

They are girls just like everyone else

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Their origin and way of growing and living can make these girls different than those from the western parts, or American women. But, they have the same needs – to love, to be loved, to share their life with the partner, and be happy, raising a family. They won’t require any special treatment just because they come from a different place than you. Yes, they’re just girls who need to be appreciated about their personality, not the country they were raised in.

Forgot about all the stereotypes, and if you are falling in love with an Eastern girl, go for it. You will have a great experience spending time with her. And of course, don’t forget to ask her father for her hand if you want to marry her.

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