10 Celebrities You’d Never Guess Were Bitcoin Traders

In the current cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is the most popular coin overshadowing any altcoins that exist in the market. Bitcoin is also traded and mined by many wealthy individuals and celebrities all around the world. The biggest attraction for buying Bitcoin is its increasing price since it offers significant earnings in a single day as if it were an overnight triumph.

As a result, several individuals started trading in Bitcoin, sometimes for profit, sometimes for advocating the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. So, here is a list of the top 10 celebrities who trade in cryptocurrency and are avid supporters of the technology.

1. Jack Dorsey

Source: variety.com

The CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, is a committed Bitcoin investor. His passion for BTC began in 2017 when he began campaigning for the king coin. Even though the crypto market plummeted in 2018, Dorsey remained undaunted, declaring Bitcoin the next world currency. Dorsey stated in March 2019 that he spends several thousand dollars per week on Bitcoin.

Aside from his own Bitcoin holdings, Dorsey’s payment company, Square, purchased 4,709 Bitcoins in October 2024, presumably under his supervision. Dorsey also maintains his own Bitcoin node, which allows him to mine and validate Bitcoin transactions.

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2. Elon Musk

Source: mogujatosama.rs

Despite his initial public criticism about cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk remains the most prominent figure in the Bitcoin community. His continual crypto banter on Twitter because of his rockstar scientist image and over 60 million followers has sparked popularity in the industry, with several individuals following his suit. All hell broke loose in January 2024 when he added “#Bitcoin” to his Twitter bio, causing BTC’s price to skyrocket by 25%.

Musk became the world’s wealthiest person in January 2024. He earlier praised Bitcoin’s design as “amazing” in 2019 and has recently shown his support for digital currency. Additionally, his firm, Tesla, disclosed the purchase of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, which accounts for 7.7% of Tesla’s gross cash position and nearly 15% of its net cash position.

As far as the public knows, he only possesses 0.25 BTC, which he received as a gift from a buddy years ago. Musk also has a well-publicized love affair with Doge, the original meme coin, and is the primary driver of the currency’s price increase in early 2024.

3. Maisie Williams

Source: sfgate.com

Maisie Williams, famous for her role as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, joined the Bitcoin train in November 2024. She asked her Twitter followers for advice on whether she should “go long on Bitcoin,” a tweet that received over 900,000 responses, with more than half of them advising her against it. Fortunately, she seemed to have made up her mind, stating, “Thank you for the advice; I got some anyway.” Since then, the price has more than quadrupled!

4. Snoop Dogg

Source: people.com

In the early days of Bitcoin, in 2012, the American rapper was ahead of the curve, allowing BTC to be used to purchase his music. Each CD was labeled with a price of 0.3 BTC, which is around $14,000 at the current Bitcoin price. However, it is unknown how many records he has sold or how much Bitcoin he owns. Nonetheless, he continues to support the crypto industry and, like Elon Musk, has a soft spot for Dogecoin.

5. Mike Tyson

Source: abcnews.go.com

Mike Tyson, a famous professional boxer and social media celebrity spotted the potential in Bitcoin before most stars, announcing his support for the cryptocurrency in 2015 and declaring himself “grateful” to be a part of the revolution. In the same year, he formed a partnership with Bitcoin ATM producers, which resulted in BTC ATMs featuring his face tattoo. In addition, “Iron Mike” teamed up with Bitcoin Direct to offer a mobile Bitcoin wallet.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: fashionista.com

Though Gwyneth Paltrow is well-known in Hollywood, particularly for her dubious health advice on her lifestyle website “Goop,” the actress is also involved in various other businesses. Paltrow is another crypto supporter, having served as the face of Abra, a bitcoin wallet, as well as an advisor since August 2017. In November, Paltrow posted an article on Twitter titled “The Basics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, and How to Invest.”

7. Mark Cuban

Source: genfluencer.com

Mark Cuban, the host of Shark Tank and the Dallas Mavericks owner, has stated that he had been holding cryptocurrencies for years without ever diluting his holdings. Cuban is a well-known investor who enjoys stirring up controversy with his tweets and jokes. He’s a vocal critic of the present mainstream banking system and has stated (jokingly?) that if Bitcoin reaches $1 million, he’ll run for President of the United States.

8. Hugh Laurie

Source: tvline.com

Hugh Laurie, the British actor most known for his portrayal as Gregory House, M.D., had no interest in crypto until four years ago. However, in 2015, a buddy advised him to invest in Bitcoin, which was at the time beginning to skyrocket in value. Laurie invested $5,000 in BTC at the recommendation of a friend.

9. Mel B

Source: abhype.com

According to a Kryptomoney story, Mel B became the first British artist to take bitcoin as payment for her 2014 Christmas song through cooperation with CloudHashing. Cloudhashing is one of the industry’s largest providers of bitcoin mining contracts.

“I adore how new technology makes our lives easier, and that excites me,” the musician remarked when she announced that she would take cryptocurrency payments. “Bitcoin brings my admirers from all around the world together using a single currency.”

10. The Winklevoss Twins

Source: bostonmagazine.com

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss rose to prominence as Olympic rowers, winning gold in Beijing and successfully sued Mark Zuckerberg for allegedly stealing their idea for Facebook. They made millions more recently by investing in cryptocurrencies. “You are the King of Get Long and Get Loud for BTC, and that is not a negative thing,” Mark Cuban recently said of Tyler Winklevoss’ dedication to BTC campaigning.


With so many popular celebrities, as well as large corporations and institutions, betting on Bitcoin, it appears that the revolution is well underway. Although it’s uncertain when Bitcoin will be widely embraced or whether and how long it can maintain its current value, we do know that it has worth in the eyes of the world’s most influential people.

In addition, the top ten celebrities who possess Bitcoin listed above are by no means complete. There are many other well-known people tweeting, commenting, and discussing their thoughts on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry.

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