6 Celebrities That Have Invested in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in 2024

Thanks to the fact that the price of Bitcoin keeps going up, as well as its popularity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more people want to start investing, even if they don’t know that much about this field. Bitcoin, often called “the new gold” is a product of both technology and time, since it has grown enormously but slowly over the last decade. Why is it becoming such a good investment? Or was it always a good investment? Its value has finally increased, and not only increased but exploded by almost 200%, thanks to the trust and acceptance of people who used to be sceptical about the crypto field, calling it a scam or not being able to visualize its rise and value in the future. According to mentalitch.com, not only Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency worth investing. Among the fascinating number of almost 6,000 cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple are also worth mentioning.

Still, among all the reasons for the rise of cryptocurrencies, including the fact that investing in any of them, especially Bitcoin, is a great way to fight inflation, save your wealth if not multiply it, have your money not relying or depending on the national or international institutions such as banks, is the fact that a lot of people have already invested in it. More so, not just the regular people and the successful, experienced investors.

Celebrities are the people who definitely contributed to the crypto popularity by relocating their assets to this field. Their audience, which includes a tremendous number of people, wants to know everything about their favorite actors, musicians and other artists, including their daily routines, habits and most certainly – their tips and tricks for financial success. Imagine how interesting for them was to find out that celebrities think cryptocurrencies are something worth investing in. As a result, they unintentionally became role models for their fans or in other words – ambassadors of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But who are these celebrities? Here we made a list of 10 most interesting people from the world of showbiz who embraced the modern technology and financial innovation that slowly started to rule the world:

1. Bill Gates

Source: thehill.com

If Bill does it, then everyone should! One of the most successful and one of the richest people on the planet sure knows what he’s doing. His relationship with Bitcoin started early, 6 or 7 years ago, when he spoke about it in a positive manner – in several interviews. He first got in touch with crypto when he was given Bitcoin as a gift. A visionary he is, he understands and promotes the great convenience of this method of payment. He reportedly invested almost 200 billion dollars in Bitcoin, along with other investors, to try and fight climate change and save our environment.

2. Serena Williams

Source: coinwire.com

A worldwide famous tennis player indulged in the world of crypto almost at the same time as Bill Gates. Back in 2014, she reportedly created a company with her name, for investing in numerous projects. Over the years, she invested regularly, and among all the projects she’s been up to, Coinbase is her favorite, so as many other investors, she put her focus on this crypto exchange. Still, Serena’s not alone in her investment journey. Her husband is also a cryptocurrency ambassador as one of the founder investors in Coinbase.

3. Elon Musk

Source: arstechnica.com

The richest man on the Earth recently surpassed Jeff Bezos on the list of the richest people on the planet. The world’s number 1 when it comes to investment, business and money, is a huge fan of crypto and is often speaking about them and promoting them. He loves to use Twitter as a medium for expressing his thoughts on Bitcoin. Still, he claims that he owns only a small amount of it, thanks to its friend who gave it to him as a gift, but he plans on converting some of the biggest transactions of his company’s balance into this cryptocurrency. We need to wait and see what the future brings!

4. Ashton Kutcher

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Ashton’s popularity is enormous. But his love for technology innovations may even be bigger. He’s into blockchain technology, and he’s also doing everything he can to promote it. Just like Gates and Serena, 7 years ago he also tweeted something about one of the currencies on the market – Etherium. He’s a very versatile investor and his portfolio includes investing in UmikoinGold, BitPay, Uber and Unikrn. As a great ambassador of crypto, he’s constantly speaking about the importance and the great benefits of investing, especially in this field, and he uses every chance to point that out, whether it’s social media or a talk show.

5. Kanye West

Source: wwd.com

Kanye is known as a controversial character. Some people call him a genius while some people think he’s mentally unstable. Nonetheless, he proved himself to be a successful entrepreneur and his net worth is estimated to dozens of millions. He is responsible for the instant expansion of cryptocurrencies that were completely unknown to the wider public – all because of one of his tweets. After getting a tip in Bitcoin, he started speaking about all the great aspects of other crypto too, which resulted in a lot of attention and more importantly – a start of a massive investment. Kanye is a well-known trendsetter in music and fashion. Crypto should be added to the list too.

6. NAS

Source: coindesk.com

Famous rapper, actor and hip hop top artist is a huge fan of cryptocurrencies. Not only is he a very successful artist, but he’s also a clever investor who follows the latest trends and innovations in the world of blockchain technology. He is a loud speaker who supports and promotes crypto, especially Bitcoin. But he doesn’t do it only to improve people’s awareness of the benefits, he speaks from his own experience. When we say experience, we really mean it, since he invested in more than 40 companies including Bitcoin. The famous rapper invested almost 30 million dollars through his coinbase wallet, along with his manager. Interested in following his example?

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